December 3, 2013
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i hate to kill but i get this fast rush of excitement when i pull the knife in and out of their bodies, repeatedly over and over again...... ..... wont you play with me to?
"screams, why do i hear screams its like a nightmare, i want to wake up but i cant someone wake me up i don't want to hear them screaming anymore! whats happening to me?" hi my name is Gabriel i am currently 16 iv been having these strange dreams of me killing someone but it feels real....Ive been finding it hard to sleep this past few days. it started happening around the time this girl came to my school her name is elf-en...people picked on her about it. but something about her made me remember when my mom tried to kill me it was like i knew her for the longest of times but it just couldn't come to mind where i met after school i will go home then sleep but this night i just couldn't sleep it felt as someone was watching me.. "so do you remember what happened that night?" no i don't even know when i went to sleep! i was just so..... *his eyes widen as he puts his hands to his face* i just remember this dream.. "so do you care to tell me about this dream Gabriel?" was so real *he says trembling in fear* the-knife-in-and-out-in-and-out-hahah-screams.....-wont-you-scream-for-me-hahaha.... *he says this rapidly* *his eye widen and he starts panting*
help me doc. he falls unconscious....

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