October 26, 2016
By Mpw04029 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
Mpw04029 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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Beep, beep, beep! It was a Monday morning, 6:30 am. I turned my alarm clock off , the shutters started to bang against the windows. The night before there was a bad storm, fifty mph winds, I looked on my phone to see if there were going to be any winds or storms today, my phone said twenty five  mph winds. I sat up thought  thinking that it was Halloween, I jumped out of bed saying that it was Halloween. My favorite day of the year. it's only my favorite because of the candy. My mom doesn’t allow us to have candy she says It’s bad for us, and it’s really expensive.
       I don’t think I have told you that my uncle died three years ago, and that we bought a house with his money that he left us when he died. He died from drunk  driving. At the time we didn't know he was also on drugs. We don’t have anything leftover or we would not be poor. My mom tries her best to keep us safe because when my dad was alive we were being stalked. My dad went to work at 4:30 AM and no one was up, so he got shot.  The stalker was only watching for eight months. He was being stalked because he did drugs. The guy that shot him was his dealer and he didn't get paid from my dad. 
          My name is Tommy, I am thirteen years old, and I live with my mom and my twin sister Amanda. We live in a two bedroom and one  bath house, but I’m still lucky that I have a roof over my head, and food to eat.
“Amanda, Tommy, time to go to school”. I hate my mother, it’s always about my sister and her. She’s just always mean to me. “TOMMY NOW”my mom screamed.   “Coming”, I said.
3:10 PM,I was walking towards my mom,because she was getting off the bus at this time. When this car pulled right next to her and started to talk to her, so I sped up to her. She didn't talk she  pulled out a fifty  dollar bill and gave it to me. As soon as I walked in the store Amanda caught up to me. I handed her the money and told her to do the shopping. While I sat on the bench  and watched mom and that car. two minutes went by and then my sister asked me hot dogs or Hamburger Helper. I looked at her and said Hamburger Helper.  The 3 seconds I looked away and turned back around Mom was gone and so was the car.  I have never felt this ashamed in my life I treat her so badly and now she's gone, just gone. I have no idea what i'm going to do without her.
                This isn't the first time this has happened. When Amanda and I were seven  she ran off for about three days,the only reason she ran off was because she was a drug addict, we went to live with my uncle (when he was alive) while she was in rehab. I told Amanda that we'll wait a day or so to see if she would show up and that we are not going trick or treating. Four days went by and nothing happened that was the most boring time of my life,all we did was eat,sleep,and cry.So we went to the cops they said they were on the case. Three hours went by and they called us down to the police station.  They said they found the car that Amanda and I had described,at the old gravel pit.  We went down and saw the car it was a green and brown cadillac. When we went to see the inside we found mom’s purse in there with her wallet. Nothing was missing, so I was thinking that if nothing was missing then he didn't want to rob her.I had this gut feeling that he wanted to do something else,like maybe stab her thirty four times , rape her, murder ,or maybe she wanted drugs and that was the guy to go to. What if this was just a joke and they were playing around with us because it was Halloween, or maybe that he was in love with her.
We don't have any living relatives so the police put us in foster care the cops  said only until she shows up again,and that is if she does. We went into a home where we don't even know the family. I'm starting to think this is my punishment for saying I hated her,but now I know that I should be thankful for what I have and that I didn't know what I had until I lost it. I mean some kids don't even have a mom like my friend Tony he was just a baby, and his mom left him in the house when he was around four months old. So they put him in foster care. His foster parents are now trying to adopt him,he has been living there for about  12 years. The police are thinking that they should split Amanda and I up. And now Amanda is crying. I also feel bad because I am so mean to Amanda,and she tries and tries to be nice to me. I'm just a little brat to her. Our social worker came up stairs to talk to Amanda and me about what the cops found. Here's what she said , “The cops found a dead body near bear woods,and. I'm a really strong boy and I never cry, but right now I think it's necessary, I just started bursting out tears Hoping,beginning that it is not her the cops also said that it will be about two to three days before we get the results. Now I'm in praying mode,so I ask God to please help me and my sister to find my mom and if my mom is  alive, I hope that she's okay and to keep her safe.Amen.
       The next morning we had breakfast and we were out the door.  We went to find some clues., By noon we had found nothing so we had decided to go to our house, and see if we could find clues but all we found was a note on the door saying be here tonight 10:31 p.m. Why at 10:31? Then later that night I had thought that it was 10:31 because she went missing on October 31. That’s Halloween night.  We only touched one corner of the note and rushed it to the police station. The police said that it would be a hour or so before they get the details back. And that the autopsy came back and that  was not  mother,it was the guy that took their mother and that the car they found was the guy's car. The cops said that they will be watching the house tonight and the next night to see if the person  took my mom will show up,they said they'll be there around 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM  because that's the time most bad things happen in the city.
So the next day later we got the note results back and it said that it was a guy who lived in Alabama but he came here to put the note on the door and went back to Alabama, and that he is going to jail for that note he left. And that he has been sending people to stalk us.
We got a call about 2:00 A.M to come down to the station. Our foster parents had to come and drive  down because it was 2:00 A.M .  We got down there and the cops told us that our foster parents can leave that it is only family.  They left,and it was just me and Amanda in a black room with a little light, two chairs,and a metal table. It's like those one rooms in movies that have a cop in the room and they're  asking questions. It's like that but we don't have a cop in here with us. Soon enough the cop comes in and we start talking. They said they found the person at our house.  He said that he was helping you mother because the guy we found dead was trying to rape her in the gravel pit. he came down to see what the the ruckus was all about because he heard screaming and yelling.  He started to punch the guy that was trying to rape her and that he hit his head on a rock and died because of lost blood flow to the brain. There mother was hit in the head by a car door from when she fell and that she has
        They brought their mother in and she was pale with black eyes and bruises all over her. She looked like only skin and bones. But she's been starving for about two to three weeks.As soon as she saw us, kids, she started to cry, and she was saying that I remember, I remember. As we were going out, the guy that saved my mom was being put in a cell. she jumped out of her wheelchair and started to run towards the guy and cop. She was saying NO, NO don't put him in a cell. He helped me. And so the cops let him go. We all said thank you,but he was never heard or seen from again.


TOMMY- a smart 13 year old boy that hates his mother,but is always thankful.
AMANDA-Tommy's 13 year old twin sister that is always by her mother's side.
MOLLY-is Tommy's and Amanda's mom that is always yelling at Tommy and loves Amanda.

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Msw13 said...
on Nov. 1 2016 at 7:26 pm
Maddy I love it! Make sure to keep you good work going!

Perndle said...
on Nov. 1 2016 at 12:12 pm
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P.S. It's just a prank bro!!!

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Perndle, Warsaw, Indiana
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this is some real talent

on Nov. 1 2016 at 11:10 am
bvbislife6x BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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This is a great story Mads, keep up the fantastic and beautiful work.

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on Nov. 1 2016 at 11:09 am
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Pretty dank fam

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