The 4th of July

December 9, 2013
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It was a scorching July summer evening at 6:00pm in downtown Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The wind was whistling with a warm weird feeling. The town was right in the middle of everything; drug dealing, kidnaps, and thugs. The stores and restaurants were still open, but are about to close because the fireworks were starting in two hours. The four faced clock chimed 6:30 and everyone began to close their stores. You could see the moon smiling in the sky along with the colors that looked like heaven. It was a beautiful night, nothing could ruin it except for the dire heat.
It’s now 7:30p.m,the fireworks had begun. They flew up in the air, BOOM, CRACK, BOOM, CRACK, they were amazing; with the sky being the colors they were and the fireworks going off, it was the best. Children were running,screaming, and having a good time.
In the crowd amongst the people there was a little girl, the name of Suzzie. Suzzie was 9 years old, even though she was a little girl she was very acute and knew what she was doing. She was having the best time at the fireworks.
“Mommy, Mommy look at that and all the pretty colors, bellowed out Suzzie.”
“I know they are beautiful just like you Suzzie.”
The fireworks continued BOOM,CRACK,BOOM,CRACK; they were about to stop when a man went over a loudspeaker and announced the finally was going to begin in 10 minutes. Suzzie was excited!
“Those fireworks have the same personalities as me; fierce and loud.”
The finally finally began, everyone was out of their seats.
“OOOOOOOOOO AHHHHHHHHHHH”, everyone chanted out.
These fireworks were best they ever were. Suzzie was having the time of her life, nothing could ruin it, except for the awful breath taking heat of coarse.

It was over, Suzie and her family packed all of their stuff up and headed for their car.
“I love fireworks and wish i could see them everyday.”
A man heard what she had said and quickly ran up to Suzzie, but made sure her family wouldn’t see himself.
“Hey there, I heard you wished you could see fireworks everyday?”
“Yes sir, I love fireworks!
“Well if you come with me i have lots of fireworks and you can see them whenever you want.”
“That would be great, but i would have to ask my mom.
“No, I already took care of that, your mom said it would be ok. Do you wanna come?”
“Of course, nothing would change my mind at all.”
He snatched her so fast it was like a jaguar running in a field.
It was then 9:00p.m Susie was in the car with someone she didn’t even know, but since it was fireworks how could I resist it, she thought.
They then arrived at the mans house, the moon was glistening through the windows of the darkness. The man took Suzzie to the basement into a cell.
“I thought i was going to be able to watch fireworks whenever i want?”
“You will but not tonight, just go into the cell and go to sleep.”
“Go Suzzie!”
As she was laying in the bed she thought,
“What have i done, what have i done? I came here with a guy that i dont even though just to watch fireworks whenever i want and might not be able to see my family ever again. I gotta try to find a way to get out of here!”
Suzzie had fallen asleep with anger because she really wanted to watch more fireworks.
6 hours had gone by with her sleeping. It was then 4:30 in the morning and she felt something moving, she screamed,
“Shhhhhhhh, it will be ok Suzzie, we are just going for a ride and i didn’t want to wake you.”
“Why would we go for a ride at 4:30 in the morning, she thought?”
The car was; dirty, junky, the smell was horrible, and it almost stopped 3 times.
“I want to know what is going on now,” bellowed Sussie.
“We are just going for a ride don’t worry about it.”
“I want to go home, I want to go home, what have i done, i need a plan.”
Sussie thought if i tell him i need some fresh air he will stop the car and let me out. I will then run away and be free.
“I need fresh air can you stop the car?’
“Yes, you have been in here a while.”
He stopped the car, she opened the door and booked it out of the car.
“I’m free,I’m free”, she shouted as she was running as fast as she could through the land in the middle of no where.
“Get back here, I will get you!”
He was getting closer and closer, and all of a sudden he snatched her by the hair and took her back to the car.
“Why would you leave me Susie? I thought you liked being with me, you are like my child.”
“I hate you, why can’t you just let me go and i won’t tell anyone.”
“I’m sorry Sussie, but i think i’m gonna have to take you with me and never let you go.”
Susie knew now that she will never see her mom again so she just went right along with it.
“Now that you made me do all this running i need a breather, you stay in the car and don't move a muscle.”
He returned to the car and was still very angry with what susie had done. He knew what he needed to do so no one would find out what he had done.
He opened the back seat door through susie out and left. Here she was in the middle of no where will no food or water she knew she was going to die.
As soon as susie thought that she turned her head and saw...

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