Laura M. Walker

March 12, 2014
Once upon a time there was a was a girl named Laura M. Walker. Her Great Aunt Anna d. Walker was kidnapped by the beast and killed by robbers. So this is the story about Laura brave quest to find out what really happened to her great aunt. She did not know about her great aunt until she was twenty-one. So on her 22nd birthday her mother died of a heart attack. Laura was heart broken because her father died that same day but 6 years ago.

So at her mother funeral she met Anna date the night she disappeared great nephew Almanzo. So that week later they went to investigate the murder of Laura’s great aunt.

On the first day the research if there were any surviving members of the robbers’ families. When and if they found a family member they questioned them for the information that the robbers may have left some information with the family member.
Finally after two years of hunting and investigating they finally found out the truth about the murder of Anna.

They finally found out who murder Anna. It was Phil, Ron wanted money, but Fred and Joel just funded the money. They found out that Phil was still in jail, Fred was still running from the loan shark, Joel was hit by the loan shark’s car, and Ron died from old age. The next day they paid Phil a visit to see why he killed Anna D. Walker.

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