The Anderson Family

September 1, 2015
By AutumnNoelle SILVER, Hebron, Kentucky
AutumnNoelle SILVER, Hebron, Kentucky
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October 31ST 1974,
Four long years ago, about three miles away outside Denver Colorado, something tragic yet horrifying happened that had and still has the town of Boulder still remembering. This is the tragic and horrifying story of The Anderson Family.

October 24th 1974,
Thirteen year old Katie Anderson thought she had the perfect life. A beloved, and caring Mother and Father, awesome friends, and an amazing school. Little Katie and her family lived in a beautiful Victorian brick house on Maple St. Katie and her parents lived with her Brother, her 2 baby Sisters and her Aunt and Uncle. Katie’s Father Henry worked in his home office as an online Teen Crisis assistant. Her Mother Helena worked at a beadary boutique. Her older brother Jackson worked at the pizza parlor downtown. He’s never home much. Aunt Needa and Uncle Carson were old and gray. They stayed home to watch Katie’s baby sisters Karla and Carly while everyone was either working or at school. Katie did have two brothers, his name was Ashton. He past away in a tragic drunk driving accident when Katie was nine years old. Ashton was Jackson’s big brother. They were best friends. However, he wasn’t the best influence. Now, Jackson is barely at home anymore. He was devastated when Ashton past.

Today was October 24th a Monday to be exact. Katie and the rest of the kids were off of school for fall break. Today Katie was attending her best friend Angela’s party for her 14th birthday. At 5:30 pm Katie’s mother dropped her off at Angela’s house.
“Be good honey!” said Katie’s mother.
“I will Mom!” Katie replied.
Katie got out of the car and ran up the steps with joy. She knocked on the door and Angela answered.
“You made it, thanks for coming Katie” said Angela.
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world” replied Katie.
“C’mon in, everyone is down stairs in the basement”.
Katie ran down the basement steps, Angela followed behind her.
“Hey guys, look who’s here” said Angela with excitement.
“Sit down Katie, make yourself at home” said Angela.
Katie sits down in this brown furry bean bag chair. Suddenly, Katie turns her head and looks to the upper right and sees this dusty old leather book.
“Hey Ang, what’s that leather book on your bookshelf?” asked Katie.
“Oh, um nothing, it’s just a book”.
“We don’t really touch or read that” says Angela with a worried voice.
“Hmm, well can I see it” asked Katie.
“Oh, um, uh sure” mumbles Angela.
Angela grabs it off the shelf and hands it to Katie.
“Thanks Ang!”
“Um, Y-y- your we-we-welcome Angela stutters.
Katie look3e at the book cover. The book is titled Poison Life with what looks like Poison Ivy vines around it. 
She said to herself,
“Wow, it’s like I’m getting drawn to it just looking at it”.
Angela got up and snatched the book out of Katie’s hands.
“Dude I was reading that, give it back!” said Katie obsessively.
“Um look, I can’t let you read that!” screamed Angela.
“Why!” Shouted Katie.
“Um well, you see, ugh it’s nothing” said Angela.
“Obviously it’s something, If it wasn’t then you wouldn’t of snatched the book from my hands” said Katie with an attitude.
“Haha really it’s nothing, it’s just an old urban legend” said Angela with laughter that was almost too fake to believe.
“Just tell me!” shouted Katie.
“Okay well, over a hundred years ago a young boy read this book. I think he was Latin or something. But anyways, the book does bad things. It kills people or makes people kill people. The book chooses families that seem to be living the perfect lives and turns them into total hell. Story goes, the boy read it before he went to sleep but he left the book opened. Some say the book has some Latin language in it. Others say it’s the souls that the book has taken warning you to not open it. I say its total crap if ya ask me. But I guess rule one, never leave the book opened.”
“I say it’s possessed by some hot needy dead girl” says Tyler, Angela’s boyfriend.
Katie remand silent. Angela placed the old leather book back on the bookshelf.
“Ladies and germs!” “Time for Angela’s presents!” yells Angela’s Mom.
Everyone ran down stairs except for Katie. She couldn’t leave the room without knowing she couldn’t read the book. She peaked her head up at the stairs.
‘Well, close is clear” she said.
She grabbed the book and placed it in her bag. Katie went back upstairs.
“Where were you?” asks Angela.
“Oh, sorry my Mom called me, she wanted to know what time I needed to get picked up.”
“Oh, okay” says Angela.
Two hours past and it was time for Katie to leave.
Suddenly Katie heard her Mom’s car horn.
“Bye Katie, thanks for coming” said Angela.
“Oh, sorry what did you say” replied Katie puzzled.
All Katie could think about was going home and reading that book. Katie opened the door and got into her Mother’s car.
“Hi Honey, did you have fun?” asked her Mother.
“Um, uh ye-yeah” replied Katie, still thinking about that book.
“Good Honey, I’m going to stop at the store real quick”.
“No!” screamed Katie.
“I, I mean I’m just really tired and I’d like to go home”.
“Okay Honey, home it is then” said her Mother.
Katie and her Mother pulled up in the driveway of their house. Katie dashed out of the car and ran into her house leaving her mom confused and the passenger door open. Katie ran up the steps and locked her bedroom door.
“Finally” she said.
She plopped on her bed and got the book out of her bag.
As Katie opened the book she felt a blast of wind run through her thick spirally hair.
“Wow” she said.
“It’s like its pulling me in.”
As she started to read the first page she realized she couldn’t make out the words. Katie decided to sound out the words aloud.
“Di-Di-Shi-i-Miz Ku-u-Fah-Dise Lu-Fah-Ru.”
She instantly felt herself growing very tired and fell asleep with the book opened.

October 25th 1974
1:30 am and Katie suddenly woke up.
“Oh, I left the book opened” she mumbled.
She walked down stairs to the living room to see if anyone was up. She found Uncle Carson asleep in his “Big Boy” he calls the ugly brown recliner that has never been dusted.
“Wake up Uncle Carson” she said.
He didn’t respond. She taps his left shoulder. Still no response. She began to get worried.
“Uncle Carson!” she screamed.
“Oh my god! Mom!!” she yelled.
“Mom hurry!”
Her Mother runs down the stairs in her sky blue robe with heat rollers in her hair.
“What’s wrong Honey?” she asked.
“Uncle Carson is dead!!” she screamed out in tears.
Katie’s Mother began to shake him.
“Carson, Carson!”
No response.
“Oh my god!”
“Henry, Henry get the hell down here now!” screamed her Mother.
“What?” he asked.
“Carson is dead!!” she said in tears.
Henry tried to find his pulse.
“Nothing, not one heartbeat” he says.
At that time everyone was awake in the house from all the yelling, swearing and screaming.
Aunt Needa runs down the stairs.
“Oh my god, Carson!!” Needa screamed in tears.
“Who the hell did this!!” she said.
“He must have died in his sleep” Katie replied.
“Oh my god, no please, don’t take him now” screams Needa as she looks up like she’s speaking up to Heaven.
Immediately Katie’s Mother called the police and explained the situation. Moments after the police came with an ambulance and took Carson away. Everyone piled up in the old red van and drove to the hospital.
3 hours later the doctor came into the waiting room.
“Mrs. Needa Endermeyer, I’m terribly sorry. We did everything we could to bring your husband back.” Needa hit the floor screaming in tears.
“Mr. Anderson, do you know if your brother had any health issues”?
“Stress, anything?” said the Doctor.
“No, my brother was always calm, cool and collect”, “Practically healthy as a horse” he replied.
“He was so healthy” said Jackson.
“Well, his vitals were fine and it wasn’t exactly his time yet.” said the Doctor.
“So, what are you saying?” asked Katie’s Dad.
“Well, I’m saying there’s no logical explanation for Carson’s death, I’ll let you know when I find out anything, take Mrs. Endermeyer home” said the Doctor.
Everyone piled up in the car and went home. Katie locked herself in her room when she got home. The more Katie cried, the more her eyes teared up. She loved her Uncle. He was her Idol. Katie and her family mourned the rest of the day.

October 26th 1974,
Katie woke up approximately at 10:30 am. She stumbled out of bed and walked down the stairs to the kitchen to get herself something for breakfast.
“Morning Honey, how you doing?” asked her mother.
“Terrible Mom, just terrible” replied Katie.
“If you wait to eat, I’ll run up to the store to go get some things for breakfast” her Mother added.
“Okay Mom” replied Katie.
Three hours past and Katie’s Mother still wasn’t back from the store. Katie and her father decided to go look for her. Driving downtown as quickly but safely as they could they noticed as a flipped red van.
“Oh my god” said Katie’s father.
“What?” Katie replied.
“That’s your Mothers van.”
“Mom!” Katie cried out.
Katie and her Father jumped out of the car and ran toward the flipped vehicle. As they ran toward the car they say paramedics running toward the vehicle to pull out the body. Just before they could get to it the vehicle blew up.
“NO!” Katie screamed as she fell to the ground. Two people were now dead in the Anderson family. Katie and her family continued to mourn the tragic deaths of Carson and their Mother.

October 27th 1974,
7:30 am and Katie still hasn’t slept.
“What’s happening” she thought to herself.
After contemplating for 45 minutes it finally came to her.
“The book!” she yelled.
“Oh damn, they legend is true.”
“I have to find someone that knows about the history of this book” she thought.
Then it came to her.
“Chief Kwanekee” she said.
She put the book in her bag, got on her bike and pedaled down to Kawanekee’s house. Kwanekee was the town’s superstition believer. He knew everything about the afterlife and knowledge behind the supernatural.
“Chief Kwanekee!” Yelled Katie.
Kwanekee answered the door.
“Yes, my child?” said Kwanekee.
“Please, come in.”
Katie came in and sat down.
“Tell me child, whatever is the matter?”
Katie reached for the book in her bag.
“This” she said.
“My child, where did you find that?” said Kwanekee.
“I found it on my friend’s bookshelf sir.”
“Please Kwanekee, my Mother and Uncle are already dead.”
“What can I do to stop this” asked Katie.
“Tell me this my child, did you leave it opened unattended?” asked Kwanekee.
“Yes sir, I did” replied Katie.
“My child, your family is cursed, the book wants your family and it won’t stop until it collect all of your souls, the only way you can stop the book is by dodging your family through the dangerous happenings.”
“Go, hurry my child before it’s too late!” said Kwanekee.
Katie immediately ran out of the door. Just then she got a call from her Father. It was about Aunt Needa. Katie’s Father found her dead hanging from the chandelier in the foyer. Katie’s Dad found a note on the floor saying “Goodbye, I’ll be with my beloved soon.” Needa couldn’t bare to be apart from Carson, she wanted to be reunited with him. After Katie heard the tragic news, she said to herself. “I was too late.” Katie dropped to the ground in tears. Katie got up with all her might and pedaled home as fast as she could. Instantly she ran up the stairs to check on Karla and Karly. While she was walking up the stairs she heard one of the girls crying, and one coughing.
“Oh no” she thought.
“Not them.”
Suddenly they stopped as soon as she thought that.
“Did the book just listen to me?” she said.
Just then Katie’s Father called her down stairs, he wanted to talk. Katie ran to the kitchen and saw her father with a short worried look on his face. Katie sat down in the kitchen chair next to him.
“What’s going on Dad” asked Katie.
“I, I have to tell you something” replied her Father.
“Your, your brother didn’t die from a drunk driving hit and run. He, he died from the book.”
“Wait, what!?” Katie asked loudly.
“When Ashton lived on his own for a while, he read the book, since her was never around us, the book took him on his own.”
“Now, I guess its back for us” said her Father.
“I can’t believe you lied to be all these years, you made me think he was such a bad person.” Katie screamed.
Katie stormed out of the house in rage. She ran across the street, her father followed her out of the house and ran after her.
“Katie, stop!” he yelled.
Just as her father stopped in the middle of the street to say something, he got hit by a speeding truck.
“Dad!” Katie cried out.
Katie ran towards her father, he was dead.
“NO! God dammit!” Katie screamed.
Katie called the police and explained the situation, moments later the police showed up with an ambulance to come take her father away.

October 28th 1974,
Katie woke up the next morning and instantly went into the girls’ room to wake them up. She found both of them dead in their cribs. Face white as snow, skin cold as ice. Katie hit the floor in tears. She called the police. Karla and Karly were taken to the child’s hospital morgue.
“Honey, is there anyone else that you can go stay with?” asked the police officer.
“Well, there’s my brother Jackson” Katie replied.
“Jackson Anderson?” asked the police officer.
“Yes” said Katie.
“On moment Honey, I’ll be right back”.
“Okay” said Katie.
Five minutes later the police officer came back.
“Um, Honey, I’m sorry to say this but your brother Jackson past away 16 hours ago, we don’t know how but that’s what it says on our files.”
“We even checked and called his cell and house phone.”
I’m sorry dear” said the police officer.
“Oh my god” Katie replied.
“Honey, grab your things and come with us.”
“Okay” Katie replied.
Katie ran into her house and up the stairs. She went into her bedroom to gather her things and noticed the book opened on her bed. In blood or some kind of red substance it stated, “You’re lucky, I really wanted you.” Katie grabbed her things and closed the book. As Katie was going to leave her house she ran into the living room and threw the book in the fire place.

Katie Anderson was taken to the Orphanage on October 28th. Why did the book not want her? This drove Katie to the break and end of insanity.
Katie Anderson died October 31st 1974 from a heart attack due to stress and trauma. The whole town of Boulder Colorado mourned the loss of the Anderson Family, they are still remembered from this day.

The author's comments:

I used Chris Van Allsburg's book called The Mysteries Of Harris Burdick to come up with this piece. In the book there are multiple pictures with a short caption and title, I used the one called Mr. Linden's Library. I created this short terrifying thriller just by looking at one picture. Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe are both fantastic authors and writers that inspire me. I usually lean toward Thriller/Mystery just because i find it interesting and it's something that I've always been able to work with when writing.

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