The Silent Wind

November 3, 2016
By Anonymous

The Silent Wind

        It’s a Friday evening and everyone was so pumped for a party at some huge mansion. If you guys don’t know what’s going on by now, well your about to find out. As the day goes by, all I talk about is going to the party and what I’m going to wear or who I’m going with. School is letting out in five minutes which gives me enough time to ask someone if they would like to go with me. I go over to my friend named William and ask if he would like to go, as I’m asking he stops and says real excited “yes”. On our way home we think about we’re going to lie to our parents in order to even go there. I walk into my house and my mother is already cooking dinner. I asked if I could stay at my friend Williams house but she had already insisted that I wouldn’t go. I argued my way out of it and was eventually allowed to go because of how annoying I was about wanting to go.
   My mom finishes cooking so that me and my father can eat. Once I’m done eating, she begins getting the car ready so that I can leave but I was too busy packing clothes for the weekend in order to know what she wanted. I went downstairs and grabbed a quick snack before I left. During the car ride over my mom continues to give me a speech on why I shouldn’t get into trouble so I had to find a way out of this conversation. We get to my friend Williams house and I leave, telling my mother bye and saying I love her as she drove off. I knock on the door and wait until he lets me in. Once he lets me in we both go straight to the bedroom and play video games until its dark out so we can get some sleep for the party which was tomorrow. At the end of the night we both do what normal teenagers would do which included a shower. Brushing our teeth, and choosing the right clothes for the party tomorrow.
         I wake up to the sound of the alarm going off and trust me I did not like this noise. As I cancel the alarm and wake up William, we both get up and get ready for the party which was in just about two hours. As we are getting ready William turns on the new channel because for some odd reason it was always his favorite. There happened to be a rumor going around that a serial killer from prison had escaped and was on the loose but we never exactly payed attention to it, all we we’re worried about was trying to get ready for a party that was supposed to be great. Me and William are all dressed up and we’re on our way to the party. As we are going past the police station we could see an angry mob of some sort trying to get the police to listen but we gave no attention once again. We pull into the driveway while arriving at the party and we could already see lots of our friends that we currently go to high school with. Me and William continue to pull in and get prepared for one of the most exciting nights of our lives. We walk in and we’re already offered plenty of Alcohol in which we agree to have just because it was going to be a fun night and that’s how we wanted to keep it. As the night goes on my friend William eventually leaves with another friend but I was fine with it since I knew so many people at the party anyway. I continue to party for a few more hours and start looking for William. I searched and searched but couldn’t find him until I looked in the woods and couldn’t help but notice someone or something laying down unconscious beneath a bush. I go over to check, its William. I couldn’t help myself with the amount of fear me having so I grabbed him put him the car and started driving home. As I’m on my home William starts to wake, me being in shock I looked over not paying attention to the road. All of a sudden I look back at the road and out of nowhere there came a dear, I curved to the side and went off road crashing into a tree and slowly fainting while staring at William wondering if we could get help from someone. Slowly waking up I begin to realize I’m upside down, hanging, blood dripping from the tip of my head into a bucket. I’m in an empty room with William also tied to a table in the corner and by this point I’m tremendously scared. At this moment I still could not recognize what was going on until I heard a loud creek from a door which followed by a man walking down some stairs. The mysterious person reaches the bottom and it I pull myself up to notice it’s the man that had escaped from prison. I’m scared at this moment but I also have to try and realize I need to find a way to escape. This wasn’t just for me; it was also for William. The man just looks at us for a few minutes and then starts turning around to go back upstairs.
     I hear the door shut, as soon as it is completely shuts I begin trying to escape and luckily the man wasn’t smart enough to tie one arm down completely. I slide my arm and then continue to take off the restraints on my other arm. Once both of my arms I can hear a noise upstairs and it sounds as if he was leaving somewhere. I try to hurry much faster at this point because the adrenaline of fear going through me was extremely helpful. I get my legs and fall to the ground, I start to stand but I’m extremely dizzy from being hung upside down for a long period of time. I walk over to William and wake him up as I’m untying him. He’s curious of what’s going but I tell him to just hurry and that he needs to listen. He is no longer tied up but begins to realize what’s going on, this would help me a lot with having to explain. As we’re going up the stairs we grab a weapon for protection. The door was unlocked so we slowly opened it and seen nothing so we thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to call for help. I go over to the phone and call the police, they answer so I explain what’s going on. The woman on the phone said police were coming right away and they we should go somewhere to stay safe. The man came in the dirt pathway and we were noticing he was coming right back. We both run to the backdoor and start rapidly sprinting into the woods, not looking back we heard sirens from a distance. We soon find a road and heard sirens getting closer so we waited until they were there. The police all of a sudden stopped the car and we hurried to explain that we’re the ones in trouble. He calls for back up and tells us to get into the car so we can be driven to safety. We make it to the police station scared for our lives still but began to realize we’re okay. The deputy gets our parents to come and get us but also had our homes and us on watch for the next month. They made a set up for the man’s hideaway and waited until he came back. As he pulls in the dirt pathway police surround him and he’s arrested for good this time. As for us, we weren’t grounded but we learned to always listen and to at least ask before doing anything that can lead to something dangerous.

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