Extent of Trepidation

July 5, 2016
By RajaviMishra GOLD, Noida, Other
RajaviMishra GOLD, Noida, Other
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Buoying up in wakes of elation, with exhilaration over-flowing the brim, I ambled ahead ,on the red carpet encapsulated with velcro, into the endless arch of void black, featuring Jurassic Park. As I was moving forward, a rectangular screen with brightly-lit actors started emerging in front of me, as if unwrapping itself from right to left in order to gleam against my lenses. But as the film started and neared towards the climax, the place which was earlier occupied by exhilaration was displaced by trepidation, also overflowing the brim.
The lank haired creature with callused and knotty fingers beckoned the actors to defend themselves. The dinosaur bellowed and gnarled in a voice which was as empty of life as a crypt. His taurine and serpentine eyes popped out over his vulturous nose. His creepy body was plastered and battered by lice-infected and grimy hair. He pranced over a car vestibule with two kids inside it. The roof almost sank down in order to crush those minute creatures. The plight became worse when the dinosaur gave them a leer as his tail swang with demonic power.

As I walked out of the hall, I somehow managed to reach my car. My eyes had an image of a similar kind of ambience that the film had created. A labyrinth of fantasm-grey wove itself with the twill of dew in the atmosphere entwining with the trees and monotonously reaching my four wheeler in order enclasp the world encapsulated by the fetters of diaphanous mist. It felt as if the silence was echoing like a deep sepulchre. The void black shadow portrayed an impression of a prodigious body, following me, which would have certainly possessed Goliath's strength.
As the shadow neared me, it's caveman's shoulders rotated themselves, cracking, in order to raise the hand and keep it on my back.
To my surprise, it happened to be my daddy who had accompanied me. But it was he, who I had forgotten to leave the hall with, due to intense fear.

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