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The Cream

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Wednesday. Police station. Mr John. It was a tough day for all of them. Mr Raja has disappeared. Mr John, the Assistant Commissioner was in charge. It was last Saturday, when Mr Raja, the Commissioner had went to Upton Close and never returned. Everything was complicated in the case. According to evidences, Raja is said to have lived there and was Mr Perfect. He did everything at home and was not reliable on anybody. This brought the case to turn into an other suspect. The local shoe-cleaner. He was famous all over the town for helping the non-reliable Raja to make his shoes shine every time. This brought John to him. He found out later he reached there that Thane, the shoe cleaner, was blind. John had surely suspected Thane's blindness, as any policeman would do. He tested his blindness by saying him to clean his shoe for $2 and he gave him only $0.5. Thane was sharp. He could realise difference between even two of the same coins. Blindness brings sensitivity too. John became more suspicious after this and called his men to the place. His men were behind the walls of a nearby home. Thane started cleaning his shoes and started his conversation. "Everybody in the town is nowadays jealous of me". After he finished cleaning, there was no response from Mr John. As usual for Thane. The side cops came up there and saw no one over there. When they reached the cleaners shop, they saw the new shoe shiner he had used. It was labelled Vanish...

P.S: I had mentioned that the bottle was named Vanish which made people whose shoes were cleaned with it to vanish.

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