Long Awaited Death

September 22, 2016

The agony I was feeling is indescribable. The pain I can’t bear no more. I wish for it all to end but alas I’m not so lucky. I’ve watched others get beat, tortured, brutally killed. Their dead bodies and entrails hung on display for those of us still alive in these cages. I don’t know how long I’ve been here or why I am. I barely remember life before this darkness.
One day I wake up to me and a few others getting forcefully dragged from our cages to the middle of the room. Though dazed and weary, I knew this was the end. For all of us. One by one they found new ways to break us and drive us into pain not meant for anything to endure. It seems I’m going to be one of the last ones to be tortured and killed, but the real torture is watching the pain those before go through.
It has reached my turn as I take one last look at those on the wall just killed and who have been up there already. Soon I’ll be joining them, added to this sick collection. I close my eyes, praying for my death to come quickly.

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