The Rose of Destruction

April 7, 2014
By Jamese BRONZE, Litte Rock, Arkansas
Jamese BRONZE, Litte Rock, Arkansas
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"The question may be complicated,but the answer is simple." by Dr. Suess

" What we do in life is insignificant.But it's important that we do it."

A rose was given to a young woman by a man of mischief. The man gave the woman the rose in hopes of marrying her for her fortunes. In the end, he suceeded. But he didn’t live long enough to live out the remains of those fortunes he possessed from her. The young woman, after realizing the crime she’d committed would come back to her, then gave the rose that was scented of her lost lover’s blood to her best friend. The friend of her’s then discovered the blood that stained the sweet aroma of the beautiful plant. So he threw it in the trash. A nearby homeless man then picked it up, thinking he’d be able to create a family with someone he admired. That didn’t go well, so out of hurt and misery, he took his life. The rose sat on the ground waiting for its next victim. The blood left in it still stenched it but its beauty caught the eye of an innocent young lady who admired the plant so much, she decided to give it to her lover. So she did, and the rose continued to run their life. The young lady and her lover had two children, twins. After the sixth year of their two children being on Earth, her lover left her to conceive his on his very own path. On his way out of his past life, he took the rose so that he could give it to his next lover. Believing she would take it without examination and without noticing the damage, he shoved it to her without regret. His lover noticed the rose from previous experiences and tried to kill him; but didn’t succeed in her deed. So, she was charged with attempted murder. She sat in her cell the first night of her crime and thought ‘why the same rose?’. She thought about it longer and longer. Then she went completely bezerk and found a sharp piece of metal. She took her own life but the last image in her mind was that bloody beautiful rose.

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