October 25, 2016

Here is the story of how my life changed forever. My dad passed away, the man was never found, and that’s why I am where I am today.

My eyelids began to open , I was freezing. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on till I sat up and saw the blinding snow covered road. I saw the car, then the truck. Then my brother. I jumped up off the icy road and ran over to him, slipping and sliding all over. I dropped to my knees and grabbed him by the shoulders, I lifted him up into my lap,
“Wake up,” I said aloud. I said it again, “Wake up Jay, open your eyes, please,”
Jay is my brother at the time he was only thirteen, he’s a very reserved kid but he also is very crazy when he feels comfortable around you. Jay is only three years younger than me, him and I have a somewhat better relationship than most brothers and sisters. Although we still have our fights.
His hands twitched, and his eyes opened,
“Beck, what happened?” he asked. “Stay right here I’ll be right back,” he laid his head down and closed his eyes. I stood up and ran to the car, light blinking, hood smoking. Things were starting to come back, I’m starting to remember. We were just driving to go get cookies, hot cocoa, movies, all the things to have while staying inside on a cold winter day, but it turned bad. Because of one person.
I ran to the car and opened the door, there sat my mother and my father, asleep… Or so I hoped.
“Mom? Dad? Are you guys alright?”
My dad sat up from the steering wheel with his hand on his head,
“Beck?” he asked.
“Yes dad. I’m okay but you need to stay, don’t move i’m going to bring Jay over here. See if mom is okay”
I knew the car was okay to sit, I grabbed a blanket from the trunk and my phone from the back seat and walked back over to Jay.
“Hey, how you doing?” I asked picking him up and putting the blanket around the both of us. We walked to the car and Jay climbed in the back seat, by then my dad had managed to wake my mom.
“Rebecka are you alright?” she said to me worried. “Yes mom I am okay,” I picked up my phone and dialed 911, my hands shaking.
“911 what is your emergency?” I heard the kind voice say from the other side of the phone. I tried to think.
“My name is Rebecka Green, I am fifteen years old and my mom, dad, brother, and myself have been in an accident right off highway ten,” I said with a shaky voice, “I’m not sure about the other driver but I don’t see them in their truck.
“Alright hun, the police and ambulance are on their way, is everyone okay?” she asked with a gentle voice.
“I have some cuts and my head hurts really bad, my mom is fine except for some cuts and bruises, but my dad is not doing well. My brother, he hit his head and he is saying his chest hurts.” I replied.
“Okay, police are almost there, just hang on.” I heard the line disconnect, I sat my phone down on the seat.
“Dad, are you alright?” I asked worried, “I am just fine Beck,” he said. I didn’t believe him. After a few minutes I heard sirens, I got out of the car and stood by the door, the cops and ambulances came up and the people got out of the back and put us in ambulances, and we were drove to the hospital.

My mom and I sat in the emergency waiting rooms for at least two hours, while my brother and dad were being checked on, I still don’t know what else they had to do though. The nurse finally came out to talk to us, she looked at my mom, straight in the eyes and said,
“Your husband is not in good condition, he broke basically everything in his back and he’s bleeding into his brain, we don’t know how long he’ll last, probably not even until tomorrow evening.. Your son is going to be okay but he has some minor fractures on a few of his ribs.”
I stared at her, and my eyes became blurry, they pooled with water, and fell down my cheeks. I dropped to my knees, every inch of my body ached. My mom picked me up and wrapped her arms around my body,’
“It’s alright, just breath,” she said to me, her voice shaking. More hours passed by, and finally my brother came out in a wheelchair, wheeled by the nurse who had talked to us earlier. I stood up, smiled at my brother and gave him the tightest hug i’ve ever gave him.
“Ow,” he complained,
“Oh sorry Jay.” I said to him,
“Mom, you should probably tell him,” I said to her looking at my dirty, gross nails. She sighed and tried to think of what to say,
“Jay your dad is not going to make it,” she said. He just looked at her, and turned his head down. We sat there all night until the next morning.
The next day my dad did happen to pass away and my heart is always going to be broken. We did have a funeral, we only invited very very close friends and family.

Here I sit, eight years later trying to figure out who killed my father, who took me and brother out of the car, and placed us apart on the road. Who it was that decided to ram into my dad’s side of the car and kill him intentionally.
I slid back in my chair at my desk and put my papers on my desk. I am getting no where. I thought to myself. I decided it was time to call it a night and go home. I put my papers in my drawer and turned my computer off then my desk light, and walked out. I walked to my car, and drove away.
I pulled up to my apartment complex garage and parked. I went to my apartment, excited to see Noel, my eight week old lhasa apso. She’s just a little baby right now, She is white for the most part and has some gray splotches on her, she’s a pretty playful puppy. I could hear her scratching as I unlocked the door.
“Hey girl!” I said excited. As she jumped on me I picked her up and she attacked my face with kisses. I got ready for bed and Noel and I cuddled up on the bed and I watched some TV.

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I picked it up and looked at who it was, it was the chief, his name is Jaxon Ratur. So I answered, “Hello?” I asked.
“Hey, Beck we have a big lead on your case, come in as soon as you can,”
“Alright, I’ll be there in just a little bit.”
The phone cut off and I jumped out of bed, had my breakfast, showered, and kissed Noel goodbye,’
“I’ll be back in in just a few hours,” I told her.
She just turned her head and sat down. I walked out of the door and locked it behind me.
I walked in the front door of the station and walked to my desk, not long after Jaxon came to me and handed me a folder, “This is everything you’ll need to find who you’re looking for,”
“Wow, thank you.”
I couldn't believe that this was happening, I looked through the papers and realized I was going to have to leave and go find this guy, and I would be gone for a few days. His name is Derek Baus, it shows he’s been paying for things on a credit card, all the way in Alabama, I am only in Indiana, that's like a two day trip. But it’s worth it. I would want to take Noel with me but I think I’ll have to leave her with my friend Jessica who has a dog and they get along.
I called Jessica,
“Hey Jess,” I said
“Hey Beck, what’s up?” she asked.
“I have to go out of town for just a few days and was wondering if you could take care of Noel, her and Jaz would have a good time!” I said,
“Yes, of course!” she replied.
“Awesome, thank you, I’ll be bringing her by later tonight, that’s when I’m leaving.”
“Alright, where are you going?” she asked,
“I’ve got to make a trip to Alabama, hopefully to catch the man who killed my father,” I replied,
“Oh, well alright, see you later!” I hung up and did some more work on my computer before I left back to my apartment to pack up.

“See you later chief!” I said, peeking in his door,
“Good luck detective.” He said.
I walked away and drove home.

I woke up at my hotel in Alabama and got up to finally find Derek. You know it was a long drive to my final destination but I made it.
The hotel he was supposedly staying at was right next to a cafe, I’d go look there before I went to the hotel. No one was there. I ended up going to the hotel and I talked to the men at the front desk,
“My name is Detective Rebecka Green, I’m looking for a man staying here by the name of Derek Baus,”  I said.
“Let me look it up for you real quick,” he replied,
“Looks like he’s staying in room 307,”
“Thank you so much!” I replied
I walked to the elevator and took it up to level three. At first I knocked on the door and I heard someone shuffling around inside,
“Open up!” I yelled
I heard the door unlock and the door open slightly,
“Hello?” I said aloud
The door creaked open and Derek stood there, staring at me,
“Who are you?” he asked,
“I mean you should know me,” I replied, “My name is Rebecka Green, and you killed my father when I was fifteen,” he stared at me longer, and started to walk backwards.
“Stop, you’re under arrest.” I said sternly.
He stopped and stood, and turned around.

After a long four months of trials and more, Derek is now in jail, his sentence is set at 45 years in prison. After years of wondering what the man did what he did, and to finally have him be put behind bars, gives me a sense of joy. I called my mom the day of and let her and my brother know that the man was finally put away, they were ecstatic. I now live in Georgia near my mom and brother. I still work as a detective solving crazy cases and stupid cases. 

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