The Abandoned Home

November 7, 2016

It was a lazy night at Gracen’s house when Misty decided to come over. There was a sudden, hollow echo of knuckles rapping on the door. Gracen flew her body down the stairway, reaching for the door as she heard her iPhone ring; it was a text message. She ignored the phone quickly to answer the door. When she opened it, Misty smiled and gave her best friend x’s and o’s, “Gracen! Looking good, Best Friend!” “I’m great for now, looking for a good night with you but, anyways, come inside. My grandmother is making your favorite chicken noodle soup,” Gracen said. “Well, sounds delicious,” Misty said. “Hello, dear Misty, are you hungry?” Gracen’s grandmother yelled from the kitchen to the front door. “Yes, always for your food, Grammy,” Misty exclaims. Misty often called Gracen’s grandmother her grammy because her biological grandmother was never there for her.


Misty and Gracen sat at the dining room table and began eating. The chicken noodle soup was salty; it was topped off with carrots, celery, and onions for extra flavoring. Misty chowed down. So did Gracen. When they were finished eating, they both thanked Grandmother because they were pleased. “Come to my room with me,” Gracen said. Misty followed. “Let’s go to the abandoned house we have been talking about,” Gracen said excitedly. 

Gracen and Misty dressed in mostly black. They headed out the door telling Grandma that they were going on a mission.

Gracen had strawberry-blond hair and blue eyes. She was an innocent girl but also brave like her best friend. Misty was a little on the nutty side but she was awesome. Misty was not afraid of anything or so she said.
Gracen and Misty walked four blocks to where the abandoned house was located. The front door was shut with a wooden chair propped up in the inside, but it was easy to push out of the way. When they entered the house, Gracen turned on the flashlight she had on her phone. Misty automatically started to sneeze. She had bad allergies. Gracen wondered why she was having the allergy reaction. “Hmm, you might be allergic to all the ggg-ghosts in the air,” Gracen laughed. “Ahh-choo! Excuse me! And you don’t scare me, Missy!”  “I know! There’s so much dust and grim in this old house, it’s probably messing with your sinuses.” “Yeah, most likely.”
Misty looks around the front of the house more and has Gracen follow her with the light. They come upon a room with a bed. Out of nowhere, Misty said, “There’s a lump on that bed. Is that odd or am I trippin’?” “Ehhhhh...” Gracen was becoming sketched at the sight and runs out the room. Misty follows her because she did not have her phone on her for a flashlight. They ran to the kitchen,  which was the only room in which they had electricity. Often they heard homeless people would sleep in the rooms but they did not really believe it. They went back to the room and they saw a sleeping woman with two chihuahuas. They were frightened because they did not even hear the woman or her dogs. Misty woke the lady up; Gracen was fierce. She would never believe how people would spend the night in the house. When the lady woke up, she sprung up yelling some gibberish then fell right back to sleep. Misty and Gracen were creeped out by the lady.

The girls left the room in terror. They were not sure if they should leave or keep investigating the house. Misty wanted to explore the upstairs for “a quick ten minutes.” Gracen followed as she was receiving a phone call from her grandmother. She was probably wondering where the girls ran off to at such a late hour of the night. Gracen sent the call to voicemail so her flashlight did not turn off. She texted her grandma and told her they would be home in twenty-five minutes; because, if she did not do that, she would worry. She did not like for her grandmother to worry because she did not want her to get into a panic mode.


Misty came into the bathroom and pretended to shower as a joke. Gracen laughed. She went to another room in the upstairs and plotted in her head to have a party. Gracen had never had a party and her seventeenth birthday was coming up. Misty had previously brought up a party for Gracen’s birthday but did not have a get-together place. The house was, without a doubt, run down, but she thought it would be chill with a bunch of friends. Misty said, “What are you thinking about? This house party material?”  “How did you know I was thinking that?” Gracen surprisingly asked. “I know how my best friend thinks,” Misty exclaimed while wandering into another bedroom. The next bedroom had mice running through it and that’s when Gracen was ready to leave.

The girls ran out of the house and did not shut the door behind them. The lady woke up out of her sleep and said, “This was my great-grandma’s house. You youngins better stay out of here!” Her two little dogs chased them, trying to bite their ankles. Gracen kicked the dogs and Misty laughed but was still scared. When they left, they left for good! They made it to Gracen’s house and her grandmother opened the door with cookies and milk and made their mission better.

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