A Night in Cairo

February 24, 2014

The fluffy cat pawed its way carefully around the tall structure he was climbing. His pink nose scrunched up as he sniffed for his way in. There, around the corner...an open window maybe? It was the fifth floor of the museum after all, so things were left forgotten up there all the time. The museum curators figured conniving thieves would never risk death trying to scale a building over one hundred feet. They had recently acquired the rare Cat’s Eye Jewel, a glimmering green gem found in the tombs of ancient Egypt. However, the curators never expected the thief to be a cat!

The kitten found his entrance, and slid his head between the opening, pushing upward and opening the window. He purred happily, he’d landed in the security room. He slunk closely towards the computers monitoring all the exhibit rooms. The head guard was keeping a close watch on the screens. He never noticed the fluffy assailant lingering below...then like a rocket, the cat rose. Jumping as gracefully as a gymnast he raised a paw and struck the guard in the shoulder. His pressure point hit, the guard collapsed noiselessly to the floor. The cat leapt to the controls on the desk and used his paws to type in the command code that would make the cameras play on a continuous loop, making his heist undetectable by the authorities later on.

Satisfied with his work, the small cat hopped down to the floor and raced downstairs to the exhibit.

The jewel was encased in a dome of glass. It glittered under the single beam of light that shined upon it. The furry assailant’s eyes grew wide at the glittery sight. As he stood at the edge of the exhibit hall, he shook his head voraciously. A small vial full of white powder fell to the floor. He raised his paw and smashed the small vial. As the powder spread into the air, the cat released a big sneeze, and sent the powder flying, revealing bright red lasers!

The slippery feline passed through the glowing beams easily and jumped to the display case. He flexed his claws, drawing a circle in the glass, and pushing it loose. The kitten crawled into the case, taking the treasure gently in his teeth and scampered away. He made his way back up to the top floor, stepping carefully over the sleeping guard and leaped out of the window into the dark night.

The cat purred contentedly. Another job well done! He made his way to a black van parked a block away. Standing on his hind legs, the cat rapped his paw against the back door three times. The door swung open, revealing dozens of computer screens inside. A woman with large black sunglasses smiled at the creature as he jumped into her arms. She stroked the thieving feline and pried the gem from his jaws. “Good cat,” she said.

The woman slid into the driver’s seat as the small cat leapt into the passenger’s side. She revved up the engine of the van as the two headed off to their next destination. France and Marie Antoinette's regal jewelry awaited them.

The author's comments:
Just something cute I thought I would write!

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