Case of the Missing Texts

December 3, 2013
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“What do you mean they are missing?” Ms. Roberts inquires peacefully although her face holds a scowl.

“We are trying our best to find them.” Mr. Crowder replies.

Not liking the answer she receives, Ms. Roberts gracefully storms out of the office. Striking out with Ms. Roberts and Mr. Crowder, I ,the detective extraordinaire, head to the library next to question the librarian and the other English teachers. Ms. Merchant, the librarian, is first on my interview list.

“Now, Ms. Merchant, you ordered the books for Ms. Roberts. Is that correct?”

“Yes, but I have yet to receive any packages.”

Picking up my notes and slamming the computer lab door behind me, I enter the main part of the library. Not wanting to waste any more time, I do not question the other English teachers. Instead, I look for and find Ms. Smith and Mrs. Lichty in their room.

Leaving dents on the table from slamming my notebook, I deliver the evidence I have gathered so far.

“Now, Ms. Smith, on the order form it says that the books were signed for by someone named Smith. Did you sign for them?”

“I signed for the books, but I haven’t seen them since that day.”

Barely able to understand her because her voice is quivering, I am about to ask her to repeat herself when one of my officers hollers

“We found them!”

I quickly follow them, and I can not believe where we have ended up. The books are in the teacher’s lounge under the vending machine in re-sealed packages of copy paper.

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