November 3, 2016


Rick was a man with a troubled past. Despite having a new life and having a new wife with a baby girl on the way, his past haunted him daily. Rick’s ex-wife was a good lady with a good life. Then there was the that changed Rick’s life forever. Rick’s mother was taking a drive one day with Rick’s ex-wife but the drive they would be taking would be their last. What Rick didn’t know is that his mother despised him having a baby because she thought it would take over him and he would have to leave her for his other family and she didn’t want that to happen to him. So she took his ex-wife on a drive that would prevent Rick having his baby that he wanted all of his adult life. When his mom and ex-wife were on the highway she then began beating on his ex-wife’s stomach repeatedly. Rick’s ex-wife couldn’t really do much because she was pregnant with Rick’s unborn baby.  Rick’s ex-wife tried to defend herself but couldn’t stop her so she kicked the steering wheel and the car drove off the road flipping 6 times and killing them both including the baby.
Rick was traumatized when he heard when he heard what happened to family. He then shut himself in his house and nobody seen him outside anymore. Rick then proceeded to go to the therapist and on the the second day the therapist showed him pictures of the burnt car that exploded and killed his mother and ex-wife. After that picture he then started seeing shadows that weren’t normal, hearing sounds like screaming, and words like stop and no.
Rick simply pushes these strange things happening out of his head. He arrives at his sister’s party and meets friends and family. Rick walks to the bathroom and while he walks there he walks past a mirror and sees his ex-wife looking at him. He rushes into the bathroom and splashes water onto his face and then looks up just to see another figure. In the reflection of the bathroom mirror. This time, the figure is an unknown woman. She is a little girl that keeps repeating: “mommy, what’s happening”? Rick runs out of the bathroom only to see his destiny.
He is no longer no longer at his sister’s house. All he can see is darkness, with only a small glimmer of light. He hears footsteps coming near. He turns around as the footsteps get louder and closer and as he turns back around he witness the death of his mother and ex-wife. Rick watches as his mother beats on Rick’s pregnant wife while she was driving. His mom hits Rick’s ex-wife’s belly and her face as she swerves and tips over and falls off the cliff. He watches as the car catches flames and explodes. Rick cries in this dark place as this little girl comes up to him and says: “Its ok Daddy I’m here now.” Rick slowly starts to realize the little girl he has been seeing was his daughter. What rick doesn’t know is that he was having visions and it wasn’t real. But what was real is that he committed in the bathroom to be with his original family. Only to find out he didn’t go to the place his original family went. 

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