A wounded heart

September 25, 2016
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     One day, a woman screamed in an apartment of local areas early in the morning. Someone stabbed the woman to death, and he went out of the entrance who wear a black hood. He disappeared slowly, the police men went to the apartment directly. After few hours, Jack went to the house and started to investigate this affair.
      "Come here, Jack. You know? There are no evidence in this house. No fingerprint, no footprint, and no knife that stab her. Everything is clean!" the junior staff said.
      "Well, you check all of CCTV that are in this apartment and near by this apartment." Jack said.
Jack was confused in regard to this affair, because the killer did a flawless murder.
    Jack went back to the police station, and investigated specific. Immediately on starting to incvestigate, the junior staff brought some materials about the affair. They went into the assembly room and doubted.
      "The moman's name is Agnes. She was killed by someone. She was stabbed twise with a knife, and had a design of $ on the left hand. So I think this criminal want the get some money. That person who kill the woman is the man. This picture is the CCTV's picture of the frount door. His name is Selimon, and his age is 27. Also, he has no family, because his parents was separated by divorse. His father was died by a traffic accident when he was 12 years old, and his mother was killed by a crimirnal. However, I just investigated more specific about her, she also has the same design $ with Agnes. So I think Selimon also killed his mother." the junior staff accounted for this affair.
     "You should find more informations about him! I'll give you a time. Until tomorrow!!!" Jack shouted.
    In time, his junior staff found some informations. They entered into the assembly room again.
      His junior staff announced, "I just investigate many of the affair. I think Selimon is a serial killer, because five people was killed who has same pattern with people who was killed by him. Therefore, Selimon kill 6 people. All people's age is 49, and they are woman. So I think Selimon kill woman who has 49 age in his town. He killed people one times a month at the same day. He killed people on March 19, April 19, May 19, June 19, July 19,and August 19. So he may kill a women on September 19."
      "Spemterber 19 is this week!!!"
      "Right, so we have to find Selimon, and stop the his murder."
    After the conference, Jack received a letter. In this letter, 'How about your affair? Did you know about me? You'd better erase all informations about me if you don't be in danger. Well, actually, your wife's age is also 49.'
      "Who put this letter!?", Jack said.
    No one answered his question. So he checked the CCTV of the police station.
      "There is Selimon! He put this letter on your desk. How did he come here? If he come here, he must have a security card!"
      "I don't know, shut up!"
    Jack was terrified, but he found Selimon industriously.
    On September 19, Selimon arrived at Jack's house. He knew that Jack went to his work, so there is only his wife in the house. When he open the dour, Jack fired a gun at Selimon's leg. And then, the police man arrested him. Jack breathed a sigh of relief.
      "Jack, we finally captured Selimon! We did to stack out very well!"
      "Yeah, finally. Be careful, he can haul it."
      "Yes, men."
    Jack came back to his office, and investigated by questioning. However, Selimon didn't answer any questions.
      "Hey you, I will ask you one by one. First, Why did you kill people?"
      "Um...What is the desing $ on people's wrist? Did you want to get some money?"
      "And...Why did you kill woman who has 49 age such as my wife..?"
      "Why didn't you answer about this questions!?"
      "Okay, I will come back."
    Jack got out in the room, and went to his office. After minutes, the police sirens rung in the police station.
      "What happened!?" Jack asked.
      "Oh, Jack, Selimon gave leg bail!!!"
      "What? How did he escape!?"
      "I don't know..."
      "Did you keep your eye properly!?"
      "I'm so sorry men...I was eating lunch..."
      "That is my mistake to assign to you!!! Find him right now!!!"
    He let Selimon with no evidence. He felt fear again, and went to his house immediately. Luckily, his wife was not dead.
    After 5 days, Jack heard that Selimon killoneself in his house, and there was a suicide note. In this note...
      'I killed my mother 6 months ago on March 19, and my mother's age was 49 at that time, so I killed people whoes ags is 49 as the shock. The design $ that added the abbreviation of my name s and l. The reason why I didn't answer Jack's questions is I was terrified because of something. I was very sorry about everything.'
    Jack had a strange sensation after read the note, but he was happy that his wife was safety.
     Jack investigated this affair in detail, so he knew more information about this affair. Selimon didn't kill his mother. In that time, he was in his home with his mother. When he went to the bathroom, someone went into his house. And then, he saw someone who kill his mother, so he collapsed. He smelled blood, opened his eyes, and saw mother's blood. He had a knife that was stained with blood, and he got the chills. So he deluded himself that he killed his mother. The person killed his mother who make a design $ on her wrist for put the blame to Selimon.
    Jack felt for Selimon, and tried to find the person who kill Selimon's mother.

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