Janice Pott

September 24, 2016
By NerdyFrenchFry BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
NerdyFrenchFry BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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It was around 5:30 p.m when the first incident occurred. I was on my Facebook when I got a message from a girl I didn't know. I opened the message it said, "Hello."
I typed, "Do I know you?"
She never responded. So I clicked on her profile. Her name was Janice Pott. The odd thing about her profile was that the only thing that was on there was her profile picture. Her profile picture is of someone sleeping. I examined the photo and I picked out a few details. There weren't many things you could pick out because there was very little light. I saw that the blanket was a hot pink, the hair was long and brown, and they were wearing a purple tank top. I was a little freaked out because I have a hot pink blanket, long brown hair, and a tank top that looks like that.
I almost forgot, my name is TD. My real name is Tammy. Anyways I am going to tell you my story, it will lead up to present day. Then I will write it as I go.
Three hours later I got a notification on Facebook, Janice had responded.
It said, "I know you ;)" I got so freaked out so I blocked her but that was just the beginning.
            I had started getting thousands of notifications from my Instagram. Someone by the name XyourstalkerX was hearting all my photos. By all I mean ALL. So I tried to ignore it. One week later it stopped. I was so relieved, but I took a break from social media just in case.
           The first time in two months I got back on Facebook I had a message from Janice Pott! She had made a new account.
           Her message read "Do you hate me? Get back on now!" I told my mom and she told me to block her, so I did AGAIN.
The next thing that happened was two days later. I got a letter in the mail; the envelope was pink with red cursive letters that said, "To Tammy, My little angel."  It also smelled like perfume, perfume that I swear I have smelled before. I gave up trying to find out who had put on the perfume in the past. I looked at where it came from; the state it was from was California. I lived in Indiana, and I thought about it and realized that I didn't know anyone from California. When I opened it, what I saw terrified me!
           It was pictures of me doing various things, like sleeping, cooking, hanging with friends, and watching TV. The first thing I thought was that is had to be Janice Pott, what the hell did she want? Then a letter fell from the envelope it read
         Dear Tammy,
I just want you to know that my intentions aren't to hurt you. I can't tell you who I am but I am someone you know... If you tell anyone about this I will be forced to hurt you... I don't want to because I LOVE YOU... Please don't forget that... I love the way your dark brown hair falls over your shoulders, I love the way your hazel eyes glow, I love it when you smile.... When you smile it sends shivers down my spines... Hell, when I am near you it sends shivers down my spine.
  Your Stalker
I must have read that letter over a hundred times, I had so many mixed feelings about it. Part of me was joyful because I had a secret admirer. Then another part of me was scared, terrified because this person is taking pictures of everything I do. They watch everything. They probably know my whole routine for everyday. They probably know my route to school, thank goodness school is out. I shut my curtains, lock the doors, and lock the windows. I decide to stay inside for a while, like a day or two. Just to be safe because I can't tell anyone. So what's the point?
          My mom gets worried so she comes into my room to have a chat with me.
          My mom asked me,"What's up?"
          I replied with a lie,"Nothing"
          My mom didn't believe me so she responded with a,"Uh huh, I know when a sixteen year old has a secret. I used to be sixteen you know.”
          I snapped back with,”I'm serious”
          My mom stayed calm and said,”Are you hiding something from me?”
          I tried to stay calm so I responded with,”No.”
My mom started to raise her voice a little,”Are you pregnant?”
            I felt offended that she thought I was that stupid. So I yell,”NO!”
            My mom took a deep breath and said,”You can tell me what's wrong. I love you”
            I was getting mad so I yelled again,”NOTHING'S WRONG!”
            My mom was getting fed up with my attitude so she raised her voice and responded,”Don't raise your voice at me young lady! Your friends are worried!”
            I feel bad so I tried to become un flustered and say,”I'm sorry, I will go to Stephanie's tonight”
           My mom said,”Thank you, I'm sorry I yelled”
           I responded with,”It's fine I yelled too”
           I went over to Stephanie's that night. If you're confused, Stephanie is my best friend. I always took a certain interest in Stephanie because she always had problems. Whenever someone has a problem I feel inclined to help them fix it. She has had problems with self harming, she self harmed because she was getting bullied for being bisexual. I stood by her and I told people to leave her alone. Most people are scared of me because I got kicked out of school a couple of times for beating up bullies.
          When I arrived I scanned the outside of her red brick house. The porch light was on and the green light was swarming her porch. The light was on for the second story window that was all the way to the left, every other light was off. The flowers,Stephanie had picked out, were a brown color, I thought to myself it was Stephanie's job to water the flowers. I let out a light chuckle. I walked up the two steps that led to their porch then I knocked on their bright red door. When Stephanie answered the door her hand motioned for me to go inside. When I get inside the strong smell of pumpkin pie filled the air. I knew that was her moms favorite fragrance. We walked to her room, which required me to walk up exactly 17 steps and then turn to the right. We walked into her room and she jumped down onto her fully aquamarine bed, that was her favorite color. Her walls were a more dark blue, covered in posters from shows she liked. She was mostly into crime shows.
I go and sit down beside her and I throw my black book bag, that has all my stuff in it, into her closet. As she runs her hand through her short black hair she asks me, "What's up with you? Your mom told me that you haven't left your room in like two days. She even said you haven't eaten." I want to tell her so bad, I want to take some of this weight off of my shoulders. I mean I can't lie, at least not to her. Deep down inside me I knew I could put her in danger but at that moment I didn't care. I didn't care because her sad, dark green eyes were pleading for me to tell her. I told her everything that had happened. She put her hand on my shoulder, her touch was so gentle, and everything in my mind went blank. All of my worries, gone. She pulls me close to her and gives me the softest hug ever. Whenever I was with Stephanie it seemed the only thing that mattered was her. I always knew that I had feelings for her. I just don't know what kind yet but I do know that I love it when we hug because in that very moment I feel that our heartbeats become in sync. In that moment I swear we are one person. Every time we hug I count every second that passes by. One two three When she hugs me I never want her to let go. Four five six But she always does.
After she lets lets go she says,"Don't worry I will make sure nothing happens to you" Her voice had cracked a little.
I reply,"I will make sure nothing happens to you because I love you." After I said that a huge smile crept across her face, revealing her aquamarine braces.
            I tell her," I have to go to the bathroom. I will be right back" She nods her head as if she is giving me her approval. I get up and open her door, I noticed the doorknob is unusually cold, I go out and turn to the left and then I go down all 17 stairs. Then I keep going straight, I head past the kitchen and her parents bedroom then I see the brown wooden door to the bathroom. The door is to the right of the hallway, I go in and I look in the mirror.
           I think to myself Goodness I am so ugly... How could anyone think I'm pretty. I splash some ice cold water onto my pale, pimple covered face. Then I take some more water and I brush my long, brown hair to my right shoulder then I use my fingers as a comb to get all of the knots out of my hair.
           When I walk back to the room Stephanie is on her laptop.
   She nonchalantly tells me,"I am talking to Janice."
           I freak out on her and say loudly,"What! Are you crazy? Do you have a death wish? We don't even know who she is and we don't know if she's dangerous! Even if it is a she!" Stephanie just stares at me for a good solid minute. I stare back into her beautiful green eyes, the way the light is hitting her eyes it makes them looked glazed.
           She finally says," Janice said she doesn't know who you are."
           I fill up with anger, how could Janice just lie like that, I then think Oh crap... That means Steph just basically told Janice that I told someone.... Anger turns into terror in my eyes.
          Stephanie asks,"What's wrong TD?"
          I snap,"You basically just told her that I told someone! That's what's wrong! In the note, don't you remember, it said if I told anyone she would hurt me!"
         Stephanie realizes what she has done, she stands up right in front of me and tells me how sorry she is. Then she gives me another soft hug.
        One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen.
        She lets go, then I hear her say,"I am sorry. I didn't want to let go. The thought of losing you is too much. I can't think about it. It makes me want to keep you in my arms forever"
        I feel my face get hot, which means it is red. I feel so embarrassed that my face is red.
        I quickly say,"I'm tired!" I grab a blanket and one fluffy white pillow and I make myself a place on the floor, I lay down, next thing I know I'm asleep stuck in a dream.
        In my dream I am a beautiful princess with a dress that was the color of the sun. I caught the eye of two royal maidens. One was Stephanie, dressed in a long, outstanding aquamarine dress. The other one was a tall woman wearing a dull, grey dress and she didn't have a face or hair. I had to chose who I loved the most and I, of course, chose the Fair Stephanie. The no face woman got really mad and took out a jagged knife and stabbed Stephanie over twenty times. The blood started pouring out of every wound, by the time No-Face had stopped Stephanie's aquamarine dress was the color of her blood.
       I woke up drenched in sweat. I realized that most of the sweat on my face were tears, I had been crying. I realized how I felt when Stephanie was stabbed, I knew that I liked Stephanie as more than a friend. I couldn't tell her, what if she thought I was crazy!
      Then what, I guess I could just laugh and punch her shoulder and say 'Oh it was just a joke!' I know she would never fall for that. Why does this have to be complicated, why can't it be as easy as telling someone without the fear of being judged.
I got the feeling I was being watched and I realized how cold it had gotten in the room. I look around and I see that someone opened the window. I didn't think much of it until I spotted a tall shadow in the right corner by the closet. It almost looked like some kind of monster because of how tall it was. I could see that it looked like it had claws then I spotted the red glowing eyes and I knew it wasn't human. It couldn't be. How could a human have red glowing eyes?
            I then thought what if this was Janice? What if she's here to hurt Steph? Just act like you didn't see them. Stay awake. Make sure Steph doesn't get hurt. So I lay down to where the bed was protecting my eyes from seeing that creature.
            I heard a creak and I instantly knew that, that thing had moved. I had no way of knowing which way it had moved. My heart stopped when I felt a cold, bony hand touch my shoulder. It was as cold as the doorknob had been, then it dawned on me, this thing had been in the house even before I had come. That's why almost everything was oddly cold, I hate myself right now. How could I have not noticed?
Anyways the hand started using its claw to stroke my arm, it was pushing down hard with its claw, I felt blood trickle down my arm. I kept my eyes shut tight, it was hard not to wince in pain. Then I felt a cold, rough tongue lick at the cut and the blood going down my arm. It was a good two minutes before it stopped licking my arm because the blood stopped coming out of the deep cut. The thing crawled over me and out the window, I waited five minutes before I opened my eyes again. The cut was burning like I was being burned with fire. I was trying not to cry because if I did I would feel defeated and I would not let it win. But the pain was just all too real, I couldn't help myself, tears started creeping out. My sobbing awoke Stephanie, she asked me what was wrong so I showed her the cut and told her what had happened.
  I could see the horror in her eyes, in a comforting voice I said,"don't worry I will protect you"
She smiled and replied with,"Come here and I will clean and put bandages on your cut then I need to show you something" I nodded my head okay and got up to go into the bathroom with her.
She takes anti-bacterial soap, puts it on a rag and puts it on my cut. I had taken another rag and put it in my mouth to muffle the screams so we don't wake her parents. After she is done cleaning it she puts bandages over it.
"At least it wasn't deep enough for stitches because I would've done it with dental floss," Stephanie tried to joke.
I gave her a weak smile as I say,"So what did you want to show me" She gets up, takes my hand and leads me to her room.
She climbs out her window, the same way it climbed out, but still I followed. She led me into the park, which was empty, it looked so pretty under the glow of the street lights. She laid down in the light green grass and looked up at the stars. I felt like I was going to throw up because the thought that it might be out here.
I asked,"What if that thing is out here?"
"I will protect you. I brought a kitchen knife," she replied as she proceeded to pull out a sharp, long kitchen knife. After I saw that I felt so much better about being out here.
She propped herself up on her arms and patted the ground gesturing for me to lay beside of her. I cautiously walk to the spot next to her to lay down. When I get there I lay down right beside of her, our hands touch and then she wraps her fingers around mine. I inhale deeply and hold my breath. I couldn't believe it, we were holding hands! I finally exhaled because my lungs were on fire. This moment was perfect, we were looking at the stars and it seemed that those stars were the most important stars ever. They were so bright, bold, and beautiful. All of the sudden Stephanie's arm came around and next thing I know is that her arm is around me. I look over and see that she is sleeping, she looks so beautiful. The moment is gone when I see a shadow in the woods, it looked like it. I grab the kitchen knife and I move Stephanie's arm. I get up and start going to the shadow.
Now it's present time so I will tell you as it happens and yes I know that you guys are saying NO DON'T GO TOWARD THE SHADOW! YOU'RE STUPID! At the moment I don't care, all I care about is keeping Stephanie safe.
I blink and they are gone, I start to freak out. I turn around to make sure Stephanie is okay but what I see is that thing towering over her. I run toward them and when I get there I start stabbing but all I end up stabbing at is air. Stephanie wakes up and grabs my arms and I stop swinging because I am scared I will stab her.
I start crying, mumbling,"I thought I was going to lose you" She gives me a hug and I stop crying immediately. One two three four five six seven, she lets go.
She says,"We should go home" I nod my head in agreement.
We walk back to her house and laid back down, I kept a pocket knife under my pillow. When Stephanie's head hit the pillow she instantly fell asleep, but I stayed awake for four hours keeping an eye out for Janice or whatever that thing was. I then got on my phone and unblocked both Janices' from Facebook and messaged both of them this message.
Was that you??? In Stephanie's house??? In the park??? What are you??
She instantly got on the second Facebook profile and replied with
Yes that was me... But not in the form I usually am around you... Sorry if I scared you but... I told you not to tell anyone... Also I can see that you like this, Stephanie... She needs to die...
Then after that Janice got off and I blocked her on both of her profiles. I started hyperventilating because of what Janice said about Stephanie plus Janice is someone I am around. I don't know if I am around her a lot or not. I don't know anyone named Janice, maybe their name isn't actually Janice in real life. I have to stay aware of everyone that is around me. The only people, so far this summer, that's been around me is Stephanie, Stephanie's parents, and my mom. I know for a fact that none of them are Janice, none of them can be.
Stephanie wakes up again around 10 a.m. and asks,"Was everything that happened with Janice a dream?" I shake my head no and she closes her eyes, inhales then exhales and then takes a hair tie and puts her hair in a small ponytail. I smile because her hair is down to her shoulders so the ponytail is really small and looks kind of funny.
It was time for me to go home so I grab my bag and say goodbye to Stephanie. Stephanie's parents offer to walk me out the door but I kindly reject them. I give everyone a fake, but big, smile and walk out of the door. As i walk out the brightness of the sun blinds me, so I cover my eyes with my fingers and start walking home. I have this feeling someone is watching me. Who wouldn't if they had witnessed what I had seen? Anyways I keep walking and occasionally I look behind me to make sure no one is following me. Then one time I look behind me I see a person, I freak out and start running. What I had time to see was just a tall shadow, I get it through my brain that it was just a person. I stop running because my lungs are burning, I bend over and place my hands on my bare knees and I start laughing like a coyote. The person that was behind me was running towards me and I see his face. He is Mexican, he has curly black hair, brown eyes, he is very tall, and he is wearing a plain blue shirt and black shorts.
He chuckles and asks,”Are you okay? I am very sorry that I freaked you out. I’m Cole, what's your name?” He had said all of that in one breath, I was kind of surprised.
I look up at him and smile, he has black glasses on. He holds out his hand for me to shake it, but I don't because I'm still crouched down catching my breath.
He slowly puts his hand down by his side and asks once again,”Are you okay?” 
I finally get up and say,”Yes I am fine. I'm Tammy, but my friends call me TD”
He gives me a huge smile and says,”So am I your friend? I know we just met but I would love to be friends. Please.” He again said all of that in one breath.
I just nod my head and respond,”Yeah let's be friends, I will give you my number. But I have to get home.”
He gave me a big smile, I notice he has braces. I get out a piece of pink paper from my notebook and I write down my number. When I hand it to him he practically squeals, then he hops up and down.
“Well, talk to you later!” I yell as I start running towards my house.
  When I get to my house I can barely breath, I ran the whole way there. I didn't want Janice to catch me at a weak moment, I don't even have a weapon with me.
I get to my porch and I look around. I see that my mom put out some new roses, they are a beautiful light shade of pink. I pick one up, the thorn pokes my thumb and three drops of blood land on the rose that is perfectly centered in the clear glass vase. I put my thumb in my mouth to get the blood off, I sit my bag on our old wooden rocking chair we have on our porch. I try to open the door but it's locked, I go around the back of our small White House to see if the Denali is in our driveway. When I get back there I see the shiny back of the dark blue Denali. So my mom must be home, I go back onto the porch and knock on the white door exactly three times. I wait for about three minutes and knock rapidly this time, it isn't like my mom to not even give a signal that she will be at the door.
I remember that I hid a spare key under the mat that says We don't want company! Go away!
I lift up the mat and unlock the door, I look inside and see that all of the lights are off. I creep around the corner to the right of the door and I quietly walk into my moms room. I look at her door and it is cracked just a little, I push the door open at the speed of a snail. I cringe as I hear the door hinges making a high pitched creek, I go in quickly when I see my mom is still in bed. I look at the time, it's 2:50 pm, she should be out of bed. I run over to her and only then I realize that there is blood splattered all over the walls, on her brown headboard, on her plump purple blanket, and on her ottoman. I take a look around her room and see that everything is scattered all over the floor, it looks like someone had been fighting in here. I then think to myself My mom! I take the blanket off of her and I see so much blood, blood on her torso, neck, and face. I start to cry uncontrollably, my knees feel so weak. I fall and I'm kneeling beside her bed, I take my hand and put it on her blood covered face.
“No you can't die! You need to be here for me! Through hard times! All of this is my fault! I should've never left you! You were on your own! You didn't deserve this! I did! I did! I did! You have always been there for me! Why couldn't I have been here! No! No! No!” I yell as I gasp for breath.
I try to stop crying but I can't, my cries have turned into sobs. I start stroking her short blonde hair, I try to close her eyes with my fingers but they won't close. I sob louder.
“No you're not dead! This isn't real! This is all a dream!” I scream as I hit her face in hopes that she will wake up and give me and big warm hug.
I keep slapping her face, she needs to get up and hug me. She needs to comfort me, I need her. I need her to be alive, I love her too much for her to be dead.
I hear footsteps in the hallway, I look over and see a shadow. My sobs get louder, I can't help it.
“Who are you? That doesn't matter! Call the police! Tell them to bring an ambulance right now!” I yell in between my sobs.
I see that it's Cole, he whips out his phone and dials 911. I hear the operators sweet voice from here, it is kind of comforting but I can't stop crying. Every time I see my moms face I sob louder.
I put my hand on her blood covered cheek and say quietly through my tears,”You hear that mom? Cole is going to get an ambulance down here. You will be okay. Everything will be okay. You will come home. You will be alive.”
I hear the sirens in the distance, at this moment they are music to my ears.   
When they get here they will take her to the hospital and she will come home tomorrow I think to myself.
I look into the hallway and I see Cole frozen like a statue, his eyes are wide and his mouth is wide open. I could see the horror spread across his face.
“Please stay. You will need to be questioned the police” I say to him.
“Is… Is s-she dead?” He stutters.
My face get warm, I fill up with anger and I yell,”No! She… Sh-she is going to be okay!” I put my arms around her and I put my face into my arms to muffle my sobs.
I hear the door being broke down, I see a police officer come in with two other people that are with the hospital. I see the stretch they are wheeling in the house.
Next thing I know is that I'm yelling,”Over here! Help my mom!” They are taking her away on the stretch.
I see Cole laying on the bathroom floor and he is holding his left arm. I put out my hand to help him up and he grabs my hand and gets up. He winces in pain because his left arm got moved.
“The police officer pushed me. I am okay. Are you okay,” He saying in a comforting voice.
  I just look into his brown eyes and give it everything I have to not cry, I fail badly. I pull Cole in for a hug and I bury my face into his shirt. I start sobbing again. Cole helps me out of my house so we can talk to the police officer. The police officer comes up to us and takes us to his car.
“Now you kids are going to be questioned. You need to tell the people the honest to god truth,” He tells us. He has a hillbilly accent, I can't see his eyes because he has sunglasses over them, he is also bald. I look into his rear view mirror and his badge informs me that his name is Officer Gerald. I don't say or do anything, all I can think of is my mom laying there on that bloody bed.
“Okay,” Officer Gerald repeats the question.
“Yeah, we will. She is just in shock, I think. That was her mom that had died,” Cole states.
About five more minutes and we are to the station. A different police officer, Officer Lane, takes us to this room with a big window but I can’t see out of it. Officer Lane takes Cole out and gives me a smile, I don’t smile back. I don't even cry, I can’t feel any emotion.
I hear the door open and footsteps coming toward me. I don’t look to see who it is, I just stare off into space thinking about how I could've saved my mom.
“Hello, I am Detective Amy and I am here to take your statement,” some lady says to me as she sits down on the other side of the metal table.
I look at her and I see that she has natural red hair that’s in a pixie cut, blue eyes, thin lips, pink cheeks, and a small nose. After i get a good look at her I start staring back into space thinking about my mom.
“Can you tell me what time you found the deceased,” she asked me in a calming voice
“She is alive! She isn't deceased,” I yell as I start crying again.
“It is going to be okay. We will catch the person who did this to your mom but you need to tell me everything you know,” she soothingly says.
“It isn't a person,” I quietly say.
“So did an animal do this? Did you see the animal,” She asks as she gets a pad of paper out.
“No, it was Janice. I saw who she really was the night my mom was attacked. Janice was in the park. She also was in Stephanie's house. She has been stalking me for a while. She threatened me. She isn't even a she! She is an it! She is a monster! I saw her! It has red, glowing eyes! Claws! S-she stalked me,” I start laughing hysterically like a loonie.
“I believe you one hundred percent but i have to ask if you and this Stephanie were taking drugs.” she says more like a statement than a question.
“What? No! I just can't take this anymore! Can I please go home,” I ask as I start to cry and laugh at the same time.
“I am very sorry but you can't leave until we find another relative that is an adult to watch you. If we can't find a relative then we will have to send you to a girl’s home,” She tells me.
“M-my aunt lives twenty miles from here. Can I call her to pick me up? I just need to sleep,” I say as I stop laughing and start crying more.
“Yes, let me go get a phone for you,” She says. She gets up and walks out of the room and after ten minutes she comes back with a big, black, outdated phone. It looks like a black brick, I don't really worry about that.
I call my aunt and she gets there in thirty minutes and signs papers then gets a background check. She is able to bring me home with her after an hour of signing papers. As we are riding to her house I look at her and she looks like a mess. Her hair is in a curly brown afro, her mascara is smudged all over her face, her eyes are all red and puffy, and she is in her pajamas. I can tell she has been crying, i just look away and stare out of the window. I see the black sky with only three white dots in it. I look at the ground and i see a shadow that looks like Janice. It feels like that moment was in slow motion, it feels like me and her stared at each other for an eternity. I freak out, i bang my hands against the window.
“Come here! You are a wuss! Take me! My mom didn't deserve to die! I will kill you! I will!” I yell as i break down crying.
My aunt stops the car and pulls over to the side of the road and puts her hand on my back. She starts rubbing my back to comfort me, I hear her crying along with me.
“Sweetie, we all are hurt but you don't deserve to die either it isn't your fault. You have had it so hard. I can't believe what you had to go through with cancer beating your dad. Now this,” She says as she tries to stop crying.
“Okay.” Is all I can say.
The rest of the way to her house is silent, no one talks. We don't really have much to talk about. The only thing in common is someone close to us just died. That isn't a real good conversation starter.
When we get to her house I go in and I don't even care to admire her purple house. I go straight into their guest room and lay on the yellow plush pillow top bed. After around an hour or two I go to check to see if my aunt is asleep. She is, I go into her bathroom and get into her cupboard. I find some loose razors, I put one of them against my wrist and the blood comes out slowly. The pain feels so good, the one time I actually felt okay today. I take the razor and I start slashing my wrists open. I look into the mirror, crying and bloody, and think I am so stupid! I don't deserve to live! The only reason I am here is to give out bad luck! My mom is dead because of me! I need to die! That is the only thing that will make everyone’s life better!
I find a bunch of pills that I don't even know the names of but I don't care. I go into the bedroom and I spill all of the pills out onto the bed. I take all of them one by one, they are all white. I count as i take them, I count thirty-four. I lay down on the bed and start crying my eyes out, then it finally happens. I die.
Or at least I thought so, next thing I know I am in a bathtub with warm water coming out of the silver shower head.
“It wasn't supposed to be like this, you can't die,” I hear a familiar voice whisper.
Then three fingers go down my throat and I have the urge to vomit. Then I do, I puke up all of the pills.
I start crying, then I say,”Why? I want to die! Let me die!”
“No, no, no, no. I will not let you die. I love you too much,” The unknown person says.
I try to turn my head around to see who it was but I am too weak to do that. Whoever it is picks me up and puts me on the bed, the bed starts to get soaked in water because of me. My eyes are closed and I feel like I'm drifting off to go to sleep but I don't. I fight the urge to sleep, I mean what if the familiar voice is Janice. I can't let my aunt die too. So I open my eyes to see the person, I can barely open them it feels like they have ten pound weights on them. I see Stephanie talking to someone.
“Let Stephanie go! Get out of this house,” I yell at the intruder.
Stephanie looks at me and puts her small finger up to her mouth and made a shush sound. I am dumb struck with disbelief, Stephanie is the good guy not a bad one. I know she could never of killed my mom, she knows how much I have hurt since my dad passed away.
I close my eyes and next thing I know is that I am in a dream. I dream about being in the hospital when my dad was alive. I see all of the wires and the tubes hooked up all over his body. I see my mom holding dads hand and crying, it looks like she hasn't brushed her hair in over a week. I see the bed on the couch where my mom slept every night to be with my dad. I see a doctor,the Doctor is a tall guy with short black hair, come and take my mother outside of the room, but there are thin glass doors so I can hear every word.
“Mam, I know you want to sleep in there tonight but we highly recommend that you don't,” the doctor says to my mother.
“If you think I am not going to be in there when he takes his last breath, well you must be insane. That man in there is the love of my life. I am going to sleep in there tonight and every other night until he passes,” My mother says as she starts crying harder.
She storms into the room and sits down next to me and holds dads hand again.
“You will be okay. I promise I will not leave you,” my mom whispers as her crying gets softer.
Then I wake up to the sound of beeps and women yelling,”Get patient 203 stabilized!”
I open my eyes and see that I am hooked up to tubes, I start freaking out because there is a tube down my throat. I gag and try to get it out, a brown haired nurse rushes in.
“No! Don't mess with that,” she says as she puts some liquid into my IV. I fall back asleep but this time I don't dream, it's all black.
When I wake up I see someone in my room, it's Stephanie. I realize that the tube that was down my throat is gone.
“How long have I been asleep,” I ask her.
“You weren't asleep. You slipped into a coma. You woke up for the first time earlier today,” she said with a whimper.
“What were you doing in my aunt’s house,” I ask is a confronting voice?
“Well here's the thing, I made those Facebook profiles, you know Janice. I just wanted to see if you liked me more than just a friend. Then the profile got hacked and some weirdo started messaging you. I tried to figure out who it was but I couldn't. Then a person with frizzy grey hair showed up and told me who it was. They said it was my brother but my brother left the house and moved to Florida. Then all of this happened. Then I found out my brother came back. Then I followed him and he snuck into your house,” She takes a deep breath,so I followed him to keep you safe. I brought you here,” She said in a sad tone of voice.
I just put my head back and close my eyes, finally I have closure. Now I know who to hunt down, Stephanie's brother. He will pay for what he has done. I open my eyes and Stephanie is there just watching me.
“I also need to tell you something else,” she says quietly.
I nod my head to tell her it's okay, then she takes her over shirt off and she is in a white tank top and blue jeans. She started growing at a rapid rate, she gets tall, her eyes change red, and she gets claws. Her skin is a paper white, her hair is black sticking up everywhere. I realize that she is the creature, my eyes get wide and she gets closer. I scream for help but nobody comes. I scream louder, still no one comes. Stephanie is getting closer, I am sweating really bad. I close my eyes and wish for her to go away but after a few seconds I feel her hot breath on my face. I open my eyes to see a set of sharp teeth and a snake tongue. Then some of the spit rolls off of the tongue and lands on my arm, it burns badly. I look down at my arm and see all the cuts, I hold back the tears. Stephanie climbs on the hospital bed and is hovering over me with her face a few inches away from mine.
“I did love you. I-I do love you, but who killed my mom,” I ask while I fight back the urge to push her off. Part of me knows that if I push her she will most likely kill me.
“You don't get it do you? I don't have a brother. I am an only child. It was me. You loved your mom more than you loved me. She had to die,” A deep raspy voice says.
One by one tears escape from my eyes, one by one the salty tears make their way down my cheeks. I close my eyes to try be trap the tears but the tears keep coming out, I open my eyes and see her tongue going to lick my tears. I grab her tongue and then I push her off of the bed. She looks up at me with surprise, she never thought I would do that.
“Answer me this, if you have been Janice all along then what was hovering over you in the park,” I ask her.
“That was my mother, I am not the only one. There is many more of these species,” she said to me with a smirk on her face.
I look around the room to find a weapon but I find none, I look back down at Stephanie and she changed into her human form. It is hard to look at someone so beautiful, someone you love and want to kill them. I don't just want to kill her I want to torture her, she killed my mom. She needs to pay, she has made my life a living hell.
She gets up and reaches for her back pocket but I don't think it's anything important, I slowly start moving towards the glass doors to get out. I get to the doors and I run out just to find everyone dead, their throats were cut. Some of them are half eaten, I cringe in disgust. i look back and see the monster form of Stephanie but either form, human or not, I see her as a monster. She is coming towards the glass doors, I run as fast as I can. I can't run that fast because I am drugged up for the pain of my cuts. Some of them had to get stitches they were so deep.
I see an exit so I run towards it, but it keeps getting farther away with each step I take. I look back and see the monster Stephanie coming towards me. I decide to just give up, I decide that I need to give up. I hope that she will kill me, I don't want to live anymore. There is too much death that can be traced back to me, so I just stand there. She runs right through me, I get so confused. I look to where she is running to and I see me face down. I see my gown covering every part of me except my knees. I go up to myself and Stephanie, she turns into a human and she starts crying.
“Why didn't you keep the IV in? Why did you take all the tubes off? If you didn't you'd be alive,” she says as she starts crying.
That's when it hit me, I was finally dead. Then what am I now? I thought once you die, well nothing. I must be a ghost or something but whatever I am, I am happy I'm gone. I am very happy that I don't have to deal with Janice anymore. I walk around and then I know what this place is, it's the hospital my dad had been in.
“Tammy, is that you,” I hear a voice say.
I spin around and see my mom and dad, I run to them and give them both hugs. Then they disappear, I am all alone again. So I keep walking and see all of the lost souls that haven't moved on from their deaths, I didn't realize it then but they would be the one thing I would come to love. They would become my family.

The author's comments:

I have always loved to read books so I thought to myself Why not write something so others can enjoy it? Then I did!

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