Miss Scarlet

December 28, 2013
By SimoneD SILVER, Lithonia, Georgia
SimoneD SILVER, Lithonia, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place."

Imagine me, Scarlett, as a dork with the zits, glasses, and braces; it's a stretch, I know, but time has done me well. But little did I know that on my first day of high school my life would change- I'd actually have a “friend”. I had been a loner most of my life, I think it was because I was smart, and my dad happened an oil tycoon, he was worth $3billion. That combined with the fact that I went to a public school made me an outcast. So everyone kept their distance from the snotty rich kid, when in reality I wasn’t snotty at all, at least not yet anyways. But Virginia saw something in me that convinced her to actually become my… acquaintance, but more than likely it was actually something she smelled-weakness.

Virginia was tall with jet black hair that would flow in the wind as she walked, she was the perfect combination of skinny with curves, and of course she had a flawless complexion. So, as you can imagine, just the fact that she would talk to me and let me hang out with her friends had me under thumb, or at least I thought it did; sure I would pay for a friend get together here and there, but it wasn't a big deal, I thought that that was what friends were for. Virginia did favors for me; by the end of my freshman year I was gorgeous, my frizzy red hair and my pimples disappeared, I even got contacts. By the end of the semester I was invited to serve on the student council, no doubt at Virginia's request. At our school think of the council more as the elite, we have a tremendous amount of power and say in what happens in the school; so we received favors from our constituents from time to time. By the end of the year I was....popular.

My fairytale ended when I soon realized why I was really on the council, I was their bank.
*surprise* Those simple clique “outings” soon turned into prom, parties, trips, and even cars. But I never once stood up to Virginia, I wasn't really afraid of her but more of losing her friendship; she was all I had known. But as the months went by her abuse became more intense but as it would turn out, I would only defy her one time, and ironically it would be the last.

We were at the September student council meeting, senior year, Virginia decided that we should throw a huge senior prom to leave our “mark”. I made the terrible mistake of defying the great Virginia in her request for $100,000; I explained that not only did we hold meetings at my house in my student lounge, but that I've paid at least $300,000 in student events over the past four years.(Daddy had begun to look at my credit card purchases.) But Virginia was ever so persistent:
“It's just this last one Scarlet, please.”

“No, I just said that I've used too much my allowance, maybe we can do a fundraiser or...”

“Really Scarlett you’re not going to help us out, sometimes you’re so selfish, we are in your mansion we can hold meetings in your student center don’t tell me that if you buy this you’ll go broke. “
She turned her attention to the council, and regained her composer.
“I think we ought to call it a day, we all need time to clear our heads.”
But as everyone quickly cleared the room Virginia stopped me.

“Now you wait, genius, I don’t know what you think you are proving, but you've done nothing but embarrass me.”

“Well I'm sorry mom.” This was the first time that I spoke up to her, I actually felt empowered.

“That’s the best you can do, besides, I brought you to this level and I can kick you out”

“Level? I am not your bank!”

“O please, don't be so dramatic, I changed you from dork to princess in 4 years, in fact, you owe me! All you were good for was your money, and now I guess all I've added is looks, because no one no one in their right mind would embarrass me like that.”

“And why do you think that I've lost my mind!”

“Scarlett, you speak as if you can lose what you never had.”

That was it; I punched her right in her fake nose-which I paid for. She grabbed my hair and I ran into the student center, then I tried to beat her off of me. Virginia held on to me for dear life it seemed, and soon dragged me down with her, in a panic I grabbed the candlestick off of the table and hit her over the head with it. Maybe a little too hard, but she was alive, you know what hey: Evil is hard to kill. O, but It gets better- in this moment of weakness I actually tried to apologize:
“Virginia I’m so sor-“

“Save it, you’ve already gotten yourself into a pretty deep hole. What will everyone think when they see what you’ve done to me. So now I’m raising the price, and I want a custom prom dress. This should teach you to stay in your place’’

“You shallow…” I raised the candlestick in a blind fury.

“Really Scarlett, you and I both know that you don’t have the guts to do it, all you are is a snot nosed brat. I mean, don't you get it, some of us have to work for a living while you get life’s pleasures handed to you on a silver plate while you get to sit on your”-boom

I threw the candlestick right at her, and that was it. I didn't have a choice; she would have told everyone lies about me. Lord knows what she's been saying behind my back! I just panicked, I didn't think, but now I had to. Virginia walked over to my house, the student lounge is in the top left corner of the house, behind our woods there is a swampland, everyone will just assumed she walked home, and the house is empty. I knew what to do and to be frank I did it well.

I ended up playing the perfect victim, and it’s not like anybody even searched for “her highness”, I guess her manipulation and evil really caught up with her. Of course at the next meeting the council was a mess, I mean how were we going to function without our beloved dictator? Virginia was a master of manipulation, but I could do better-so I called the meeting to order. But one child had the audacity to question as to who put me in charge, so I simply told him the truth:
“I did, and unless you have any other bright ideas listen closely, as you’re all going to do exactly as I say, I mean, I obviously have the resources. I bet Virginia would agree, if she was here, but I bet she’ll turn up eventually.” I gazed out the window toward the bog.

Silence- I think everyone caught my drift.

“Now that we have an understanding let's get to work.”

-Truly my proudest moment, my first power grab, and the beginning of a new Miss Scarlet

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