Drip Drop

August 29, 2016
By HarliBeerman BRONZE, Lakeland , Florida
HarliBeerman BRONZE, Lakeland , Florida
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Water drip drip drips down into the pool, sending ripples to expand throughout, bouncing from side to side, like an echo.  The water is cool and inviting, calling, closer and closer. I squat down closer to pristine water and stick my hand in.  Letting the water run through my fingers smooth as silk.  Everything is so vivid and clear.  Every detail from the diamond pattern tile on the sides to every last speck on the bottom, like I’ve been staring at it for hours.  A thermometer floats around in the center reading 94.3, a temperature so perfect and tempting that I just had to dive in face first.  Letting the water comfort and envelop me.  I stayed down there forever, never feeling in need for oxygen, but eventually coming up for a breath anyway.  I start to swim to the shallow end and when I reach the steps, I turn around and push off, sending myself slicing through the water.  All the while the drip drip drop continuing in a repetitive, relaxing pattern, sending a calming sentiment through the atmosphere.  The glass enclosed room reverberates the constant drips, as the wind whips and blows the leaves haphazardly.  The enchanting tweets and chirps draw me to the window.  Outside on one of the tree branches sits the beautiful and majestic blue bird gathering twigs and leaves for its nest.  With its colorful array of blue feathers on its back, and yellow and white ones on its belly, it starts to sing one of the most magnificent songs I’ve ever heard.  Then a raven flies in and lands on a branch of the tree and starts to caw repetitively.  He starts to swoop down, charging at the beautiful blue bird, chasing it up and down, left and right.  Until finally the poor blue bird surrenders his home and flies away, disappearing like a ghost stuck in time.  Leaving the raven, mistress of the night, with its ebony feathers perches on the branch of the tree.  Cawing with pride and triumph as the eerie atmosphere sets back in.  Diving back into the water, I go back to swimming from side to side.  Stopping in the middle, I look down to the water to see it flat as glass, and my reflection staring back up at me.  My face is a little paler than normal, my eyes look blank and cold, and my lips look as if I had just finished eating a raspberry snow cone.  But I think nothing of it because a reflection is just that, unrealistic.  So I continue along and enjoy my swim as I float around in the pool almost as if I am soaring through the sky.  But as I swim, I notice a red taint engulfing the water so I stop, and follow the red water back to the center of the pool, to the drip drop.  Soon I realize that it is not water drip dropping, but some sort of red liquid.  I reach my hand up to collect some of the red substance and it falls right through.  I follow the drip drop up to the rafters and there I am, tied up with a white as snow face, lifeless eyes and lips blue as the ocean.  I soon realize that the red substance is not that, but blood drip dropping from my slit throat.  I scream as my body falls on me with a splash.  And then, just like that, everything goes black, once and for all.

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