Tiffany Strongblood

May 29, 2014
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It is a dark crisp night. His vision was blurred as Mr. Critchlow drove down the dark dirt road. Beer bottles clang as he drives faster and faster, swerving from side to side, in a drunken rage. He spots movement on the side of the of the road. His first thought was it is a deer, but then as he gets closer and closer he realizes that the deer has long blonde hair. He slams on the brakes. It is too late, he Feels the impact and a bump under the truck. The truck comes to an abrupt screeching halt. His white knuckles grip the steering wheel, Mr.Critchlow gets out of his truck stumbling to keep his feet under him as his mind is clouded and blurred by his drunk in state, when he's tumbles to the end of the truck he sees a small child like body all distorted and twisted. He dares not step closer as he falls to his knees realizing what he has done, as he notices it's one of the neighboring children, Tiffany Strongblood. He remembers her sweet song she would whistle in the fields while playing with the monarch butterflies. From out of the night a single butterfly lands on her fragile head and then flys away. He grabs her fragile body and putts her into the back of his truck. His mind starts to clear and he thinks about what to do with her. Driving in a haste, only a minuet down the road to a small lake, he quickly grabs her body and rolls her in a black tarp in the back of his truck. Tying a rope around her body, he finds a heavy rock, ties it to the bottom of the rope throwing her and the rock to the bottom of the lake. His mind is swirling with what he had done so he stumbles back into his truck and drives away trying to forget in vein. Months pass, the Strongblood family gives up on their daughters search and it all becomes quite. A month later, on a night similar to the little girls death, he passes by her vigil, which now only holds three candles burning down to the wick. All of a sudden he sees a flash of a small pale figure, almost translucent in the night, as he nears, the figure turns to face him and he sees the mangled face of Tiffany Strongblood her jaw hanging to the side as she gives him a wicked grin. Realizing who he just saw he violently swerves to the side, trying to get away from the ghostly figure. He looses control and crashes head on, to an old Oak tree. As he takes his last breaths his eyes open for only a second to see Tiffany Strongblood whistling her sweet song dissipating into the night.

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