July 26, 2016

To my wife and whoever else it may concern,

I know that to everybody else this looks as if it were a horrible crime, and it would be.  It would.  I promise you it would.  Please believe me that I know that it would.  But I know something you all don’t, and I’m doing the right thing.  I’m saving you all.  I’m saving your lives, your souls, everything you lived for.  Ever since I saw that baby’s eyes I knew that what my mother had told me was true.  Everyone said she was crazy, but I believed her and she was right.  Lord knows she was right.  Lord knows I’m doing the right the thing.  She told me, and I knew.  And she knew.  God knows.  She always said that my first born would be the antichrist.  The incarnation of evil.  The devil.  And she was right.  Lord knows she was right.  Please understand that I’m saving you all.  And as soon as I saw his eyes I knew that she was right too.  Lord knows I’m doing the right thing.  I’m sorry but you will understand.  You will understand one day.  Lord knows you will.

Shaun put the pen down on the paper so that the wind wouldn’t carry it away.  He picked up that horrible damn thing, looked into its eyes, felt nothing but pure hatred, and tossed it over the edge.  ‘They’ll understand one day,’ Shaun thought, ‘Lord knows they will.’  He went back over to the letter.

I now walk through the gateway of heaven.

He tucked it into his jacket pocket and zipped it so that it wouldn’t fall out.  ‘God knows I’m right,’ he thought.

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