The Innocent Insane

November 21, 2013
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John Trent, an average name, an average person, an average life. John sat back in his chair during math class. Always looking back as if someone was there, but no one was suddenly he heard someone call his name. "John" someone said in a strong female voice. He turned around quick hoping to see someone but there was only a wall. Then again he heard his name "John". This time it was louder, closer, familiar. John sat there confused and frustrated. Frustrated that someone was calling his name but didn't show themselves. The. He noticed that everybody in his class was staring at him. Their eyes looked like the eyes of wolves in a forest. They were whispering secrets an hate about John. "I heard it was crazy" and "John is such a freak". A strong feeling sat in his stomach. Dark, saddening, powerful, this feeling ate at his insides and he felt like he was going to throw up.

After school while John was walking home he heard his name again. He looked over his shoulder and saw a woman sobbing. She was white and seemed to be in her 40's, she had brown hair and brown eyes. John felt as if he met this woman before. The. A strong pain hit John in his chest and he fell to the dirt. Jimmy Greene, the local bully in the school, looked down at John. He started screaming insults to John, but he wasn't listening. His mind was wandering endlessly about the sobbing woman who disappeared after he was hit. Then Jimmy started kicking John in the head and he passed out.

When John woke up his head spun like a roulette table. He was still lying on the ground covered in blood that froze over. Untouched by society and left for dead. He noticed that his parents had called him seven times. His parents are over protective and strict. Once he got home his parents looked at him baffled by the damage done to his face. Then a police officer walked over to him and asked what happened to him. He told him he was walking home and tripped landing on his face. The officer walked back to his parents whispered something and left. John then went to sleep ignoring his parents.

Later that night he woke up to hear his parents talking. He started eavesdropping and heard them talking about sending his to a mental institution. He was now disgusted by his parents and had no more love for them. At that moment the dark feeling in his stomach grew.

All John remembers is getting into a truck the next morning and looking at his parents waving goodbye to him. Once he arrived to the institution he was given a change of clothes and a roommate. Jason Holt was his name. The sun glistened on off his skin, he was blond haired blue eyes and his clothes were a perfect shade of white. At that moment he knew they would be best friends. The feeling in his stomach started to shrink.

A year later Jason gave John and idea that would manifest throughout his mind. Jason asked John if he wanted to escape.

It was a cold October night. Darkness fell upon the building. It was there only chance to escape. They charged a guard and ran to a train station. They started to hear the sound of sirens and they knew they had to hurry. The cops were now behind them so they cut through an alleyway. Jason and John then saw a police officer rushing towards them. Jason pushed John to the ground and started attacking the cop. Jason then told John to get the roof of a nearby building. John started to climb a ladder but he heard Jason's struggle and wanted to help. As John got to the top and heard a gunshot. He looked back to see the cop lying still on the ground and Jason standing over him. Jason looked up to John and then turned around to see seven police officers at the end of the alley. Jason told John to run but he couldn't. He was frozen wile Jason shot away at the cops missing every shot. John then watched as a cold limp body hit the ground. Jason's white clothes were now stained red. Johns best friend had just been killed right in front of him. The dark feeling in his stomach now consumed his whole body. It had a name now, and it told him what to do next.

John stepped onto the ledge of the building he had climbed. He watched as the people below him grew trying to convince him not to jump. He saw his parents down there but paid them no mind. He took one foot off and was about to jump but he heard crying. He looked over to see a couple saying "it's too expensive". He knew the woman was the lady crying when he was getting beat up but the man looked as familiar as she did. He the realized what was happening to him. John then lost his balance and fell off the roof. As he was falling he had flashbacks of a car accident he got into. He remembered everything that happened to him. Jason was a reincarnation of his best friend Miles and the voices he heard was that of his family trying to wake him from the coma he was in. As John hit the ground his parents gave the final decision to let him go. A doctor than walked in, gave them his regards and pulled the plug on John. His heart monitor went from a steady beat to an endless echo.

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