November 7, 2016
By , lancaster, CA

The Killer Clown

Jimmy wakes up to a day to remember. Jimmy get’s up for school in the morning and meets his friend’s in class.One of his friend’s talked about a carnival that has been open for a few day’s. The bell rings for next period and Jimmy and his friend’s walk to their next class, his friend Josh said that at the carnival they have ride’s. Jimmy told Josh in second period that they should go to the carnival, Josh then told Jimmy that they’re going to go to the carnival on Friday. After school Jimmy asked his mother if  he could go to the carnival on Friday and she said yes.

The carnival takes place at a park near Jimmy’s house, after Jimmy finished cleaning his room, he went to call Josh to pick him up. Josh answered and said that he was on his way. Jimmy told his mom he is scared of clown’s being there, his mom told him that clowns are actual people and they have families and said that he should just go for fun. Jimmy says bye to his mom and then takes off with Josh to the carnival.

Jimmy and Josh finally arrive at the carnival from being in traffic. Jimmy and Josh buy tickets to go on the ride’s. Jimmy and his friend go on rides for a few hours. Jimmy said to Josh that he is scared of seeing a clown at the carnival, Josh acknowledged what Jimmy said about seeing a clown and told him not be a little girl. Jimmy and Josh walk into the clown maze and different clown’s pop out and scare Jimmy.

While their in the maze Josh comes up with a bright idea to stay in the maze till it closes and going back on more rides. When they finally leave the maze the carnival is closed and it is pitch dark except for two lights in the front of the carnival. They decide to go explore and while they are walking around they pace the bouncy house. As they walk by the bouncy house they hear a noise but in it is pitch black. Thinking that it is a security guard they try to make a run for the exit, while running they look at the front of the carnival and see a clown standing under the only beams of light with a axe. They stop dead in their tracks, Jimmy with his fear of clowns was completely distraught and drops to his knees.

Josh picks up Jimmy and they turn around and run away, only to find another clown chasing them full sprint. Jimmy and Josh finally find a hiding spot, where they proceed to hide within a ticket booth and hide for the evening. Jimmy and Josh are kept awake from the sounds of clowns laughing and asking to play. After a long night of staying awake and hiding they exit the ticket booth, to see the whole carnival completely gone, as if they were never even their. Confused and distraught they walk home questioning if last night really ever happened, or if it was something supernatural.

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