The Day of Ra

May 29, 2014
By Anonymous

No one knows about this. If you’re reading this, you could be the first to find out. This is the story of the most frightening and terrifying night of my life. The night of Ra. It all started in the library of Robinson middle. My buddies Alex and James were staying after school with me to work on a project for Mr. Beckers science class. With special permission, our class was able to stay after hours with just Mr. Becker. Around 10 kids and teacher alone in a school, we were bound for trouble. We worked for about 30 minutes, nothing bothering us. James and I were just about ready to finish up and leave, when the night officially began. The night was kicked off by a simple question from about 4 girls from my class “Can we use the restroom?” Mr. Becker said yes, and they carried on to the restroom. You see, imagining this is as close you’ll get to understanding the night, but I’ve never been more scared. Because a minute or two after the girls left, all the lights went out. An then came the screams. We all became aware that something was terribly wrong. A surprising calm Becker told the rest of students besides Alex, James, and I to go check on the girls. “Just relax, now all of you go check on the girls. I got a flashlight right here. I’m sure it was just a temporary outage.” It was weird, because it almost seemed like Becker was prepared for this, he pulled out a flashlight, and walked calmly to the light switch. He flipped it up, and the library lit up again. It was a relief, but I had no idea what we in for that night. Mr. Becker then exclaimed, “Quick gather around.” The remaining kids in the library walked to him with questioning faces. We all sat down by him as he began to speak, “Your fellow classmates are already dead, that should satisfy him for now, but he’ll be back for more.” A look of concern screeched across are faces as we began questioning him, “What is that supposed to mean, how could you send them to death?”
“I had to buy you more time. They were weaker, but you are destined to escape, I can feel it.”
“Escape what?”
“The most horrible human being to ever walk the halls of Robinson middle.”
“What? A students after us?”
“Silence while I speak.”
The entire library went still and silent, until Mr. Becker opened his mouth to tell us the chilling truth, “His name was Ra. He was a student of mine. He was mean, annoying, and a burden to have in class. And most of all, he was evil, I knew from the second I met him. One day I decided to test it out. So I brought a photo of him to a psychic, and he squealed when he saw the photo. He agreed with me, and began speaking in prophecy, ‘The evil one will destroy the school on April 4, 2011.’ My heart sank, because I was very gullible and superstitious. I believed him. So I did what I had to do, I put Ra in the tunnels. I regret it but I have to live with it. There is a way to reverse the prophecy, to fix this. I went back to psychic to ask for advice, and the man said that if someone can escape the school on the night, Ra will be destroyed and his power will weaken. This is the night he’s supposed to attack on, and you three are destined to escape. I will buy you some more time,” he quickly got up and walked to the door, gave us a nod, and walked out. Are stomachs dropped, we were horrified. We sat there for a while with our heads down. Thirty seconds went bye, and yells filled the school. The heart wrenching truth hit us hard. Alex blankly said, “Ra just killed eight people.’’
I responded with a simple “Yes, yes he did.”
“Were never going to escape, were done.”
“Just calm down, obviously we don’t know much. We need to find some more information.”
“Where should we look.”
“Beckers room, he’s got to have some information there.”
“No way, I’m not walking into that deathtrap.”
“Fine, then James and I will go,” James stood up obediently.
“I’m not staying here alone,” So we all began walking to the door, giving each other nods, we opened the door and slowly walked out. The walk became a jog and the jog became a run. We were all terrified and shaking. All of the doors were locked, and we just got more scared as we went on. But soon we were at the six grade hallway, where Mr. Becker taught math. We were shocked that we survived this long and carried on into his classroom. I spoke up cautiously, “We need to find something to help us, look everywhere, this is the only place information on Ra would be.” Scattering, James, Alex, and I raided the room. It took us an what I estimate to be an hour to find what we were looking for. It was a little pamphlet at the back of the room under the computer, labeled “Ra.” We read it cover to cover looking for help. We gathered a lot of information but the most important information was as follows, the only way out of the school is through the tunnels, Ra has a spell on the entire school, you can’t escape through doors. We all took gulps, realizing what we had to do. Alex softly said, “Well it looks like we have to exit through his heartland.” I motioned them to the door, and all of us walked back into the hallway. I whispered to them, “Lets go down to the gym, grab some rackets or lacrosse sticks, were not going to escape with our bare hands.”
Right after, Alex questioned, “Why hasn’t he attacked us?”
I responded, “Maybe he does not want to face three whole people.”
But then James enlightened us, “He’s toying with us. If were the chosen ones, then he’s going to make a fool out of us, and traumatize us.”
“Thats a shame,” I said, “Because were going to escape his grasps.” And with those words, we began making are way to the gym. To are luck, the gym classes were playing hockey, and the teachers had left the sticks out. We each grabbed a stick and felt much better. Before then, we felt very vulnerable in the hallways, but now we could protect ourselves. With are dull weapons, we all realized it was time to face Ra. We did not know what to expect, but none of us believed we were going to escape with our lives. All of us took our shots at Mr. Becker, blaming him for doing this. We had never heard of such a story, and to this day, none of us have told it. The main entrance to the tunnels was by the main office so we decided to go there. You had to have a key to get in, but thankfully the key was just in Mrs. Sherman's mug. We walked into the office, grabbed the key and turned to face the door we had feared. I could barely get the key into the slot, I was shivering so much. An with sticks in hand, we all walked into the entrance. It was a poorly lit room with a hole with a ladder going down it. We could see light down the tunnel the hole revealed. We figured it was one of Ra’s hideouts. All of us were reluctant to go, but eventually the terror of being in the cramped room forced me to go first. With the others literally right behind me, I slid down the ladder. We journeyed down the tunnel toward the light, and to are fear, it was quickly approaching. It was very hard to take the next step knowing death most likely awaited. However we knew this was the only way out. Carefully, we examined the room. It was basically like a command center of the tunnels. I looked around the room, and let out a screech. “He’s here,” I whispered. You could not see his face, just the deathly black jacket he wore over his head. Just as I was thinking what I should do, it hit me, and I saw Mr. Becker standing over me and my friends. Then the bat came down again. I woke up in a sweat. I looked up to see Mr. Becker. I then realized, Ra was not real, the man we saw was a dummy on the ground. Ra was a hoax that Becker used to kill students. I noticed the others were awake. I gave them the “this is our chance look,” and we dashed. We ran as hard as we could to the later. But Becker was catching up. James and Alex were caught, and as I was climbing the ladder to escape I heard the screams. That night haunts me everytime I close my eyes. Turns out Ra was not real, I was a fool. But there is a killer in the tunnels of Robinson middle, and his name is Mr. Becker.

The author's comments:
I just started writing and this is what I got.

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