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The Case of Jacob Smith

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Living in a tiny house with eight other people can be cramped, crowded and rowdy. My mom, my four sisters, and two brothers live with me; they’re always yelling for me for something. Sarah, get this and Sarah get that or when they’re furious about something, “SARAH WILLIAMS COME HERE NOW!” If you ask about where my dad is, well I don’t like to talk about him often. What I was told was my dad and mom got into a fight when I was two and he left my mom on Christmas day. I don’t remember it but what I know is after that my mom never loved any man again. My dad is also spending every last penny he took from us. Quietly my mom told me to take Zack (my brother) to the park to visit a friend from school. I had no problem with that because I always liked walking out to the pier and watching the water. I loved also watching the boats pass by idly. I walked by Zack’s room. I asked him if he was ready to go; he jumped out of bed like he was a dog that found a new bone.

I grabbed the keys to the car and started to head out. My mother stopped me and said, “It’s a nice day why don’t you walk I mean it’s only five minutes and it’s a great day out to go for a walk.” I dropped my keys and walked out the door. I told Zack to slow down while crossing the street; he couldn’t hear me. Suddenly a speeding car came and sideswiped my brother. I screamed and ran to him. The car just drove on without stopping. I remember the three numbers on the license plate was 318 and the car was a black Honda. Out of nowhere this boy I would guess sixteen about the same age as me ran to us. He asked what happened and what he could do to help. I told him what happened and he told me he was certified in CPR. He checked on my brother and he told me he was still breathing. He went into shock and he began CPR. He told me to call the police and I did twenty minutes later. The paramedics arrived. He took my brother and I into the ambulance.

When we arrived at the hospital they took him in and said he was in critical condition. They also said he was lucky that the boy came as fast as he could. My brother could have died. Hours have passed and the doctor said he was doing fine. It would be fine if we could come back tomorrow. My mom told the doctor we were going to stay.

“I don’t see why but okay,” The doctor said. I didn’t have a good night’s sleep. I was thinking that my brother could have died if the boy didn’t come and help us. I finally fell asleep. The next day I woke up to the sound of my mother saying there was a person here to see me. It was the boy who saved my brother! I asked him how he found me.

“This is the closest hospital around town and I asked the assistants where you guys were located,” He said. He told me he wanted to stop by to see how I was doing.
“He’s doing okay at the moment and without you he wouldn’t be here,” I replied, “Thank you and I don’t think I ever caught your name.”

“Smith… Jacob Smith,” He replied with a smile. I told him my name was Sarah and then he told me he had to leave but he gave me his number to call him to make sure that I was okay with what happened. We said goodbye and he left. All day I thought about how sweet he was. I never thought about a boy this much before because my mother told me about her and dad’s situation. I saw men as total pigs but he was different. He was a nice and caring young man; I figured I needed to stop talking about him but it was very hard not to.

I decided to call Jacob today and my heart was pounding with excitement. I dial the number. He answered!
“Hello?” He said.
“Hey this is Sarah!” I replied.
“Hey are you okay?” He replied.
“Yeah I’m okay,” I said. He asked how Zack was and I told him the doctor expects he will be out of the hospital in a couple of weeks. He said that’s great; so I told him that since he saved my brother I wanted to take him to dinner.
“You don’t have to that I was just doing a good deed,” He said. He finally agreed.
“What about tomorrow?” I asked. He said he couldn’t do that.
“What about Friday?” I asked.
“Sure,” He said.
“What about the café on First Street in the city?” I asked.
“That’s my favorite place!” He said joyfully.
“That’s mine too… I think we’re having a real connection.” So on the night of the date I started to get ready; I got into my car and drove to the café. When I arrived I saw a big car crash and of course I like to see what happened. I’d also like to take pictures. When I got out of my car I told the officer what happened; he told me to step away like a normal officer would do. They wrapped someone in a body bag so I asked the officer who it was and he told me it was Smith. I got worried for a second. What was the first name? He told me Jacob. I got down to my knees and started to cry. That was him! The person who I was going to ask out is now dead! I asked who was in charge of this investigation and he pointed to this man and woman. I ran to them whipping tears off my face.

“What happened here?” I asked. The man asked me who I was and I said a very good friend of his. He said his name was Detective Ramsey and his partner Detective Williams. I then asked what happened.

“Witnesses said a person in a van swerved into him and the victim flipped three times,” They said.
“Where is the witness?” I asked. I talked to him, his name was Jonathan Hoover and he worked for the café. He said he was on his smoke break and he noticed a van going faster than usual and suddenly swerved into the car next to him; going out of control. The officer asked him to describe the car and the suspect. Jonathan said it was a black van and he only got the license plate numbers. I asked what the last four digits of the license plate were. He said the last four numbers were 7013 and I stopped the conversation. Was this the monster that almost killed my brother? The black van fit the description.

“Wait was the last four digits on the license plate?” I asked.

“7013,” He repeated.

“My brother was a victim of a hit and run a week ago by a person in a black van,” I said. I only had caught the first three digits; they were 318.

“Brilliant!” Detective Williams said, “If we put the numbers together we could find out who was the driver!” Detective Ramsey put the seven numbers into the computer and it came up and out of the state license number with the name Greg Williams.
“That’s my dad’s name!” I said. I was in shock and I haven’t seen my father in fourteen years. He tried to kill his son, and he killed my friend. What does he want revenge!

Detective Ramsey ran up his information and came up with the address 1410 Willow Way Anaheim, California. The detective asked us where he would go next. I said he would go would be my mother! We rushed to her house and saw a black van parked next to the house. He told us to stay here and the detectives left the car and entered the building slowly.

“Open the door!” The police yelled. He suddenly stopped with a gun pointed to his head.

“Put your hands in the air or I will shoot her!” He dropped his gun and Greg threw Ramsey towards my mother.

He said, “He will kill them both if you say one word; your brains will be against the wall.” Ten minutes became thirty minutes; thirty minutes became an hour. I was wondering what they were doing in there so I walked into the house. It was dead silent and until I saw him he hugged me.

“Sarah, I missed you so much.” I jerked back and telling him to surrender. He said he was sorry and he loved me and he loved my mother. He loved me especially me. He took his gun and pointed it at his head and he pulled the trigger.

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