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July 27, 2016
By thoughtbubblevanishing BRONZE, Athens, Texas
thoughtbubblevanishing BRONZE, Athens, Texas
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No one is too old for fairy tales.

We aren’t sure what we should do anymore. Everything is dark, we can’t move at all. We just wait patiently. That’s all we can do.
We wait for them to come get us. Yesterday, they took Amanda.
The day before they, they took Leslie.
We try to speak only comforting words to each other, but it’s difficult. We don’t know which one of us will be selected next. All we know is that we’re going to lose someone every day. We wait in the darkness until the door opens. The bright light floods us from above as they carefully select one of us and haul them away.
We say our goodbyes to each other every morning, knowing that one of us won’t make it through the day. We scream our goodbyes as the chosen one is being hauled away, they ignore our cries.
Oh no, I can hear them.
Every time they open the door, I start to think that this is the end of me. I always pray that this isn’t my time to be selected.
The light is ridiculously bright. Well, duh. Of course it is, it’s the end for us.
Please don’t pick me.
Oh no.
Someone help me. Please. Please just help me.
No one can help me now that I’ve been selected.
I know what’s coming for me. We can hear what they’ve done to the others. Their terrified screams and pleas for help haunt us at night.
My only wish is that the first hit is enough to kill me. I don’t want to suffer through multiple attempts.
I know I’m about to die. I hope the first hit splits my skull immediately. It would be nice. I wouldn’t have to suffer through more blows. Besides, it seems to make them seem happy when they succeed in killing us the first time.
Oh, no….
“Allie, how many eggs do you want for breakfast this morning?” Allie’s mother asks as her daughter makes herself comfortable at the kitchen table.
“I only want one today, mommy.”

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