April 23, 2014
By Colito BRONZE, Buenos Aires, Other
Colito BRONZE, Buenos Aires, Other
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"Logic will take you from A to Z imagination will take you anywhere"

I felt as if time had stopped, there was no today, no tomorrow, no yesterday, there was no day, no night, no moon no sun. I could see random images, as if I was watching parts of different movies, at the begging they made no sense, they were just blurry colors with noises, but then I was able to distinguish same clear scenes: a little girl crying with a dress full of stains of mud next to a tree, a birthday party full of joy and colors, presents and food, friends and family, a room full of posters and pictures on their walls and a teenage girl lying on her bed talking on the phone. Images continue to appear, they didn’t follow any order or pattern, some were visible for seconds, others for hours, some were small and other big, some had loud noises and in others I couldn’t even hear a whisper. In some way, I felt related to the images, as if I had been there once, but this time I was only a viewer that in some mystical way knew what was going to happen, I couldn’t intercept on the scenes, I couldn’t talk to people, I couldn’t change what it was going to happen or warn people to act in a different way, I was just there as a mere audience.
The mood of the images changed, they were no longer happy but gloomy and spooky, they made me feel uncomfortable but there was nowhere I could escape to, my whole body was numb I felt as if I was stuck to the floor, I couldn’t cover or close my eyes. I saw a girl taking drugs in a dark alley, a woman being physiologically and physically tortured by her husband , a girl sleeping on the street because she was too afraid to return to her house. I tried to change them, I tried to move but my legs didn’t answer, I was just an invisible witness, with no voice, only eyes, no movement only feelings. A deep sorrow invaded me, it conquered every bone, every tissue, every muscle of my body, the images just continue to appear, but I had no more strength to fight, no more initiative to continue, I just wanted everything to end, to silence the shouts, to clean the blood, to wipe the tears.
A naked girl that had hung herself in a dirty bathroom where the windows were totally opened and the curtains moved as a consequence of the wind, that was the last image I saw, then the torture ended, the pain ceased, the sorrow appeased and allowed a vast darkness to enter. It didn’t feel bad or good, it was colorless, odorless and tasteless, it had no air, no wind, no warmth or cold, no shape or direction, I no longer felt my body stuck, but floating in an unanimous darkness. The misery abandoned my body, as all the other feelings, I felt as if the darkness I was tangled in had no beginning and no ending, it was overwhelming and infinite, when I was there, there was no measurement of time, no minutes, no seconds, no songs, no naps, no coffees, no God or salvation.
Suddenly, a light appeared, I didn’t know for how long I had been standing there in the same position: minutes? Hours? Days? At first the light was little, it seemed like the only star in the sky, but it started to gain power over the darkness and expand, it was bright and blinding, it was strong and spreaded peace, it was warm and smell like just baked cookies, I could hear children laughing from the distance and the sound of the sea. The light was calling me, she was inviting me to join her, she gave me confidence and tranquility, the tentacles of the darkness seem to lose power as the light conquered the NothingLand. I started walking, first slowly, then running, until I reached what I had been waiting for so long: the light.

The author's comments:
Everything started with a school asaigment, i was bloked, i tried every kind of begging and topic. It was a late saturday night when inspiration knocked at my door, i wrote it very fast and emailed it to mi teacher with the satisfaction of giving in a something you are proud of, not another mark-passing story

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