The Case of the Bank Robbery

October 25, 2016
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Carl Bradley has been a New York City Police detective for fifteen years; he was telling his fellow police officers about the bank robbery at the New York Public Bank building, which looked like a skyscraper.
The police were notified when the alarm went off at 10:00 PM.  When they arrived, the investigation began.  They found clues, such as fingerprints, footprints, broken windows, and other damages inside and outside the facility. The police then started their search for the robbers.
The media arrived to cover the story. The news was sent throughout the tri-borough area, and beyond, asking for any information or leads.  At the same time the three stole a car and took a female hostage.  They got as far as Glen Cove, Long Island, where they decided to hide out in an abandoned building.    
The police saw the car and knew the robbers were in the building.  The police shouted to the robbers “Release the hostage and come out with your hands up.”  
“Never!” the robbers shouted.  “If you don’t let us go we’ll take her with us or kill her.” 
The police surrounded the building while two of the police department’s top marksmen kicked in the back door with their guns drawn.     
Police captured the robbers, handcuffed them, and read them their Miranda Rights. The hostage was released and sent to the hospital.   When she was released from the hospital she was taken to the police station for questioning.   When the suspects arrived at the police station they were fingerprinted and questioned.
The hostage’s story matched the details of the crime including the robber’s story that she overheard while she was captured.  All evidence matched, suspects were arrested, and taken to court, where they pleaded not guilty.
The jury found them guilty and sentenced them to fifteen to 100 years in prison and community service

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