The Downstairs

December 19, 2013
By , Grimes, IA
I heard you downstairs coming through the back door. I was sick today when I had a temperature of 102.9, I felt horrible. I thought you were my brother. But you weren’t. I heard the very footsteps like this right, left, right, left up the fourteen stairs. No one knew you were there. You are still here and that is what scares me. I didn’t hear you come through the dark entryway, but I did hear you go through the haunted kitchen. You went into the bathroom to take the most calming shower ever. Why in the world would you be taking a shower in my bathroom. My heart is pounding. You were at my bedroom door or at least I think you were. Why did you come through the door and stand right next to me. Or maybe I saw you through the window. Either way you went into the t.v... how? Maybe I was just hearing things. No I wasn’t! I couldn’t have been, I’ve never just heard things like this before or heard anything before. I’ve always been deaf, I can’t hear a thing. You were right there in front of me. Your name is Clock because I could sense your footsteps going up the stairs in a tick tock time. You kidnapped me. My family is SO going to be worried. What about my friends, did you kidnap them too?

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