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October 25, 2016

“Here to speak for us is Drew Harden.”

“Thank you Principal Douglas, my highschool experience was pretty good, I got to meet a lot of new people who ended up being my friends. I would also like to give a big thank you to my teacher, my mom, and my basketball coach. I could have not achieved what I have without any of you guys, thank you.”
“Thank you Drew”
(Student applause) 
Drew has the ball..he shoots..he scores..and he won the game. Indiana had   won the state championship. Drew was named player of the year and he said that his team always has a good attitude and that is what make them win games not on one teammate alone. That was a very good response from him his coach should be happy to see this one. Drew was Twenty-Two at this time and he was ready to play real basketball so he said that he was going to play in the NBA. Two months past  by and it was drafting time and when he arrived to the draft a lot of good players were there hoping to get the number one pick in the draft.

It was time to start and Drew was so nervous he was anxious. For the number one pick in the NBA draft the Cleveland Cavaliers  select the Twenty-Two year old from Warsaw,Indiana Drew Harden. Drew was surprised when he got on the stage he felt like a real basketball player. To see his name on that jersey he was so amazed to see it. A couple days past by and it was time for Drew to sign his contract with the Cavs. When he got there he got to meet all of the players and   he was waiting for the moment when Kyrie Irving walked through that door and sure enough he did. So Drew ran up to him and told him who he was and Kyrie said,
”I know who you are and I am glad to meet you.
3 weeks later
It is time for the first game of the season and the Cavs are going against the Chicago Bulls. Meanwhile when the Cavs were in the locker room and  the coach told Drew to get the team hype so he did.
“ Let's go out here and get this W on our home court get hyp yall get hyp because we hit the floor like woo all day like woo defense like wooo offense like woo so our fans will be like woooowoooowoooo!” So they all run out on the court and they do exactly what they were told they went out there and got the W but, meanwhile there was someone snooping around there locker room and know one knows who but they took something from every player and Drew was determined to find out who took all of the stuff from them.Drew was thinking to himself, who would do this and how did they get back here into our locker room. So Drew was watching everybody who came past that door that he did not know so he could find out who stole from them. Days had past by and he had a small clue who it was .
So for the next home game he put a camera on the wall so he could see who was sneaking back there. So a few minutes later the team went into the locker room because it was halftime. Whoever it was heard them coming so they disappeared to where they were. After halftime the team went back out there and destroyed the Heat. Drew had at least Twenty-Two points that game. So for the next couple of games the thief did not come because he was almost caught and Drew got to wondering why have they stopped all of a sudden. Drew was alert because he was thinking that this could be him waiting for a next chance to take something.
Several days went by and it was time for the all star game East VS West and the east were most likely gonna win because there team was stacked meaning they had a lot of good players. The teams did not know that the thief was going to come this game but after the East all stars won the game their whole locker room was messed up. Clothes everywhere, shoes, and even socks. The next day the GM of the West team called and said that the same thing had happened to them and he was holding them responsible for it. So the next time that they had a game Drew was prepared for it to happen and sure enough it did. After the second quarter was over the team went to the locker room and there he was Mr.Marshall their the athletic director. They called the cops and he was going away and he said, “I will return and you all will feel my rath. So the players got back out there and kicked even more but it was a blowout Ninety to Fifty-Eight. Drew was player of the game with Twenty-Four points, Four assist, and Three rebounds.
2 years later
Two years later Mr.Marshall got out of jail and he went to pay each of the team players a visit and they were not pleasant. Drew did not know who he was when he showed up at his house but, Drew was not scared of him like all the other teammates were and, as soon as Mr.Marshall said something or was about to do Drew….


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