Envy can be a dealy thing

May 21, 2014
By beccarazzzzz SILVER, Olathe, Kansas
beccarazzzzz SILVER, Olathe, Kansas
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I'm running so fast the trees are starting to blur, but it's still not fast enough. I can feel her on my heels, her breathe on my neck, I've never felt a fear like this before. I run from her every night, but this one seems different, something has changed. Usually she likes to toy with me, like cat and mouse, but tonight she is going straight for the kill, I suppose she has grown tired of the chase. I have to move faster, but I feel like I'm running in water. If only I can just make it to the end of the path, try and find help.

But I know I will find no one, because no one answers my screams, the same as any other night. As I round the corner I see that this isn't the same place as the night before, the path has turned into a dead end, the dread inside me becomes so strong that I think I might puke. All that is in front of me is a mountain, that is much too steep to climb. But of course, like a fool, I try any way. I grapple at the rock like a hungry animal, just when I find a hold, I feel her right behind me, I lose my grip and crash to the ground. My leg feels as if it has shattered into a billion pieces. I can't get up, not that I would have anywhere to run even if I could. I turn around to see her watching me with an evil smile playing on her lips, looking as if she were Satan standing before me in the flesh. I scramble backwards, but it's useless, she is already advancing on me.

It's the first night that she has shown herself to me, and she is more beautiful than anyone I have ever laid eyes on, but I know this will be the first and last time I get to take in her beauty. The moonlight shines perfectly down on her milky white skin. Her long, luscious, jet black locks hang loosely down to her waist. Her face is a work of art, with delicately carved ruby red lips, that give a beautiful contrast against her soft, pale skin. But there is one feature that is drastically different from the rest. Her eyes are pitch black, with a fire burning within them that scorches everything in their sight. I can feel them burning into me now, the sensation leaving me dazed.

She is moving closer to me, whispering a language I didn't know, it sounds ancient, or maybe it isn't of this world at all. When she is inches from my face, she stops whispering. I can't breathe, let alone speak, but she seems to be waiting for me to say something. I feel as if I should be apologizing for something, for what I do not know. I start to question how I ended up here, a month ago I was just a regular high school student. It all changed the day I got the note in my locker. I thought it was just a love letter from one of the many girls who admired me, but looking back I see it was more of a death threat than a love letter. I was naive, and didn't realize what treacherous ground I was treading on. She said she envied me, that she would kill to be me, to have what I have. Now she is going to take all of that away, just like she wanted. I should be begging for my life right now, but deep down I know it is no use, her mind is set.

Her smile widens as she says to me "Envy can be a deadly thing". Then she leans in and presses her lips to mine, an explosion of white, hot heat spreads through my whole body. I try desperately to pull away, but I can't move, the pain is so intense. I feel my skin sizzling, and my blood boiling. I don't what she is doing to me, but it's the cruelest form of torture. I fill her mouth with my blood curdling screams, but no one hears them, I'm not even sure she does.
Then all at once my screams stop, the pain is gone, And so am I.

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