One, Two, Three

November 17, 2014
By Rosanthe SILVER, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Rosanthe SILVER, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
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One, Two, Three


You know how most stories work, beginning with some suspenseful opener. Right? Well usually I would… But today I have no time. I’m not sure what has happened. I’m not sure what will happen. But something has left my life and will never return…

Last night was one of the final days of the nations math competition, my brother was still leading with a large step above the others. He had a gift. He was a math prodigy… This morning he vanished. No one is sure where he went off to but I called my friend who is also in the competition but her phone number seemed to be no longer in existence… 570-460-3409, not that difficult right? I tried over and over but not even a connection would come up… Then the weirdest thing happened.  I looked down at the phone and all that there was remaining on the dial screen, 574-634-9. That was not what I had typed in.. I looked down at the keys and there was nothing there, no numbers at all… What was happening to me…

I decided to try and head to school, but my buss, 10, never showed up. My mother, drove me to find school was missing too. 109 wizard lane. Not that difficult, right? Apparently so. We returned home… my neighbors house was gone.. My father tried to go to work, his warehouse, gone. My parents slowly started to vanish right before my eyes.. Every thing was vanishing… I’m stuck here, in a huge house, no technology, no electric, nothing.. I ran to my parents room, all their stored away money, gone. I run outside and take my bike into town… There must be an explanation, somewhere, there must be. that’s how stories work, right? Something always turns up. I found a teacher of mine, my science teacher, the first human I’ve seen all day outside of my parents.. He was running towards the museum, the only building left in town. Maybe others were in there, maybe there was an explanation.. I walk inside to see 10 of us, including me. As soon as I walk in, the mayor vanishes… he simply fades away… it was so odd. The people who are left, me, a nine year old girl, Mr. Kelly my science teacher possibly around 30, a mother with her child, younger than me… but before I could register others, they were fading… 9 minutes, all it took.. This child and I were left. I look at a paper that was left behind, Rosalina Kauffman, age eight, September 9th 2223. Just like me just a year after… how odd.. Same birthdays, same names… the only two left. Then I look up at the kid, to find no one. She was gone. I was all that was left.

The night has come. The moon has arose, I was in the library. Looking along days like this. September 11th 2001, doomsday as some called it. Havoc was created that day and our nation was never the same… so many years later and every one is gone. I come across some folktale Indian star calendar, 231 years on this day, 9/11, the world shall change for the worst if we keep upon our hatred lives… our prized zero shall vanish. Things involved with zero will vanish. Nothing will be left except for one. One sayan shall be left to bring back the entire human race. To be the mortals savior. Of course, as long as the savior wants the mortals to return… beware mortals. You are your own doom…

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