Being Saved

May 23, 2014
She was walking home from work one night and heard something behind her, but when she looked there was nothing there. She had just brushed it off as being paranoid, It was dark and late at night, who wouldn't be paranoid about a strange noise? She just pulled her coat tighter around herself and sped up in hopes of getting to her apartment quicker. As she passed a dark alleyway, someone grabbed onto her coat. The stranger slammed her against the cold brick wall of the building next to her. The person pinned her to the wall as she started squirming. “Stop moving!” A threatening voice said to her. Almost immediately she had stopped moving, as if under a spell. He forced her to look up at his face and what she saw made her blood run cold and her heart beat to quicken. He had bright red eyes, similar to the color of a bright red apple but glowing in the dark of the night and teeth that could easily pierce her skin.

“Why would someone like you be walking alone here?” He asked with a voice that captivated her and made her feel like she had to answer him.

“I was walking home from work.” She had said in such a small voice it was almost a whisper.

“Well you're going to be a perfect little snack” 'Snack? What does he mean?' She had thought.

“Oh love, I mean that you're going to be my dinner.” He stated as he smirked at her. She stared at him with fear in her eyes.

“Now this is going to hurt but you aren't aloud to scream.” He said staring into her eyes. She could feel herself wanting to do as she was told but she didn't know why. She nodded and just stared at him. Completely silent.

“That's better” He said as he forced her to tilt her head to the side, showing more of her neck to him. He leaned forward and smelled her neck before without warning, biting the junction between her neck and shoulder. She felt like screaming, but when she opened her mouth nothing came out. The pain was blinding, she felt like she was on fire, hoping he would just kill her and get it over with.

Just as she started going limp, he was pulled off of her and she fell to the ground, barely keeping her eyes open. She could faintly see someone walking towards her, she started to crawl backwards as best as she could, in fear of what the person might do to her. “Shh, I’m not going to hurt you, he's gone, don't worry.” He said leaning down and easily picking her limp body off the ground. “Thank you.” She said as she slowly started to drift off from blood loss with her head on his shoulder.

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