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Halcyon Days This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

The clouds danced in a wispy waltz as birds soared to unattainable heights. The sky transforming into a painting: the blues melted into a blend of golds, pinks, oranges, and reds. A true masterpiece marking an ending of a spring day.
Everything was halcyon.
Until she came.
She was there, standing along the platform waiting for the train to come. Her black hair contrasted the white sundress she wore that day. Her eyes alive and full of wonder. She turned, looking at me with a smile gracing her face as the lights came from the far end of the tracks. That smile etched into my memory as she slipped off the platform and onto the tracks. The panic cascaded through my veins , the blare from the horns, lights flickering, the screams of the bystanders, and red…so much red. I was paralyzed, hanging onto those last whispered words…
Catch me…

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