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Gloomy Bliss Over the Deserted Crop

February 25, 2014
By blueolive GOLD, Bowmanville, Other
blueolive GOLD, Bowmanville, Other
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I awake, naked and cold, lying in the bare snow. There’s not a sound to be heard other than the faint noise of the chilling wind. I’m shaking and my hair is soaked.
I manage to stand myself up. The snow is to my knees and I am naked and cold.
I see a barn about 100 metres to the East-besides that there is next to nothing but never lasting snow. Way beyond the barn there appears to be a forest. Way beyond.
It’s around mid-day but its dark and I’m naked and cold. I’ve no idea where I am; I see no one and hear nothing but the wind.
My thoughts race as I try to piece together the clues but there are no clues.
My hair begins to freeze and turn into a sticky crust. I cry because I’m naked and cold.

After my episode I pull myself together. I need to come up with a f@#king plan right the f&%k now.
I decide to head to the barn; perhaps there is someone who can help me. I decipher for a moment. What if there is someone but they do not intend to help me.
There is also the fact that I am naked. If I do come across someone I’ll be faced with the embarrassment of being in the nude.
I decide I am left with no choice as I am only getting colder by the moment.
There are a few fences I will have to go over in order to reach the barn. On any other occasion I would find this task not to be an issue. But I’m naked and cold.
I hop over the first fence and slice my leg open. I slice my genitals open. I scream and I scream and my echo screams.
I fall into the red snow. I’m numb from the pain and the cold.
I lay down on my back facing the dark grey sky. I scream again.
Help me.
Is anyone here.
I’m answered by my echoes and then again faced with silence.
I stand up and can feel the frozen cow dung on my cold feet. My entire body is flushed and I’m naked and cold.
I stumble to the next fence; a few metres from the first one. I decide to literally jump over the fence.
I fail.
I land on the fence stomach first and the wires cut into my skin and drags all down the front of me. I scream every word I would not dare say in front of my mother. I continue to scream. I out scream my echo. F&$k you echo.
The cuts are not deep but there are many of them. I use handfuls of snow to numb the pain. I realize as I lie there that there are no marks in the snow previous to me waking up.
I sit there pondering the logic behind my situation but there is no explanation. I’m confused and I’m naked and cold.
There is a gate at the next and final fence. I am relieved to discover that it is not locked. I use all the force I have left to push the gate and snow out of my way.
I begin to feel dizzy from the pain. I stumble inside the open barn. It’s darker inside and there’s hay and some old rusty farming equipment. Besides that there appears to be nothing useful.
My head spins and my legs give out. I’m full of exhaustion.
I fall onto a rotten pile of hay and inhale the distasteful stench.
My eyes slowly close and I take my last breaths. I am now a bloody corpse and I will soon rot away with the hay.
I die alone, naked and cold.

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