Don't Look For You They Said

August 29, 2016
By HarliBeerman BRONZE, Lakeland , Florida
HarliBeerman BRONZE, Lakeland , Florida
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Don’t look for you, they said.  It will only end badly for the both of you.  There is no preventing the future and the horrors waiting for them.  It will come and consume them just like it will for you.  There is no running from the inevitable.  You can’t hide from it, you can’t dodge it, there is nothing you can do but worry and dread it.  You will become obsessed they said.  Which may be true, but we will worry about that in the future.  Well the future for you and a few minutes for me.  You see, I’m from the future.  I wrote this and sent it back in time for you to find.  The universe will make sure you find this at some point in time from when I’m writing this.  It may be several years from now, days maybe, could even be a couple of minutes or seconds, who knows.  The universe works in mysterious ways.  Unfortunately I can’t tell you when I’m writing from but you will know when it comes.

Close your blinds.  Lock your windows.  Barricade your doors.  Shut your closets.  Stuff things under your bed.  Whatever makes you feel safer, but understand this, there is no escape.  When it comes, and it will, there will be nowhere safe to go.  So accept a gut-wrenching, painful, treacherous death to come, and go about your life enjoying the time you have left.  Because in the end, all you have is the past, and the memories of it.

Your probably thinking that I’m not talking to you, but I am, yes you, you right there.  And no, this is not a hoax.  This is real.  Don’t take this lightly.  I have gone through a lot to get this to you.  There will be much punishment and suffering given to me because of this letter to you.  You might be wondering why I would risk everything just to give you a heads up.  You might think I’m being very brave and selfless, but I’m not.  I’m being very selfish, I’ve always been from the day I got my letter warning me of the future horrors to come, and you will be too.  You see I am you and you are me.  We are one.  I’m from the future for you, and you are from the past for me.  You see, I did not get my letter in time to help prevent my destiny, so I’m hoping by the grace of God that you will get yours in time.

Eyes are the key to our survival.  Watch out for the world around you.  If you don’t, you will regret it.  Once you have figured out the time travel thing, which you eventually will, write a letter for your past self so that we can survive.  Good luck self, Lord knows we need it.  Be careful, the world is full of crazy, unexplainable things.  You are the only person you can trust.  I’ve already said too much.  I have to go before they catch me.  And one more thing, the most important thing.  Go back and read the first word of every paragraph.

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