Life is a Party

January 16, 2014
I walked out into the dark night, heading down my street. There was a party later, and there was no way I would miss it. Everyone was going to be there. The dark shadows of my own figure danced around me as I passed street lights, dimly lighting the dark empty road. I looked around at all the houses with no lights on, all the people resting peacefully in their beds. That’s no life for a night owl like me. I belong in the darkness.
The street’s end came slowly closer, and I could see the light of the bonfire and hear the music booming from inside the house. As I turned the corner, the bass began thrumming through my chest. I suddenly got the creeping feeling I was being watched. But no, that doesn’t happen in small towns like this. Everyone knows everyone. I was just superstitious… Right?
I turned my head slightly back, and didn’t see anyone. My racing heart slowed nearer to its usual pace. But that sinking feeling was still there. I quickened my pace. Almost there. Almost to safety. I could hear the footsteps clicking behind me. Surely I couldn’t be imagining that? I pretended to adjust my bag, looking around, but still, I saw nothing out of the ordinary. I really needed to stop watching all those scary movies at night.
I walked down the driveway to the large house where the party was being held. The fire was in the side yard, music thrumming from inside. But that wasn’t the only thing pounding in my chest. My heart had gone back to racing, miles a minute.

Something was wrong.

Everyone else seemed to not be real. Like they were just a movie. I backed up, slightly scared, when I tripped and fell on my butt. I winced in pain, shutting my eyes. When I opened them, the house was empty. Vacant. Even the furniture and carpet was gone. The music had ceased. I could see into the yard where the fire once burned. Nothing was there. Just overgrown grass. I was growing increasingly confused and anxious. Suddenly I heard the front steps creak. That’s strange. The steps didn’t make noise when I walked in…
“Hello there. I’m glad you could make it.” A sly male voice said.
I pushed myself away slightly on the ground, and quietly replied. “W-what do you mean? Where is everyone?”
The man’s voice chuckled lightly. “Oh, them? The people you saw, were not actually there. They were simply reflections of old party guests. And of the house? It used to exist, just not here. One of my party guests was awfully bad, and destroyed it in a fire. Took themselves down with the house though, so not a complete waste.”
I was shaking uncontrollably. Old party guests? How could I have been seeing reflections of them? And what about the other stuff he said? None of this was making any sense… “A-am I going to die here?” I asked, my voice shaking as bad as my body, tears welling in my eyes.
“Aw, come on now. Don’t be sad, think of how many great parties you get to go to now! Almost every week, a new place, new party, new friends.”
I heard the sound of steel across the room, and the same footsteps from earlier.
I was going to die here. All alone, and there was nothing I could do about it. My ankle had been twisted when I fell earlier, so I didn’t have a chance at running. I closed my eyes, and felt a sharp pain in my ribs. A warm feeling overcame me, blooming from the pain. Then the warmth became hot, and I felt the flames engulf me. Darkness became light, and the heat subsided partially. I woke up in a small hot room with almost a hundred people.
Some of my friends were there. Hanna, who we had heard was in the hospital with pneumonia.
Shelley, who was on vacation in China with her grandparents.
Andi, who was camping with her family.

At least I'm not alone...

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