The Key

December 18, 2015
By introverted_dragon BRONZE, Moreland Hills, Ohio
introverted_dragon BRONZE, Moreland Hills, Ohio
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I crossed my arms and sighed as I looked out the window. It was rainy and cold. I shifted my position on the couch and sighed loudly again. Bored. Nothing to do. Dark clouds loomed over the trees in my front yard. I could either sit here on the couch, staring outside at the gloomy weather, or I could do something. I weighed my options. Deciding to do something, I forced myself to get up off the cushion.

       Dragging my body to the front door, I grabbed my raincoat and boots and opened it. Stepping out into the drizzling rain, I ran over to my favorite tree, a tall weeping willow.
     Hoisting myself up onto a strong branch, I climbed up the sleek but sturdy branches. I reached the top and sat down, not caring that I was getting wet, and that it was a storm, and that I would probably get hit by lightning with my luck. Whatever.
     Taking a deep breath, I looked at my yard from the top of the tree. It was relaxing, looking over the green grass now flooded with rainwater. The sound of birds and the smell of damp earth was peaceful. I sat there, watching for a few minutes. I was about to climb down the willow and go climb another tree when I saw a glimmer of light on a branch. Curious, I moved over to where I saw the sparkle. There was a hollow hole there, and I stuck my hand in it. I felt something cold and metallic and grabbed it. It was a key. It looked like brass or gold, and it was tarnished and covered with dirt, but still sparkly. I wiped it off with my jacket. Still dirty, but it was cleaner. There were strange symbols engraved in it. I didn't know what it was. And, like the great archaeologist I was destined to become, I slid down the tree trunk with the key and went inside to get a snack, ignoring the strange object in my hand that I found in a tree.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bag of chips. Sitting down at the table, I studied the key. I wanted to know what this key was and why it was in my favorite tree. I thought for a few seconds about what I could do with it. I came up with one logical answer- try every lock in my house that I could find and see if it opens anything. I started with all the locks in front of me that were in the kitchen. The locked cabinets and drawers had nothing out of the ordinary or very special as I tore through all of them, trying to see if there was anything, anything at all that was even the SLIGHTEST bit new or interesting. Nothing except for a bag of chips, which I would remember for later. Kitchen- check.
I ran to the dining room, which HAD to have SOMETHING, as it had lots of locked drawers in the curio cabinet. Nothing. Just fancy china and silverware. Nothing very useful or interesting. Dining room- check.
I unlocked drawers throughout the family room and the living room. They only contained some old games and children’s books. Although, one book seemed to stand out, and it wasn’t my book on posture. I’m really punny. But, seriously. The book that nobody ever really seemed to touch. It was very dusty and dirty, scuffed and beaten. The cover was a dark brown leather, but it was so scratched up I couldn’t even tell if there was a title. Also- there were claw marks. Fun. I picked it up and opened it. The first page seemed to have been torn out or shredded by claws or knives or something. I flipped to the next soft, worn page. I really wish I hadn’t. On that page, it had a message:

         I see you’ve found my key and my book. Perfect.
         It won’t be long until the next clue pops up, will it dear?
          I will see to that. Just you wait for the next clue.
        One thing- I promise it won’t be a book that’s shredded.
                See you next clue- whoever that may be.


I hope that was just red ink.

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