October 9, 2013
I’m Brooke Ramirez I’m 17 years old and it’s finally junior year! Everything seemed to be going amazing, all of my friends were in my classes, I made captain of the cheerleading team and finally my sister goes to school with me I’m trying to convince her to try out for cheerleading but she said “it’s not really her thing.” I really didn’t care as long as she was happy I was to.

It was about a month into the school year; fall was just around the corner the slow October wind was blowing my long, luscious blonde hair. It was Friday night and the night of the 3rd football game since school started and yet no losses. My friends and I were on the side lines cheering our asses off, having no care in the world and having the most amazing time, and guess what? WE WON!! After the game everyone went over to my boyfriend’s house his name was Tyler Abreu he was a senior and captain of the football team we have been together since my freshman year of high school, after the party Tyler drove me home I was going to spend the night but I didn’t have any of clothes except for my cheerleading uniform… we were talking about what we were going to do Monday after practices but we haven’t decided yet, he kissed me goodnight. It was a long beautiful kiss, I got out of his blue BMW and said “Goodnight baby, call or text me when you get home” he looked at me and said “of course my love.” As I was walking up my driveway I felt someone watching me and it couldn’t have been Tyler because he drove off already, it felt like someone was watching every move I made and knew what I was doing or who I was with. I thought it’s all in my head I’m just over thinking too much, so I went up stairs and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up the sun was shining and birds were chirping, I looked at my clock it said “10:45” I said “Oh S***, I’m going to be late for work.” I jumped out of bed through my hair in a bun, and put on jeans and a t-shirt and ran down stairs get my purse and keys and ran through the door, stormed out the driveway and raced to work, I told my boss Mrs. Anderson “sorry I’m running late I over slept” she said “No Problem honey, Amanda just woke up anyway.” Amanda was her 8 year old daughter who I helped out with she was a disabled girl so I didn’t mind helping out. Later that night Tyler and I went out for dinner I had an amazing time with him, while we were eating this weird guy kept staring me down I got really uncomfortable so I moved closer to Tyler. I stayed over his house that night we had an amazing time watching funny, scary movies, his mom made us some snacks she was trying something new and decided to try it out on us. I had to admit her triple chocolate cookies were amazing. I went to go take a shower, I opened the window a little bit because I hate it when it gets so hot and steamy, while I was washing my hair I heard something by the tree, thought it was just the wind but when I was done I grabbed my towel and it looked like someone was by the window I screamed Tyler and his mother came running in they asked “what was wrong?” I told them “it looked like someone was by the window!” Tyler went down stairs and went by the tree he saw a black shirt or whatever it was hanging, I then knew someone was watching me, I thought “how could I be so stupid? I should have listened to my gut feeling, I should have told someone… but I didn’t” Tyler let me stay over his house and my mom let him stay over as well because she worked nights.
One late afternoon I was walking home a car pulled up, asked for directions and they got out the car and grabbed me, I started to scream and kick but it was too late he knocked me out and threw me in the car. When I woke up I was in a small dark room I started to panic, I then realize how long I’ve been gone for I guess he drugged me, I heard footsteps getting closer and closer he opened the door looked at me viciously and said “shut the hell up you little b**** before I kill you!” I looked down and said “ok” he then pulled me into the living room or I think it was, he turned on the TV and the news was on all I heard was “17 year old Brooke Ramirez is still missing, she was last seen wearing black legging and a nice white blouse and a pair of black studded flats, if you see her please contact local poli…” he then turned the channel. I felt so helpless. One night he asked me something I responded back wisely or he thought it was wise; the last thing I remember was he was coming at me. It was about 8 hours later I think, I woke up I felt so light headed I felt something dripping I put my hand to my face I rub it and I looked at my hand it was blood. It was 2 ½ weeks since I’ve been gone. That night he threw me in a car he said “were going for a ride, you do anything stupid and I will kill you… think I’m lying? Try me!” I shake my head and did what I was told to do. As we get by a store everyone is right here I should just do it, but he said if I do anything stupid he will kill me. Would he kill me in front of all these people? I hope not. I just go with my gut feeling, I run away from him, screaming “HELP ME! HELP!! HE’S GOING TO KILL ME!” he then chases after me grabs my arm and says “what the hell did I say you little piece of s***? Didn’t I say do anything stupid and I’ll kill you?” I said “yes, but I want to go home with my family, I want to finish high school and go to college.” He slaps me with the most force, I start to tear up he says “lets go!” he grabs a big black bag and as were driving he’s yelling things and threatening me. We pull up to a lake; he throws me out the car and says “I said I’ll kill you if you do anything stupid right? Now looks what you made me do” he pulls out a knife and hits me with all this force, I scream in horrific pain. He keeps doing it over and over again. I just think of all the times I felt someone watching me, I ignored the whole thing and I just wish I didn’t ignore that feeling. As I drift in to the light I remember every good thing that has ever happened to me, and even the bad things I just loved them all because I was with the ones I loved the most. And I’m gone, he puts me in the pond and I sink down to the bottom. I just hope one day someone will do the same to him.

Finally they started to look for my body they looked in the woods, almost everywhere. Then finally they went to the pond, they had divers look in and then they found me all beat and cut up, the cops told my mom… I watched her break down I just wanted to see her one last time, hug her one last time but thanks to that monster I’m gone, I’ll never have kids, get married, or even graduate all I had was half a junior year education. I wanted more in life, but it will never happen.
This was my story, I’m Brooke Ramirez I was 17 and I was abducted for almost a month, tortured every day, raped and then killed

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