Play Time (Four Percent 3)

August 26, 2016

“I don’t like it here.” Was the only words that escaped Will’s mouth before he passed out again. Blue looks over him shocked. They had found him in the hallway and brought him to the living room. When he started to scream and cry in his sleep.


“What happened to you?” Blue looks around at the other people skeptically. Could one of them do this? She thought to herself.


All of a sudden before she could ask around the twins appear through a large door they're not allowed to open. They all look up them. The twins hold hands as they approach the rest. 


“Hello contestants. Good first morning, now the game officially starts today.” Sam says.


“Yes and we already got your first request.” Sally says swinging their hands back and forth.


“Request?” Bob ask.


“Of course we forgot to mention this last night. This is a game show so your audience will be putting request in to help you guys kill each other off. The winner gets a advantage and the loser gets a disadvantage.”


“Will at this point will not be participating in the first request as a punishment for sleeping in so late.” Sally speaks polity. “Okay now that is out the way we will start the game. The game we will be paying is called Electric Roulette.”


“Commonly a game in used for gambling your fortune away. It's a game of luck but some say there is strategy to it. In the normal game you place a bet on a number and they spin a ball inside a wheel. If the ball lands on your number you win.” Sam says then disappears behind the doors once again.


“But this is the Four Percent Game it doesn’t work like that here. The point of the game is to not have the ball land on your number or you lose. The first person to give up will be declared the loser. There’s just one trick you don’t pick one number no you’re picking two and we aren’t going to spin one ball, no we’re going to spin two.”


At that Sam reenters pushing a cart with the equipment for the game. “Also we only have sixteen numbers on the board from zero to fifteen. Now follow us.”


They go to a dining table with exactly thirty seats. Sam lays out the mat with the numbers and checks the wheel while Sally hands out the chips each with the contestants name.


“Oh yeah we forgot something again you will be receiving a bracelet that you will clip on to your wrist. Now pick your numbers.” Sam says happily. 

They pick the number hesitantly but soon all twenty eight chips are placed on the board and all the bracelets are clipped to the contestants wrist. 


0=Samuel, Ash
1=Dave, Ally
2=Diamond, Samuel
3=Lily, Rose
6= Max, Daniel
7= Grace, Dave
8=Blue, Daniel
9=July, Ash
10=Bob, Ace
12=Lily, Rose
13= Grace
14=July, Blue
15= Max, Ace


“This will be a preview of the game.” Sam spins the balls in her hand before making them go quickly in the wheel.


The room is silent being only filled with the noise of the balls hitting the wood and each other. The wheel stops and the balls have landed on eleven and thirteen.


“Thirteen and eleven.” Sally claps her hand and Sam removes the ball from thirteen.


A scream erupts from a girls mouth. Tears fall from her eyes and when she stops screaming she looks up at the twins. They only smile at Grace. 


“This is the game to pick a loser and a winner. Each time your number is picked an electric shock will race into you from your bracelet. You can give up anytime the loser is declared when the first person gives up or passes out and the last person to give up or pass out will be declared the winner. The shock increases as your number is landed on more. Okay we will now restart the game.” Sally winks and then takes of the other ball causing Bob to scream next. “Time for the real game to begin now.”


For the next half an hour the balls spin around and around in the wheel landing on numbers, and the contestants cries echo loudly in the house. Though the winner will be decided soon as the twins higher not one bolt but five bolts on the next spin. They pick up the balls at the same time. Three screams come but one of the screams cuts off short.


Sam skips over to the person who is either dead or who has passed out and checks their pulse from their neck. “Passed out and the loser.” She hisses. She drops the body on to the table again and the bracelet snaps off and falls to the ground.

“She’s early we’re only at thirty bolts. Oh well let’s continue.”


After ten more rounds of people getting shocked and quitting before they passed out two contestants remain. They sit across from each other.


“What do we get if we win?”


“One million dollars.” They say together. “That’s what makes the games more interesting. Rather than winning only the ten million for surviving you can also win more money.” Sam raises it more once again to a hundred bolts, this round she only does one ball. This last spin will choose the loser as it can only land in four places, since they kept closing the pockets off.


The ball lands and is picked up carefully by Sally. When one body falls forward on the table later labeled as only passed out the winner was decided.


“I guess, I win.” Ally says stretching out her now covered arms filled with delegate patterns. She looks at Dave with half opened eyes. The bracelet unlatches from her wrist and she gets up from her chair. Passing by Diamond she grabs her palm and starts to draw on it. She releases her hand a minute later and walks away flashing her palm that has one word in dark, bubbly letter, Winner. Diamond looks at her hand stunned in dark, boxy letters is the word Loser.


“Diamond since you are the loser of the game your punishment will be decided later.” Sam and Sally say. “Now you all are off to do what you want to do.”

                             The Four Percent Game

The twins whisper to each other as they walk through the halls.


“What shall we do to her Sam.”


“I think we should give her to Mary.” Sam says.


“Why Mary?” Sally ask.


“Did you read her files.” Sam says annoyed.


“Kinda.” Sally shrugs.


“Stupid. Well than just trust me on this.” Sam says confidently and Sally shakes her head in agreement to trust her sister.


They find Mary’s part of the house filled with vintage and goth things.


“She really does seem like a old time widow.”  Sally says looking around Mary’s part of the house.


They spot her moving in the back by her books arguing with Mr.Grimreaper.


“I already told you that you never returned my book.” She shouts.


“And I’m telling you I did.”

Jr walks over to the twins and pulls them by their dresses silently. “Mommy is busy right now and she won’t take you in those rags.”


“This is my favorite dress.” Sally says.


“It’s your favorite rag.” Jr snaps back making Sam laugh at her telling off her now flustered sister.


Dressing the girls in simple but old looking dresses she stitches on pink bows to the bottom of Sally’s black dress. Pushing them back out of the dressing room, she delivers them to her mother, with Mr.Grimreaper nowhere in sight.


“Sally, Sam.” Mary acknowledges their presences with a small bow and so does Jr right at her Mother’s side.


“We have a request for you Mary. We played our first game and it’s punishment time.” They say.


“And why do you need me. I thought the Insanity Twins could do anything?”


“But you can do this so much better than us. The loser is Diamond.” The says with a wink.


“You’re right, I would do so much better than you two.” Mary nods and puts her hand on Jr’s head. “We’re going to be tormenting someone tonight Jr. Let’s get the stuff together.”


The twins leave laughing their faces off. “Yeah right we’re the best.”
                        The Four Percent Game
I sit in the dining room like instructed by the twins. The clock makes small noises in the almost silent room. It’s four thirty in the morning, I want to go to sleep.


I get up from my chair ready to walk back to my room I hear a giggle in the stale air. I look around in a panic and see a glimpse of a purple dress I know all too well. I follow the purple dress down the hallway I last see it go.


The hallway leads to a dead end. Where did they go? I walk back the way I came when I hear a bang behind me. I whip around to see a mirror that I know wasn’t there before. I step up to the mirror and frown. I look so fat in this shirt and I’m not wearing any makeup and my hair’s not done. In the corner in my eye I see a small girl in the purple dress. I turn around quickly.

“Mama what happened to me?”


“Poppy, is that you?” I say slowly.


“Mama what happened to you?”


“I’m fine sweet heart. I thought you died.” It comes out softer than what I expected.


“No but you’re about to die Mama.”


“Why would you say that?”

“The thing under your shirt is scary.” She points to my stomach and I want to cry. I run my hands over my stomach and feel the carved out stomach and bones of my rib cage.


“Why don’t you eat Mama? You used to tell me to eat but now you don’t eat yourself.”


I know I have an eating disorder and I miss my child but I know what I see here must not be real. Poppy died years ago in a car accident.


“Mama do you know what day it is. It’s my birthday. I’m so old now. Come on my play with me.” She runs off and I chase after her. This may not be real but I don’t want to let it go. She laughs as she runs and for the first few years I start to smile and laugh with her.


My body slams into a railing and I look over the edge of a the mansion. Putting my hands out I touch each side of the window with my hands. This railing is kinda small. I see handles on the side. Taking them I step onto the railing. I’m not going to jump but it’s breathtaking how life and death battle as I stand here.


A part of me wanting to die and another wanting to live. Was that actually Poppy? I’m confusing myself. Years ago getting pregnant at sixteen and leaving my home to struggle to survive everyday. Than years later happy with my life and not struggling, I love my daughter the best I can as a Mother and then I get into an accident. My car flipped multiple times my daughter died but I lived saddly. I wish I would’ve went with her.


I get cold as the wind blows against my body. I try to step back focusing on not falling step but before I can even get my foot down on to the soild floor when, I feel a foot on my back kicking me forward sharply. I feel nothing under my feet and I know at this point I'm falling. 


Is this what death is? It’s kinda quiet. That’s good. I see fond memories of my time with my daughter and tears slowly fall from my eyes and a smile forms on my lips. 
                              The Four Percent Game

“Mama.” I look back to see if she follows me and I don’t see her but I do see a shadow move in the other hallway going back to the contestant area. They're breaking the rules. Oh well nothing I can do. They're not part of my task.

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Chapter 4 is out.  

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