January 12, 2014
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January 6th, 2010:
My name is ST-117968. I’m telling you this because in about five minutes, my captors will come back to finish me off. There is no escape for me, there is no triumphant return for me, no reunion with my family. Ahhh, my family. My sweet and loving Caroline had just given birth to our three year old son, Aidan. As crazy and energetic as he is, Aidan still has the same passion, the same drive that my bloodline has. I’m sure the government will offer my family their condolences in the form of a useless letter, or a certificate proving my valor and duty. Hell, they might even give me a medal. And for what? Standing for my brothers? Showing the enemy that we are more than an opponent? That we cannot be defeated no matter how many of us you kill?
January 8th, 2010:

I now lay crippled in this dark room, alone, with only my thoughts for company. And though my brain is active, my soul is not, having given up hours ago in order to search for some last bit of comfort hidden away in my heart. My name is ST-117968, and I will perish soon. I can hear them coming, their steady thump-thump-thump on the ragged concrete floor. No doubt they will pick me up and execute me, just like the prisoners before me. I am ready to accept my fate. Sweet dreams my family. I’ll see you on the other side.

January 13th, 2010:

They did not kill me. They did not kill me! No, I finally learned my purpose in their little schemes. I was forced to sit in a chair, facing a fellow soldier and brother, ST-117967. There, we were forced to play a cruel game with a six-chambered handgun. We spun that gun round and round, hoping for salvation at each turn. Soon enough, ST-117967 fell on the floor, his brains splattered on the dirty ground, while I was forced to clean up the mess. But now, I tell you, do not fear! As they left the room, I slowly pocketed a knife that I had spotted across from me, as I lay crumpled on that stone-cold floor. I would find a way out, or die trying.

January 15th, 2010:

I am free at last! Free at last! I cannot express in words how great, how amazing this feels! To be able to walk wherever I want, do whatever I want, that is a feeling I have not felt in years. But, alas, freedom did come at a cost. I learned during my debriefing that all but two other of my fellow men died during my time in the hellish country. They had all been interrogated, tortured, and executed, one by one. Nevertheless, two had made it out: ST-117965 and ST-117963. They, I later figured, had used their own ingenuity to pose as one of the enemy and escape right from under their noses! I laughed in surprise after I discovered this.

January 18th, 2010:

Something doesn’t seem right back home. I haven’t been able to see my family yet and they won’t let me near my hometown. I grow angrier every day, wondering if the country that I call home is not so kind after all. Even though I am now reunited with 965 and 963, we are still uncertain of our future. What will they do to us? It seems everywhere I go, my path is blocked. Only this time, it’s blocked by the most trusted friend of all.

January 20th, 2010:

It was all an exercise? An EXERCISE? My government had killed its fellow countrymen for an exercise? And to only see whether a new “enhancer” drug worked or not? This has enraged me. It has taken me beyond my boundaries. And now, I learn that I am the next one to be terminated. Well, I am ST-117968. I will live.

January 8th, 2011:

Sweet dreams, my family. Even though you may never know who I am, I always will. My identity will stay with me until the day I die, much like the dog tags of my fallen brothers. I am Storm Trooper 117968, a lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, formerly commander of the Storm Trooper squad 117, the pride and might of the USA. Before, I was deployed deep in Vietnam, looking for guerillas to neutralize. I had been awarded with heaps of medals before being sent back to the States. Tonight, I’m not fighting for my country. No, quite the opposite. I’m fighting against it. I’m going hunting tonight, to get at the bastards that ruined my life and desecrated my future. I’m going for revenge. Sleep tight, America. You’ll never know what hit you.

For I am a ghost, a person that can and will never be traced by your fancy radars or advanced intelligence agencies.

I am ST-117968.

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