Good Night (Four Percent 2)

August 4, 2016

“Be to sleep by four.” I can’t fall to sleep though, I have insomnia. I can’t even get out of this room it’s two am. Well I can but that would be breaking the rules.


I hear a chiming of metal coming from the hallways. Now my mind's playing tricks on me. Than a loud bang that I know for sure I didn’t make up. I get from my bed and grasp the door knob. I look up and down the hallway and see a small body laying on the floor. I go up to the figure hesitantly.


When I get close I notice it’s a young girl with a black dress, her eyes closed. “Are you okay?”


Her eyes snap open and she looks at me. “Can you help me up?” She ask her voice in a whisper.


“Yeah.” I hold out my hand and she grabs it, with that I pull her up.


“Thank you. May I know your name?” She asked sweetly.


“It’s Will.”


“Nice to meet you Will, people around here call me Jr. Why are you up so late?”


“Well Jr I have insomnia I can’t exactly fall asleep right now.”


“Well if you like I could give you something that helps me fall asleep quickly. It’s really effective and I have peaceful dreams. But you have to come with me this mansion gets scary at night.” Her words quiver with fear.


“Okay, I’ll help you.”


“Yeah!” Jr grabs Will's hand and starts to drag him to a random direction. “Thank you, not many people help me.”


“Well I like kids, always have. I was the first one they pick to babysit.”


“Even though you didn’t have a good childhood yourself.” She looks off into the distance as she says this.


“How do you know…”


“We’re here!” She says happily. “Give me a second.” Jr lets go of Will's hand and opens a door with a X on it. A second later she comes out with a glass filled with something blue.


“Here you go.” She hands will a cup and goes back into the room and returns with one of her owns.


The glass is cold and the blue liquid lures you in like a trap. Jr grabs will's hand and moves to a living room setting that he has only had a glimpse off. There a five pictures that hang high on a wall with the same saying on the bottoms. Four Percent. Two of them are the Sam and Sally.


Jr points to a one on the wall. The woman has a bun and a black dress that hugs her tightly. “That’s my Mommy. She says when I get older I can one day be on the wall next to her. I want to be just like Mommy when I get older.” She says happily.


“Isn’t your Mom a murder though?”


“Yep and in my opinion the best one there is. She says when I turn sixteen I can go into the Four Percent game. Eleven more years and than I’ll be on that wall but for now I help Mommy.” “dud” “Like right now.” Jr looks over at Will who lays on the couch, eyes glassed over and the cup lying on the ground next to him.


She gets up from her seat and closes his eyes. Picking up the empty cup she whistles to herself. “Now this won’t kill you but it’ll make you wish you did.” She whispers walking to a figure that stands in the doorway to the hall.


“You saw that Mommy. I did it!”


“Yes you did Jr.” Mary says taking her daughters hand. “But it’s not over.”
                                The Four Percent Game
I open my eyes to a lightly lightroom. This reminds me of my childhood home. Than out of nowhere my arms are flooded with pain. I look down at them and see burn marks and bruises. I glance at a calendar and a date is circled. No! No! No!


The door to my room slam opens and my Mother stands their her face filled with hate. She grabs me by my arm harshly dragging me to where to get hot for no reason once again. She never hits where it’s visible. Never not even in her angry fits she’s smart but this day she breaks my arm.


I know she suffers from IED but she never wants to get help. It’s my fault though she act like this. She had me when she was sixteen if I wasn’t born she would've had a perfect life. No but since she had me we have to live from check to check.


I scream as the bone shatters.


“Hey! Hey! Wake up!” An unfamiliar voice says. The scenery around me blurs. I open my eyes and my sight spins.


I see red of fire and wince. “I don’t like it here.” It barely escapes my mouth when the corners of my vision turn dark again.

The author's comments:

Part three is out. 

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