The Evil Within

June 4, 2014
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The Evil Within
“I told you to wear sensible shoes, but no, your vanity would not allow it!” he yelled at me as if that had something to do with the airplane crashing into the jungle and all the bodies draped in the trees, but it was just the sort of nonsense, I was used to it from him, making me wish one or the other of us was hanging dead above us, instead of Rodney.
After we got down from the tree Mike yelled some more about the situation that we were in. Later we found others that survived and then we searched for food and fresh water. Their names were Jack, John and Annie.We were able to use the supplies that we had found in the wreckage. We were able to build a fishing rod and fish for food. We gave Mike the job to fish but he started yelling again because he couldn’t catch anything. In the mean time, while a group of us walking through the jungle we came upon a temple and walked inside. When we got inside it was dark and damp and it was really cold. After a while of walking in the dark we saw a mysterious lite room. In the room was an artifact that look really old. When we were about to leave we heard a weird sound coming from beneath our feet. When the the sound was gone and we ran out of that place. When we got back to to camp Mike was gone. We searched everywhere for him but there was no sight of him.
In the middle of the night I heard sound coming from the river and it was getting closer to us. I peeked outside to see what it was then I saw a Shadow creature and I got frightened so I shun the light where it was and there was Mike with two bins full of fish. The next morning we decided to go back to the temple and looked for more things in it and explore more of it. When we got into it there was a very cool chill that blew out of it but we keep moving forward and progressing down lower into the temple. Once we reached the lower level the weird sound we hear yesterday got louder and it seemed that it was getting closer to our position. We kept moving to find out what was making that horrible sound.
While we walked the a dark and damp half way there was a figure the size of a small person sitting in a corner crying. We approached the creature. We had all stopped and stared at it for a while then John had put his hand on its shoulder. With its head in its arms it pointed to an opened door we went to go see what was on the other side of the door and there was only a table with ancient writings that none us us could read. Then Annie said that she could read very little of it; she took the paper and started talking to herself then she read it out loud to everyone. “You shall not leave this place” Annie said, terrified they left the room. When they left the saw that the creature was standing and as they started to leave it chased them down the hall. They ran into the first room they saw and hide there. Meanwhile back at camp Mike was fixing the radio to call for help. Once he got it working called for help and the people on the other end said that they wouldn’t be there for a couple of hours.
So Mike gathered their supplies and waited on their return to tell them the good news. John, Annie, Jack, and I were in a dark room filled with tombs. Jack got out his flashlight and then we were able to see what was in the room with us. Still scared out of our minds we left the room quietly. We sneaked up the stairs and once we say daylight we sprinted for the exit. as we ran for the exit the creature ran after us and jumped on to Jack. We went back to help to get the horrible monster off of him and we succeeded but john arm was bitten and it was bleeding badly. When we got back to camp we found Mike waiting for us. He told us about the people who were coming to rescue us so we could get off this dreadful place. When the boat came and we boarded with our things I looked back at the temple and wondered if could have found something value to us but we headed towards the sea to go back home.

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