Welcome (Four Percent 1)

August 4, 2016

Four percent of the population are sociopaths. That means alone in United States there are 12 million people. And one of them is a true sociopath and was put in a house with fourteen other people. Thing is that these group of people have no idea who is, the sociopath probably don’t even know themselves who they are. When one by one start dying who will be left standing?


Why are they in this house? Simple they were all invited for a game show called Four Percent with a grand prize of ten million dollars and the only objective or rule is to survive for a month.  Twenty five were invented fifteen showed up but one of these fifteen on is a true sociopath that found fun in killing. Though none of them knew it was a killing game till it was too late.


Welcome to the Four Percent game. Only one may win.


Fifteen cars pull up to the lavish mansion. Fifteen people all different exit the cars and the cars pull away. They look at each other and walk up the mansion.


When they walk in their all greeted by two girls. With slightly pinkish skin. One stands on the left the other on the left. The one on the left has pink earrings, with pink pony tails and giant white bow on her head. A pink and white dress with white bows and white stockings of course white boots. The girl on the right. The complete opposite. With blue pigtails, black cross earrings, a big black bow. Her dress black and white dress with white bows, black stockings and black boots. They smile pleasantly at the upcoming contestants.


“Welcome to the Four Percent Game where you will have to survive thirty days in the mansions we all live in. The last one to be standing wins. My name is Sam and this is my sister Sally.” The one in black says.


“Wait what do you mean we all.” A woman with platinum blonde hair and to tanned skin says.


“There is more than two of us who live here but they will show up later. Now follow us we will show your rooms and explain more as we go.” Sally says. She turns around and skips down the halls hand in hand with Sam.


“As you may know the Four Percent Game is a one winner take all game but what you may not know is how to quit in the middle game. It’s very simple to quit or lose in this game.” Sam looks back at the crowd and laughs. “Die.” She says sweetly but crazly.


“What do you mean die?” A man with a eye patch ask angrily. Probably fed up with these half answered questions.


“Yep if you lose or give up the last thing you’ll see is this mansion unless you win. Don’t try to escape either the doors are locked and trying to escape by balcony well there are people that deal with you. You’ll meet that person later.” Sally cheers. “There’s a lot of suicide here too beside killing.” Sam and Sally nod to each other.


“We were both part of the Four Percent game at different times. First me and then Sally. I couldn’t help her but I was so glad she was just like me. Ten days both of us won in only ten days. I think the record is one night. They live here too. You’ll meet them later as well.”


“Now there are some rules of living here. Don’t go out of your room after two am but be in your rooms by one. Be asleep by four am.” Sam holds up her fingers as Sally talks. “No attacking us we are promoted to kill you if we feel threatened. Be up by eight for breakfast. At two is lunch and dinner is at seven.”


“We provided anything you need whether it’s clothes to hair dye. Anything you can think of. Just write in the books put in each of your rooms. Now killing can happen round a clock and so can dying, duh. We also provided weapons,drugs and devices but we get it some like to do it with bare hands. Now there is two more rules. Never interfere with a killing, suicide or a fight. Last rule……….....” Sam stops talking and Sally takes up her sentence.


“Don’t go into the rooms with Xs on them that’s our rooms and restricted rooms. Okay? Okay. Now here are your rooms.” They stand in front of a hallway with rows of doors with numbers on them. “We’ll call out your names and numbers. When we do we’ll give you your key to open your rooms and then return to the crowd.” 


Sam- “July, One.” A woman with tight black curly hair receives a key.
Sally- “Dave, Two.” They walk up to the man with the eye patch.
Sam- “Samuel, Three.” A wide and tall man gets his key.
Sally- “Will, Four.” A boy probably in his teens and hoodie gets passed a key.
Sam- “Diamond, Five.” The woman with platinum blonde hair and too tanned skin takes the key hesitantly.
Sally- “Blue, Six.” Sally throws the key to the back of the crowd at another teenager girl with fiery red hair.
Sam- “Bob, Seven.” A twenty year old with wide rimmed glasses gets his key from the twins.
Sally- “Lily eight and Rose nine.” Sally says excitedly as she hands it to twins with braids.
Sam- “Max, Ten.” Sam hands a key to a guy with multiple tattoos.
Sally- “Grace, Eleven.” Sally hands a key to a girl with multiple piercings.
Sam- “Daniel, Twelve.” A man that looks like a model takes the key from Sam’s palm.
Sally- “Ally, Thirteen.” A young girl looks up from drawing on her hands to get her key.
Sam- “Ace, Fourteen.” A guy with a sharp and threatening glare on his face and a scar on his cheek gets tossed a key.
Sally and Sam- “Ash, fifteen.” A person with headphones on blasting music gets handed the last key.


“Now you don’t lose the key if you do you can get another but there’s consequences.” Sam says shaking her head.


In the mist of silence a loud ding does off. “It’s bed time. The game will start today, don’t break any rules or else. Good night.” They skip down the rest of the hallway and disappear out of nowhere.
                         The Four Percent Game

The twins sit in the living room singing and playing an old hand game.


“Ms Mary Mack, mack, mack. All dressed in black, black, black. With silver buttons, buttons buttons. All down her back, back bam….” The twins look at the ruler that hit the table harshly.


“Stop that.” The woman wears a bun with a long vintage black dress.


“Hello Mary, we were calling for you.” They say in usion.


“More like summoning, I’m not a ghost. I can’t talk right now anyway, I have to get ready for my job. Stop singing that song it’s old and annoying.” The woman says walking away.


“Okay we’ll sing the new version.” Sam says to her back.


They sing the song and clap their hands together watching her back as she walks down the hall. “Ms Mary, mack, mack, mack. All dressed in black, black, black. With shiny bones, bones bones. All around her house, house, house. She asked her victims, victims, victims. To keep hush, hush, hush. She did her killing, killing, killing. In beautiful silence, silence, silence. It became her high, high, high. Making people reach the sky, sky, sky. They’ll never come back, back, back. And that’s the story of Ms Mary mack, mack, mack.” When they hit the last note the woman disappears into the darkness of the hall.

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