A Look Into My Eyes

April 15, 2014
By ChloeBowie BRONZE, Chester, New York
ChloeBowie BRONZE, Chester, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Time you enjoy wasting,
Is not wasted"
-John Lennon

“You want to go for a hike?” He was mysterious, that’s what I liked about him. He was rough around the edges, the kind of guy my mom would’ve told me to watch out for. Hah, I’m a big girl now, times have changed. He had the eyes of a jaguar and the smile of a reptile; I knew exactly what I saw in him, the mystery. He was a puzzle waiting to be solved, and I was going to be the one to solve it. I had given him my phone number never even assuming he would call me. I was shocked when I answered the phone to the dark, crackly voice of Alex.
“Do you want to go hiking?” His voice was just as deep and musky as I remembered. Of course I didn’t want to miss my chance to figure this man out so I said,


The excitement stuck in my stomach all day while I got ready. I turned up the David Bowie on my old record player. The crackle of the needle made it seem less empty in my house, like someone was there with me singing to all the lyrics of Jean Genie right along with me. I assumed it must be almost time to go, so I checked the time on the old clock, 12:45. I lift up the needle off the old record, the spinning slowed as I put the needle on the stand. I felt the sense of someone staring at me. I had gotten stir crazy from all the nights here alone since I moved to Portland. The weather here had always created an everlasting feeling of suspense, and I could never get enough.

I heard a car pull up in the driveway, I grabbed the bag I had left in my room and ran out the door. He had a small car with dark windows. He rolled down the window revealing his paper white skin, and dark eyes. We looked at each other for a few hesitated seconds, wondering who was going to break the silence. He looked at me, while flashing his stained teeth; “I hope you’re ready to go, I think you’re really exciting, ever since the day at the music store I had been thinking of you” I wasn’t used to these kinds of compliments, the kind of blatant honesty that hits you like a brick. Of course I’d been thinking about him too, but I would never have the nerve to tell him the affect he had placed on me. I opened the door to his Mercedes, the seats were clean and leather, the smell was calming, I took a deep breath as I prepared myself for the day ahead of me. We took off in silence, after a mile or so he clicked on the car stereo.

“David Bowie! How’d you know I loved his music?”

He gave me the slightest smirk, “I didn’t, this is my favorite song by him” The jean genie played from the surrounded speakers. I felt closer to him in a way knowing that we had something in common, he seemed more human. I could finally start to relax. I sang along quietly to the lyrics thinking back to when I had first encountered this man just a few weeks ago. He had come to me in the music store I work at. He had an overwhelming presence that I found intriguing. I had hesitated to give my phone number, but knowing no one in this town I had thought it might be fun to meet someone new. I was so tired of being lonely all the time. My family had ignored me and I never was one to have many friends, this man was the first chance I had at finally changing my life. Terrifying as it was, I had always dug a thrill.

“Oh no, I forgot my water bottle! I could’ve sworn I had brought one with me, do you have water I can use?” We were already deep into the woods, too late to go back down to the car; I must’ve been too distracted to grab my bottle from the car.

He pulled out a bottle from his camo backpack, “Drink up, we have a bit more to go. The view will shock you”

I chugged nearly half the bottle, and trudged up the mountain already getting a little weary from the long walk. The spongy soil on the ground seemed to have turned to syrup. How much longer was this hike going to be?

Panting, I gasped for the words, “Alex, can we take a short break?” I franticly looked around, where was he? I felt a cold fat raindrop on my cheek. Oh god, where’d he go? He wouldn’t leave me stranded in the woods would he? I started searching around the woods for him, calling out his name.

“ALEX! ALEX WHERE ARE YOU?” My voice echoed through the dark woods.
There was no reply.

The rain started to pour and I was lost. I had gone so deep in the woods I had forgotten the way back. My only hope was that he would come back for me. The rain was loud, tapping on the leaves and rocks I heard a faint noise in the background, it sounded like music! I walked towards the sound, my muscles straining to get me there.

As I got closer I realized it was Jean genie playing on a record player! Alex had never left me he was just waiting for me to find his surprise! I saw a water bottle on the other side of the tree; I pushed my soggy hair out my face and ran to him using the last bit of energy I had left. My smile widened as I got ready to greet Alex, only I realized it wasn't Alex at all.

It was me.

The author's comments:
I've been been generating ideas in writing since a very young age. Through my love of suspenseful literature I decided to create my own story. I found my edge in this story by incorporating my (some may say) obsession with David Bowie. In this abstract story I bring a new flavor to my writing, this refreshing story will keep you at the edge of your seat!

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