The Blind detective

May 29, 2014
By Alex Wolf BRONZE, Kirkwood, Missouri
Alex Wolf BRONZE, Kirkwood, Missouri
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I’m the man on the streets. The scourge of the underworld. the reaper of evil. When criminals hear the name Jonathan Sight they flee in terror. Or at least thats what I’ve been told they do. You see(ha, eye joke) I’m blind. Ironic right, A blind guy with the name Sight is blind. But that’s never stopped me before. Except for when I tripped over the body. Or that time when my walking cane caught the foot of the witness we were escorting and he fell and got amnesia. but other than those mistakes and a few others my record for solving crime was squeaky clean. Now you’re probably wondering “Jon, you can’t solve crimes, you’re blind.” Yes, I can’t see and no, I don’t have super sensitive senses either if that’s how you think I solve crime. All the great detectives have a sidekick, backup, or companion. Sherlock holmes has Dr. Watson. Batman and Robin. Frank and Joe Hardy. The list goes on and on. I have Mr. Fritz, a bumbling man in his mid fifties that acts as my eyes and on occasions my chef. He volunteered to work with me when he heard about my legendary skills as a detective. That, or he wandered into my office thinking it was a bathroom and I asked him if he wanted a job.

Now that you know a bit about the main character and his sidekick lets get to the story that is taking place right now.

There is a crowd on 21st street, all looking at the remains of Dr. Charles E. Bean. Police have strung caution tape around the perimeter of the crime. And I am in the midst of it all, having Mr. Fritz tell me about the state of the body.

“He appears to have fallen from a great height .” says Mr. Fritz.
“And how would you know that?” I ask.
“Well, there’s a broken window on the 12th floor of the apartment building and the Doctor appears to have his left foot in his right ear and bits of glass are scattered around him.”
“What is Dr. Bean’s file?”
“He is a professional psychologist and a talented one at that. He was a pioneer in the field of medicine and the waiting list to see him is over 2,000 people.”
“Anybody who would want him dead?”
“No sir.”
“That’s odd.”
Why would a successful psychologist with a very good future suddenly just decide to fall off of a building. I wonder if this was just a suicide and not a murder.

While those thoughts bubble in my head I hear gasps and not knowing where to look I ask Mr. Fritz who tells me that something dramatic has just happened. When I ask what all he says is “The doctor just spoke.”

Now usually, dead people don’t talk. So you can see how a doctor that just plummeted 12 stories to the ground and he just starts talking might evoke a few gasps. Mr. Fritz guided me through the crowd to the previously thought dead man.
“Did.” wheezed the Doctor.
“Did what?” I asked back, not having a clue about what he was saying.
“Did.” repeated the Doctor.


Back at my office Mr. Fritz and I go over the facts.
“A prominent doctor who has his whole career lined up for him. A sudden cause of death that may or may not be murder. The doctors
's last words are" Did". Something about the word did must have been important. Mr. Fritz, have you found any information on any of Dr. Bean's patients or any mention of Did?"
"I have sir."
"Good. Anything that particularly stands out to you?"
"Indeed sir. One of Dr. Bean's files has a history of the various mental diseases he has treated. One of the top ones is Dissociative Identity Disorder. Another is Post traumatic stress disor.."
"Wait a sec. Mr Fritz, Dissociative Identity Disorder. Did! Mr Fritz, do you have any information on Dissociative Identity Disorder?"
" Already on it sir."
"Excellent! Soon we will have the killer, if there is one, and end the case."
"Sir, a bit of a problem has risen up. I don't believe we will find the killer quite as easy as we would like to."
"And why is that Mr. Fritz?"
"Because sir, D.I.D is a variant of multiple personality disorder. Meaning that the killer of the doctor could have been any one of the doctors patients."
" On the contrary my good friend, I have already narrowed down the suspect list to two people."
" And how has sir done that?"
"Easy, only two people in the doctor’s current care have D.I.D."
"But how do you know that?"
"While you were looking up the doctors patient record I placed a phone call for a list of Dr. Bean’s most violent patients and I received the names of two people. Now seeing as how we are looking for someone with D.I.D that cuts the list in two, so to speak. The only person left is Mr./Mrs. Fiddle."
"Beginning your pardon sir, but did you say Mr. And Mrs.?"
"I did. See, Mr. Fiddle has a particularly bad case of D.I.D that causes him to switch back a male personality to a female personality. Oddly enough though, Dr. Beans notes lists both personalities a harmless and relatively non violent. There is a note at the bottom of the page that says a third personality has manifested. But other than that there is nothing." I end.
"How did you find all that out and how did you know that their was a note on the bottom. You are blind!" exclaimed Mr. Fritz with a questioning look in his eye.
"Simple, I asked the secretary to read me the entire folder, duh. Now, seeing as we now have the top suspect I say we pay him or her a visit."
"I'll start the car sir."

Some time later we arrive at Mr./Mrs. Fiddles place. It was beginning to get dark so we (and by we I mean Mr. Fritz) had trouble finding their place of residence. When we got there it was about 6:00 o' clock. Mr Fritz guided me to the house and I tapped on the door.

"This is Jonathan sight, detective. My friend and I wish to ask you a few questions about the recent death about Dr. Bean." I say with a huff, as if to say that this will be short.
"Come in." says a feminine voice that sounds like when a guy is trying to imitate a woman.
A woman opens the door and motions us in. Woman might be stretching it though. While I couldn't see a single detail about this woman Mr Fritz would later tell me that she/he was actually Mr. Fiddles female personality and that a wig covered most of the head and that she was wearing a dress.
"Miss,", I begin, "we have been informed that you were previously a patient of Dr. Bean and that you saw him quite often as well."
"I did see Dr. Bean a lot, detective, but not for the reasons you might think. Yes, some of it was for David who desperately needed help but the main reason was so that I could receive guidance for my life, what little I have."
"And who is this David ma'am?" I ask.
"First off, you can call me Charlotte and second, David was the original person before me and Nigel emerged." Stated Charlotte with just a hint of worry in her tone.
"I assume that Nigel is the new personality that has recently emerged? And that David has since been unheard of since Nigel emerged?"
"You are correct detective. Nigel doesn't come out much, probably because he has no need to. Nigel is only present when David is in and he feels great stress. Fact is I haven't even heard of Nigel since about three days ago." Finishes Charlotte.

Now the next few minutes I am going to explain as best as I can because A) I can't see anything and what little I know was supplied by Mr. Fritz and B) even after what happened I still don't know what took place.

After Charlotte finished speaking Mr. Fritz noticed an odd glint in her eye. He whispered to me what he saw and after that Charlotte fainted. When she awoke it was apparent that David had now taken her place and Charlotte regressed to whatever part of David's psyche she lived in. After we asked David a few questions it was evident that he had no idea what was going on. But when we asked him about Nigel he simply responded "Run."

After that it was a blur of movement. David started laughing maniacally and started singing a song about how he wasn't a crazy guy but everyone else was. He didn't seem to notice us until Mr. Fritz, who's allergic to dust mites started coughing. David turned to us with wild look in his eyes and even though I saw jack diddly of all this it didn't take long for me to formulate a plan. Unfortunately David, or should I say Nigel came at us with a butcher's knife. I didn’t know how he got a knife that quickly and I didn't care either. All I knew was that if I didn't leave soon I was going to get sliced up and served to the neighbors dog as detective doggy treat. So Mr. Fritz and I did the most sensible thing to do when faced with a knife wielding maniac. Run away!

However, being blind makes it a bit difficult to run away. One time I was chased by a mugger and I ran into not one, not two, but three lamp posts and one elderly lady. And being in a confined space does not help either. Thankfully, Mr. Fritz was kind enough to half sprint half carry me to his car. After that we drove away with a madman yelling "Next time, it won't be a knife!" We returned to my quarters, out of breath and out of a our minds with a mixture of terror and fascination.

“Well, I think it’s safe to say that Nigel is our killer and that this whole case is insane.” I weeze, still out of breath.
“I think it is Sir.” replies Mr. Fritz.

After we sort out the facts in a presentable manner we call the police station and direct them Mr. Fiddle’s house. Later on the news we saw the story on the murder and we got a mention!
The rest is pretty obvious. Mr. Fritz and I continue on in our daily lives with solving mysteries and hanging out. We learned that Mr. Fiddle is now receiving advanced treatment and that Nigel has not emerged yet.

The Story ends here so I hoped you enjoyed my tale of how Mr. Fritz and I caught the personality killer and I hope you continue keep reading my wondrous exploits. Until next time. Detective sight out.

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