November 21, 2013
Running- Never stopping. Not enough time. Voices. Dogs barking. This is harder than I ever would've imagined, but
people do help me, they have hearts unlike the monsters. Soft spoken, they all point to the North Star to guide me. Afraid? Maybe,
we've all been through worse. I've ran three hundred miles, but it seems like it has taken no time at all. The promise outweighs the pain. Yes, my feet hurt, my hands hurt, and I haven't slept in days. I'm almost there. Day in, I sleep in the hidden rooms of those who will keep me. I don't know them but they act as if they know me, and I am grateful for it.

At night, I'm awoken and shown the way. I run, I don't look back. I have no way to thank those who help me or pay them out of gratitude. There isn’t a moment of fear, the monsters know, and they are looking for me. I have no time to be afraid, for I have faced much worse.
Shh...It's time for sleep but not for long, nightfall is coming soon.

It's finally night time, time to begin the run. I almost forget what the sun looks like when I am almost afraid of it. In the day
they can see me, and they will look for me. It isn't far, my guide says. My guide has led me this far and I know I can trust her. She is just like me. She once ran- she made it. I know I can trust her. "Not long now, just hold on." she says. Over the hill, torches. Dogs. Monsters. They are coming right for us...

She grabs me and pulls me into a bush. Steps...steps...steps...a sweat drops down my brow. Did I come this far to be caught? Miles and miles, and be forced back?

I can see them, each with a rough voice; I can see the whites in their eyes. I can feel their stares into the forest and it feels like they are looking right at me.

What feels like ages is but seconds as their dogs run ahead, barking. As they pass I can't help but smile. Victory-The free North.
The journey was long and hard, but what my guide calls The Underground Railroad has saved me. I pass over the river....Freedom.

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