You Never Know

November 26, 2013
I screamed… as loud as I could. I knew it wasn’t manly, it wasn’t cool, but in the face of death that kind of stuff doesn’t matter. Fear convulsed through my body like tremors up and down my spine, lingering like a toxic perfume inserted into my skin. Each time it pulsed away another shot was injected into me like a too strong form of adrenaline.

It sat on the edge of the bed precariously. Innocent enough, but no one knew its real nature. Its eyes were wide, staring as if they could see through me. They had an evil gleam to them that was nearly unnoticeable. Its dark red lips smirked at me, the separation in its jaw giving it an eerie look.

In its hand it held a knife that glinted in the shuddering light overhead. White, wooden hands that might have waited for a command if it didn’t have a mind of its own tightened around the handle of the blade in anticipation.

It laughed, I swear it did. It laughed at me when I screamed as if I were a pathetic mouse and it were a sadistic cat, toying with it’s prey. It knew I was afraid and it would use that against me as an advantage.

I sunk into the corner, knowing my fate was imminent. I couldn’t stop it from killing me this time, I couldn’t even dream of it. I smirked at the irony in that phrase. After all, it was my nightmare and I’d had a heck of a time just keeping it in my head. Now it was reality, I wouldn’t wake up just as the blade penetrated my chest, soaked in sweat and frightened. This fear was real, this thing was real and, as a result, my death would be real. I would die, and with me the dream would too. For the first time in what seemed like forever, my friends and family would be safe, this would no longer plague them.

I heard fists pounding on the door. No doubt Madelyn was standing in front of it, trying her best to beat it down and save me. I tuned it out, growing a little less scared now and more serene.

It slipped off the bed, slowly coming toward me, determination on it’s artificial face. I closed my eyes as it neared, waiting for it to strike.
Clip, clop, clip, clop.
It’s footsteps came closer and I could feel it’s frail wooden body standing next to me. I could say that my life flashed before my eyes, but that wouldn’t be accurate. Just before its raised hand fell toward my exposed chest, plunging the blade deep within my heart I became unnaturally aware of everything, like my senses had been dangerously heightened and I realized that even reality is questionable. “You never know,” has never been more true for me. When other people’s nightmares become your reality, taking shape in the most gruesome ways… You never know.

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JustADream said...
Jan. 10, 2014 at 2:01 pm
love you too, Cook <3 and thanks :'D
CookieMonster24 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 9, 2014 at 11:54 am
Oh my Gad, Shelbie... I loved this piece! I rarely come across any good horror stories, but this sure was one of them. 5/5 stars! Keep writing! Love you. <3
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