Who Did It?

October 25, 2016

I can’t believe this happened. Ugh this is tough. He was one of my good friends since grade school. I can`t believe he died, Dan… DIED ! Dan had brown hair, dark brown eyes like the night. He was tall, and he was about five feet and ten inches. He`s about my age, twenty-nine, he was about to turn thirty. Dan was tough as a tiger trying to get its prey. He wasn`t scared of anything, and he would do anything to help out the community… but he died.
I had to see who killed him, because I`m a cop but this is sort of new to me. I`ve been a cop for six months… I`m still sort of new with this. Since I started being a cop, I`ve been stressed. I usually don`t get stressed, but I think it`s because I`m nervous and when I`m usually nervous I get stressed. I need to focus on this case because I want to find out who killed Dan, I won`t rest until I find out who did it. First, I have to start by asking his family about him. I`m going to start off with Susy, Dan`s little sister that`s fifteen years old.
His sister was not afraid to do anything. She almost got in trouble with the cops… before I was a cop, and she`s a freshman. Susy would also stick up for her family, but barely for Dan. She thought Dan was obnoxious, annoying, and a stuck up. She has dirty blonde hair that falls perfectly in her curls, when you look in her eyes you can see the ocean. People think she`s short but her height is average, she was almost as tall as Dan… five feet and eight inches.
I go up to Susy and ask, “Do you know what Dan was doing the night he got killed?”
“I just know that he was outside, I didn`t see him inside the house”, Susy told me, lying. She looked nervous, or sick. She didn`t look so good.
“What`s wrong?” I ask.
“I feel like I`m going to ….” she said, collapsing to the ground.
I went to call an ambulance, and once they got to Susy`s house they took her to the hospital immediately. Once they were done checking her up I went to ask what happened.
“Do you have any idea why you just collapsed to the floor out of nowhere?”
“I don’t know.” she said nervously looking at the ground.
“So you just fell to the ground and you have no idea why?” I asked her suspiciously.
“….. Alright fine! Something did happen! I was cutting up fruit and then I cut myself with a knife on accident. I couldn’t find Band-Aids anywhere and I was freaking out that I didn’t think about grabbing some napkins. I lost a lot of blood but not so much until I just grabbed a handful of napkins and covered up my wound.” Susy told me while she was crying.
I asked her to show me the wound, she took off the napkins that was taped on her finger. She almost chopped off her entire finger, and it looks like she has to get surgery on it or get stitches. I decided to ask her more questions about Dan later or the next day.
I start going thinking about Dan, so I go to the nice, sandy beach. I take off my shoes and let me feet sink into warm sand. I miss Dan, we`ve been friends since grade school. We would do everything together, and if we would go to a vacation with my family I would invite him. If we went swimming he would go with me,  then if I wanted to be a cop he wanted to be a cop too… even though that was a lie. He actually became a lawyer, and he told me he didn`t want to be a cop anymore after what happened to his dad. His dad was a cop and a robber killed him when he was trying to catch the robber, so Dan didn`t want to die the same way as his dad.
Anyway, I go to put my shoes and go to Dan`s house to see how Susy is and to talk to his family. I swerved my car around to park because I heard a scream from the house and run inside to see what happened. Instead a scream of fear it was a scream of excitement… from Susy, her dad got her a car but she`s only fifteen years old but that`s not my business. Since I was there, I started asking Susy more questions.
“Where were you the night that Dan got killed?” I asked suspiciously.
“That`s none of your business!” Susy yelled at me with anger.
“That`s actually my business because everything is important even the little details because it can help me find out who killed Dan or how Dan died!” I screamed back wanting to the know the answer.
“I was at… home, yeah home”, lied Susy.
I decided to go along with her lie because I know she`s lying to me, but why would she lie? What if she killed Dan?! What if she doesn`t want anyone to know that she killed Dan? She`s a suspect. I just decide to ask her more questions.
“So you know where Dan was that same night?” I asked going on with her lie.
“Yeah, he was… outside”, she still lied.
I decided to exit the room because Susy was just going to keep lying to me about Dan and what I needed to know. I just decided to go home since it was getting late, it`s… one in the morning! I just decided to go to bed.
It`s now the next morning… about eight in the morning. I drove to Dan`s house to talk to his mom instead of Susy.
Mary was Susy and Dan`s mom, of course. She had reddish hair like when the sun is about to set. She looked young as a sixteen-year-old but she`s actually forty-three, she had nice and smooth skin. She seemed like a sensitive person, sensitive as losing a dog. She`s actually short, but not too short. She`ll probably the nicest person you`ll ever meet.
I knocked on the door and Mary, Susy`s mom, comes to open the door and she`s crying.
“Ma’am, why are you crying?”
“What do you think why?! Because my son died!” Mary yelled devastated.
“Don`t give me an attitude. I`m asking you a simple question and all you had to do was give me a simple answer without attitude,” I talked back.
“Sorry, it`s just hard to push through life while my son isn`t here,” She said crying still.
“I know ma`am, he was one of my good friends since grade school. I know how you feel”, I told her making a connection about her son. “Well I`m here to ask you questions about what happened that same night he died. Where were you?”
“I was out getting the groceries for the week”, She said trying to calm down.
“You went to get groceries at twelve at night, are you sure?” I asked suspiciously.
She said laughing, “I`m sure, I didn`t drink or anything because if did I wouldn`t be going out because I want to be safe… now.”
Confused, I said, “Alright then?” I think Susy was the one that killed Dan, even though that`s her brother she always hated him. She would do anything to get him in trouble and when he would get in trouble by his mom, his mom wouldn`t know that it was actually Susy… she still doesn`t know. I`m not pretty sure if it`s Susy or not so I still had to ask questions about her or to her, or I can investigate. Before I leave I asked Mary one more question,
“I have one more question, where was Susy the night Dan died?”
“She was out, she wasn`t home”, She said calmly.
I KNEW SHE WAS LYING I thought. Instead of investigating Susy, I`ll just ask her and tell her that I already know that she wasn`t home. After I tell her that I know that she was out of the house, she can`t lie to me because I know the truth already. I started going to her room and I busted the door open with knocking.
“I know you weren’t at home the night Dan died so how about you tell me the truth and tell me what you we`re doing that night!”
“I was home it`s the truth!” she lied.
“I know you weren`t home, your mom told me you were out now tell me the truth!”
“Fine! Yeah, you`re right I wasn`t home and I know what you`re thinking… I`m not the one that killed Dan. I was out with my friends at a party and then I get home late and I see my brother dead, outside on the floor. But the only people at my house were my parents and two of Dan`s friends.”
“Also your mom?” I asked confused.
“Yeah, then my dad told me she left for like five to ten minutes.”
“But she told me she went to get groceries.”
“She never went to get groceries because if she did, the pantry would be full but it`s basically empty… my mom haven`t went to get groceries for a while.”
“So she only left for about five to ten minutes… oh my gosh. I KNOW WHO KILLED DAN!”

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