"Who Did This"

October 25, 2016

“Max...Max”,said my best friend Jon.
Jon and I met back in college. It was right before chemistry, a couple of bullies were throwing me around. He came in and stuck up for me and we’ve been besties ever since. He is a big guy, flat top like me, and he lost his leg in the same accident I did. After college Jon and I  were drafted into the Marines for five years, and came back to New York to be detectives. We live in the same apartment about three blocks from Times Square. That meant we were about five blocks from the Nation World Bank, the biggest bank in the world.
“Max… come look at this” Jon said. I speed walk over to the TV and see a newscast on the bank.
“As you can see, there are signs of explosives” said the news lady. Jon and I both looked at each other and ran outside. We had just woken up so we were both in tank top, and shorts. As we approached the scene, the smell of gunpowder and smoke it use like a right hook. There were body’s and money scattered everywhere. The bank was covered in dust like Alaskan snow. Then a police officer came over and said
“Sorry gentlemen, you can’t go in there”.
“It’s ok, we’re detectives”, I said as we showed him our badges.” Who did this?” we asked with concern and worry.
“We have word the Mexican Cartels did it” said the officer.
We looked at each other...Then looked back at the officer. We had handled a case with the Cartels a few years back. They had been in a drug deal that ended bad. Most of the Cartel escaped but the other guys didn’t. Jon and I decided to jump on this case as soon as possible. We went back to the apartment and changed. It was a beautiful day, sky was blue, birds were chirping, but the case was on both of our minds. We went to the department and found files about the Cartels. Then we got a phone call from one of the witnesses. He said he could meet up at Central Park in five minutes.  we got in the car and headed for the park. The man said he saw about four to five Hispanics start to plant something on the front of the building. Before he knew it, the place had blown up. The blast had knocked him down and killed most of the people in bank. Then they drove off in a black Cadillac. I thanked the guy but forgot to get his name. On our way back to the department we got a call from our Chief of Police” Good morning boys” he said
“What’s up chief”, Jon said.
“Well we can’t find any files about the Cartels being in this area”,he said.
Then it hit me. The Cartels were down in Mexico after the big battle they had with the NYPD. That guy was trying to protect someone or something. But from what. When we got back to the office, there people everywhere. Everyone had the same objective...To find who did this. We spent the whole day looking at files, watching the security footage, interrogating witnesses and suspects. Then it was about the end of the day and I felt my phone vibrate. It was an unknown contact and it said”,Come to back alley at five if you want to know who robbed the bank”.
I wondered how they were able to get my personal number, but I didn’t really acknowledge it. I told Jon that I was going to meet up with the person. But,  Jon decided to stay in the car across the street if anything went wrong. I was getting a bad feeling about the whole situation. Then I see a hooded person, speed walk down the alley with his hands in his pocket.
“I don’t have that much time, so listen good” the mysterious figure said.
“The Mafia...They robbed the bank…” he had a real worry sound in his voice. “If they found out I told you...They’ll kill me” he said almost crying.
“Don’t worry, I won’t mention it, but thanks...This has helped a lot” I said trying to ensure him he would be fine. Then he slowly turned around, and when he did the moonlight shined right on his face just long enough I could see and remember his face. I ran back to the car as fast as I could just incase it was all a setup. I hopped in the passenger side of our car. Right as I got in he was asking what he said. I told Jon everything. The he showed me the picture he was able to take of the man’s face. We rushed back to the department, even though it was closed. After we scanned our ID’s we went to the part of the building that can scan a picture of a face and tell you who it is. The man was Mario Fanchetti. He had once been apart of the Mafia. We locked up and headed home to get a good night’s rest and get a jump start on the day.
We were supposed to have the day off, but we came in anyway. First, thing we saw on the
tv was a news anchor talking about the homicide of Mario Fanchetti. She also said that the suspects are unknown. Right then and there we knew we had to say something. We went into the chief's office and told him everything. He told us to show him how we know. I told chief that he said the Mafia would kill him if he told anyone what they did. Chief didn’t look too concerned. Jon showed chief the picture of Mario on the camera and a picture of him on the news.
All he said was ,“Go get ‘em”. Chief had about four to five officers load up and follow us for backup. As we cruised down the busy streets of New York with our sirens wailing. We knew this was our time to shine. We approached the worn down warehouse with caution. I signaled the officers to break down the door. It all happened so fast… We rushed in gun’s pointed, and find the Mafia sitting around a poker table talking. Our backup officers started handcuffing them. Jon and I started to investigate. There was a big sheet covering something. It took about three of us to pull it off. The we saw it. An eight foot high pile of money. We looked at each other… Amazed to see we 
solved the case. We loaded the money in the back of a SWAT van. We were able to put it all of the money in the evidence part of the department.
After that, we took a day off because the case had put a lot of pressure on Jon and I. We thought we were going to have a relaxing day, until the phone rang. It was Chief and he said “Boys, we have a problem...The Mafia, all of them, they broke outta prison”.
“Are you serious…” I said shocked I looked at Jon and told him what had happened. Then Jon came over and took the phone out of my hands. I could hear the Chief still talking. Then all of a sudden he stopped and Jon looked up.
“The Mafia… They have your family” Jon said. I didn’t know what to say. My family was the most important thing in my life. We got dressed and went to that warehouse we busted the Mafia in. That’s where they were keeping my family hostage. We busted down the door and saw the Mafia with guns pointed at my dad, mom, and little sister. They had pillow cases over their heads. I had this anger that was ripping at me that I was having to keep back tears. We had ordered two snipers on top of the building incase we needed help. He started talking, but I was too mad to hear him. I had raised my gun at took three shots at the three members of the Mafia that had my family hostage. It was like it was in slow motion. I saw the mist of blood fly from their chests and disappear into the dusty air. Then they fell to the ground, lying still, not making a sound. I had never killed anyone before until now. When I did, my little sister screamed and my mom and dad jumped out of their skin. I ran over and untied the rope  that was holding their hands and feet together. Their justice, had been served.

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